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  1. chachi

    Thread JVT stock + CFRoot JVT = Titanium Backup sysapp integration fails

    Did a full wipe 2x, flashed JVT stock, couple of reboots to play. Flashed CFRoot JVT, couple of reboots, clocksync/root apps are all fine. Titanium now hangs when trying to incorporate system app updates :(
  2. chachi

    Thread Set deviceID or change it?

    Is it possible to set a tablets deviceID when reflashing or in some other way? I need to install an app for work which is activation keyed to deviceID and in my flytouchII it is unset/nonexistent :(
  3. chachi

    Thread new 2.1 (3.31.751.1 Chungwa Taiwan) rom ... loud startup audio changed

    The loud startup audio is of course a nuisance, and while I've not located the equivalent XML file in this version, I did find that replacing the following file with a 'silent 1s mp3' does the trick :) /system/customize/resource/android_audio.mp3
  4. chachi

    Thread More than 5 pop/imap accounts and/or hiding MMS possible?

    I searched through the wiki and through all of the Hermes subforums here to no avail ... Ive presently got my company email acct, 2 personal emails, yahoo, and gmail setup with no issues (and outlook/desktop mail synchcronisation off to remove that from the display) but is it possible to...