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    Thread Slow mobile hotspot and usb tethering speeds measured by iperf

    I decided to debug my slow mobile hotspot speeds and lo and behlod, it seems it's not my ISP throttling, nor is my WIFI the issue or anything like that. Running an iPerf3 server on the Note3, I get the same speeds from the Note3, whether it's wifi or a USB connection: [ 4] 0.00-10.00 sec...
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    Thread Swap logic board from Qualcomm to Exynos? n910f to n910c?

    Hi! It seems like I was hit with the eMMC bug, so looking to replace the board. From what I've read, it seems like it could be possible to change the from Qualcomm to Exynos, with the requirement to swap the camera too. Does anyone have a bit more detailed info? Thanks!
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    Thread Note 4 SM-N910F suddenly won't charge nor boot? What to try next?

    Hi! The phone was working fine up till yesterday. I left it charging, only to find it stuck with the red LED on. It would not respond to button presses, and the LED stayed on even after being unplugged. I took the battery out, put it back in, didn't want to boot. I took the battery out again...
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    Thread Resize system partition?

    Hi! I'd like to resize my system partition. Currently it's 2gb and I constantly run out of space. I have 32gb internal and 128gb external card, and I moved all the apps that I could, to external card, but still I run out of space on the system partition, and can't update apps and other errors...
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    Thread Odin flash BL and modem help!

    Hi! The install instructions for the DRr. Ketan Rom state that I should update the bootloader and modem. The linked BL and modem has only one file (N910F_OJ3_MM_BL_Modem.tar.md5). Do I flash it using the BL or AP tab? Thanks!
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    Thread Marshmallow, how to make new mounts visible system-wide?

    Hi! I can mount and access a network drive just fine from the terminal, but no other app will see it. From what I gathered it's security feature. I found some patches for ICS, but that's it. How to go about it in MM?
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    Thread Exynos performance with GearVR?

    Hi, I just got my Gear VR and need to get an Note 4 :) Seeing as Samsung has finally made Exynos work with the Gear VR, I'm interested in the performance differences if any? Before I bite the bullet and get one I'd love to see some feedback (also Exynos is much more readily available in my...
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    Thread [Q] TF700 Crombi-kk not sleeping

    I installed Cromi-X in hope that it will fix the sleep problem, but alas, same old. I'll be trying a newer version, but would like some input on what could be the problem. Currently I'm on Crombi-k kernel -3.1.10-that10+ Without sleep the tablet is unusable, the battery has already shat itself...
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    Thread [Q] 4ext won't recognize my NAND, can't install NAND ROM

    Hi, decided to start using my HD2 again, this time with a NAND ROM instead of NativeSD. Got Magldr 1.13, using recovery_4EXT2.2.7_leo_sd. I can boot into 4ext and try to install a new NAND ROM,(ChauTien_Cyanogen_4.4.2_V2.0, Slimroms JellyBean 4.3.1 Build2.1 Final). Aroma installer complains that...
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    Thread [Q] National roaming option on stock ROM?

    Hi! How do I get the national roaming option on the note 3 stock ROM (4.3)? thanks!
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    Thread [Q] Gallery photosphere support

    Hi! I'm only interested in the photosphere viewer part as the gallery is the only android app that works for displaying VR photos (taken with a DSLR and proper pano head). I have it working on my Samsung Note 3, but would really like to use it on the tablet. Searching the forums, it seems...
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    Thread [Q] Charging and cables?

    Hi! After upgrading to Note 3 I had to put up with crappy charging experience if not using n3 charger and cable (which is silly short and stiff). Note3: N3 charger and a micro USB cable (both N2 cable and regular micro USB ) = ~300mA charging rate. Note3: Note2 charger + any micro USB = 300mA...
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    Thread [Q] Upgrade to 4.4.2 after rooting with cf-autoroot?

    Hi! Got my N9005 with MJ7, so I went and rooted with cf auto-root. As I'm on 4.3 stock, what are my options for upgrading? What are the implications of the new 4.4.2 bootloader ?
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    Thread [Q] Kingo root and mj4/mj7? Is it Knox safe?

    Hi, My note 3 came with ap mj7 and csc mj4. Root de la Vega won't work without tripping Knox. Tried to find straight info about Kingo, some report it works on MJ4/MJ7. A lot of mentions that Kingo steals data :/
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    Thread [Q] Un-rooting?

    I've been reading and I'm unsure if LG G2 can be successfully un-rooted for warranty purposes. I found this link: Even there, some commenters say that it didn't work. The G2 rooting thead is a bit divided, some folks say that once...
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    Thread [Q] Latest official updated, still using 100mA in standby

    Hi, I'm currently on build, which I installed cause of battery usage in standby with the update before that. Well, tough luck, tablet is still using between 100 and 130mA in standby which never happened before these updates. I did not install any new apps after the updates...
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    Thread [Q] How to train the handwriting recognition?

    Hi, Finally bit the bullet and got a Note 2 to replace my aging HD2 :) Back to the problem, how does one train the Samsung keyboard to recognize my handwriting? Currently it's crap, Coming from a PC tablet with Vista/win7 where after some training, it could read my handwriting better than me...
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    Thread [Q] Have I damaged microSD card with bad partitioning?

    Hi! I wanted to try nativeSD for my HD2, and have tired to partition the card. As a result the card can't be partitioned/formatted correctly any more. What I did: Started with a regular fat32 formatted and working Sandisk Ultra-1 32gb microSD card. Booted Ubuntu 10 (and 12 later on) in VMware...
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    Thread [Q] Rom on SD card won't boot, how to get data to a new rom?

    I boot my roms with magldr from the SD card. My current rom won't boot up, so I backed up the whole SD card and put in a fresh rom which works fine, but I'd like to get my PIM/SMS and app data back. I know I can mount the android FS, but I'm unsure on what is safe to just copy over to the new...
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    Thread [Q] After a new ROM, HD2 starts rebooting every few minutes

    Hi! I put my MAGLDR on my HD2 and tried tytungs ICS ROM, was not happy with the performance, went back to Boxmax GB Sense build, but after restoring data+apps the phone will start rebooting every few minutes. I boot andorid from the SD card, so I tried a few versions of the ROM, v8.5 and v7...
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    Thread [Q] formatted sd card, now won't work with wp7

    I had setup wp7 to work with the sd-card, partitioned it for dual-boot with android. Android was booting from the card, but it couldn't mount it so I (stupidly) used the sd-formatter. It deleted all the partitions. :mad: Well I booted wp7 to start setting up the card again, but wp7 just tells me...
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    Thread [Q] Can't boot any CM roms from SD (others work fine)?

    Hi, Before ICS i tried a few ROMs, but any CM based ones would not boot for me, but I didn't give it much though and went with BoxmaX Sense builds. Now it seems I have no choice, as all ICS builds are CM based, and none boot for me. Though Ankuchs beta build were working fine up to...
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    Thread [Q] Gyro problems?

    Hi, Running Revoler 3.11 rom with primeOC kernel (same with the stock kernel). Google Sky map is very jumpy, same with a pano app that uses the gyro. I get much smoother experience on my HD2. Tried a teeter like game, was fine (if not completely level). Any ideas?
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    Thread [Q] apps with subpixel rendering

    Well, are there any? Browser and a pdf reader with would be nice. sent from my hd2
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    Thread [Q] What is keeping my phone awake (BBS screens)?

    Hi, I've noticed that my phone hardly sleeps these days and it's very annoying. I used BetterBatteryStats to get an idea why, but I'm still miffed about it. I enclose screencaps and ask for your wisdom in debugging this :)
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    Thread [Q] Phone recovery after theft/losing it?

    Hi after searching around I was a bit overwhelmed by the choice, so I came here for some advice. My phone is still with me, but I'd like to be prepared. So what do you use and how? I'm interested in feature rich apps, cause just location isn't enough.
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    Thread [Q] how to lower brightness to lowest in a sense build?

    The system display settings won't allow it, but some apps can (aldiko reader)? Is there a way to make the sytem brightness go lower? sent from my hd2
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    Thread (Q) protect an app from being closed?

    How does one do that if it's possible at all? I'd like to have, say, Opera, stay open until I close it. sent from my hd2
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    Thread [Q] GUI/easy Sense/rosie hacking? (5x5 grid, widget resize)

    Hi there! I admit I miss my MaxManilla very much, and would like to inquire if someone has made a tool for hacking Sense on Android? I found some mod tutorials, but they're pretty involved and it's easy to fudge your rom up (and being new to Android, I'll probably switch roms often until I...
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    Thread [Q] DesireHD vs HD2? worth the upgrade?

    I currently have HD2, but could upgrade to DesireHD, but I'm unsure what will that get me. They're pretty similar all in all. DesireHD has pretty abysmal audio quality over the headphones, but I could not find much about HD2 headphones performance. Other than that, I DesireHD should get me a...
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    Thread (Q) Customize Sense 3 ala winMo CHT?

    While I love Sense, Cookie's home tab has really spoiled me, and would love to know if it's possible to do something similar with Sense 3 on android?
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    Thread [Q] Camcorder in Sense builds?

    Hi, after searching it seems that only pre-gingerbread have proper working camcorders. I'm guessing camcorder apps won't help?
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    Thread Jittery touch?

    This morning I noticed that my touchscreen has become very jittery all by itself. How do I begin to debug it? I use ezpdf to read pdf, but since this morning it has become nigh impossible to read and scroll. It's easily seen in the notes app. Can't draw a straight line no more. Any suggestions?
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    Thread Shopping for a new housing? Look here!

    So I decide to compile a list of housing suppliers for Rhodium:,T7373+Pro2+-Rhodium-,c432,b0.html
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    Thread [Q] Keyboard: missing symbols: <>\~`[]?

    Tried searching, no hits came up so: how does one get all the symbols from a regular keyboard mapped? Like <>\~`[] which are sorely missing.
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    Thread [Q] IM apps and performance?

    Hi! I'm still stuck on WinMo, but the TP2 port is coming along nicely. I'm interested in the IM app performace on Android? Can you just leave them open and forget or does it suck out the battery in a few hours? What's the current pick? I need a multi IM client with Skype/Gtalk/ICQ/MSN/IRC? OFC...
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    Thread [Q] Straight talk: secondary microphone noise canceling on 6.5????

    Hi! Is there a way to get Straight talk working on 6.5? By Straight talk I don't just mean turning the speakerphone when the phone is face down, but using the 2 microphones to do noise canceling. It's a shame not to use it and it renders my speakerphone useless as people usually hang up when I...
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    Thread [Q] How to donate to the Rhodium Android project?

    I was just looking for an excuse to do something else instead preparing for exams, and there it was, sound finally working on Touch pro2! To tell the truth, I've given up hope. I even started looking for a new phone, but never found anything that could compete with Rhodium's features, namely...
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    Thread Stopping Opera 10 auto-rotating

    I've mostly given up on browsing cause of the stupid ALWAYS ROTATE s*it the shove up our throat just 'case the iStuff has it. Even they put a rotation lock on the iPad. If someone knows of a way to turn it off, please help! I've already tried all the recommended stuff, most of it worked on...
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    Thread Touch pro 2:TV-OUT stuck?!

    Hi! My ExtUsb plug is kinda mangled, the phone thinks there's a TVOUT cable connected all the time, which means all sound is routed to the plug instead the headset :( Help! Can't use the phone like that!
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    Thread Video playback on Rhodium (Coreplayer?)

    Hi, ever since I upgraded to Rhodium I could not get proper video playback. Basically no support for overlay. I was/am using CorePlayer v1.3.6.Build.7427. Qtv (Tytn II mode on) should work, but it never has. Tried all other video output options, didn't help. Tearing is always there as is s*itty...
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    Thread Keybinding the wired extUSB HTC remote [winMo]

    Hi! I'm looking for a way to make my wired remote (RC E100) useful on windows mobile. Is there a program that could be used to reprogram the buttons? I have 8 of them, vol +/-, play,next/back, mute and call/end buttons. It would be great if some of them could be made to work as left/right...
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    Thread Download email/weather/rss when wifi is established ?

    Hi! Is there an app which could initiate email/weather/rss/whatever download when a wifi connection is established?
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    Thread How to turn off auto-rotation in Opera 10 & 9.7

    I see a lot of people like auto-rotation but it kills it for me. I tried changing the registry (HKCU/GSENSOR) but it didn't help for Opera 10.
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    Thread Generic camera/video app?

    Is there a generic WinMo photo/video capture software? IIRC any app can use the camera/s, but i don't know if it can interface deep enough to make a sensible photo app. Is white balance/sharpening/framerate/etc driver or app level stuff?