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  1. hp420

    Thread Android 12 beta 2 TWRP source I'm going to leave this here and hope some kind soul who has a build environment set up will link me to a properly compiled .img 😁 thank you
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    Thread need mixer_paths.xml file please

    would someone please dump the file for me from the latest STOCK rom, so i may provide the community with my native volume mod for the g6 family thank you
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    Thread [Mod] Moto G5 family native volume boost - mixer_paths.xml

    I made this mod over 2 years ago for Moto G3 and it has been requested that I bring it over to G5 now. Enjoy!! This mod should be compatible with the entire Moto G5 family, as usual. Use at your own risk! Drop the file in /vendor/etc, rename to mixer_paths.xml, and change permissions to...
  4. hp420

    Thread My fire 7 7th gen "special offer" tab came without lockscreen ads

    Like the title says...bought a blue one that shipped from Atlanta, purchased on black Friday, early AM. I have never seen a single ad on it, short of the expected ads on webpages, apps, etc like any other android device. I don't know if it means anything like maybe a series of tabs got the wrong...
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    Thread Major security vulnerability discovered in Motorola bootloader

    Seems like this may be able to be exploited for those with G4 Play variants with encrypted bootloaders (Verizon and Amazon models)
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    Thread [Mod] Moto G4 Native volume boost - mixer_paths.xml ~ 10-18-2018 ~ lineage 16

    I made this mod over a year ago for Moto G3 and it has been very popular, so I decided to bring it over to G4 now that I have this device myself. If anyone would like any additional settings, please ask. Enjoy!! This mod should be compatible with the entire 2016 Moto family (all devices bearing...
  7. hp420

    Thread Need stock boot logo without unlocked bootloader message

    Title says it. I don't want batman, superheros, some NSA logo, etc.....I just want the stock logo without the annoying warning screen. Thanks!
  8. hp420

    Thread Moto Actions

    I ran a test and was able to confirm we do have a working accelerometer, regardless of what some may say. So can any educated devs here please tell me why we might not have chop flashlight and twist to launch camera? I understand it's not built into the stock moto rom, but if I'm not mistaken...
  9. hp420

    Thread Need a CHEAPER screen assembly

    Can anyone please point me to a source for ascreen assembly that doesn't cost $30 less than buying a used N6? $150+ is just out of the that price I could just shell out another $50 and get a brand new Moto G4. Thanks!!!
  10. hp420

    Thread Is this still an Android "feature"?

    Recently I ran across an article on vice ( ) which claims it isn't clear whether this is still in...
  11. hp420

    Thread Blocked IMEI...what can I do?

    Here we go....another victim to Tmo's overbearing retroactive IMEI blocking :( I bought it used from a private seller, now 3 months later the IMEI is blocked. What can I do about it? No holds barred here. How do I get my phone working again? If it's against XDA rules to openly discuss it...
  12. hp420

    Thread [Q] Need help changing default Tmo LTE band

    During daytime peak hours in my area band 4 is bogged down so bad I'm lucky to get 10kbps...if I force a reconnect it connects to band 12, which is so much better I literally get over 30x faster web stays on band 12 as long as there is constant data transfer,but the very moment...
  13. hp420

    Thread [request] Maru OS rom

    Anyone up to the task? This sounds incredible!!!
  14. hp420

    Thread Moto G3 6.0 official OTA links (so far: xt1540)

    Some URLs have been captured, some have not. What you see is what we've got. If you do not see your region's URL here I don't have it, so please do not ask!! Do not fill this thread with chat about the MM update. We have a thread for that already. This is only a repository for the URLs. If you...
  15. hp420

    Thread [Windows App] MTK droid tools v2.5.3

    I don't have a Fire tab updated to the newest FireOS or a Windows machine to test this out, but supposedly it can root any mediatek device running up to and including lollipop. It doesn't specify which lollipop version, but it's definitely worth a try!! I hope this works for people stuck on...
  16. hp420

    Thread [apps] MM Enable MTP storage by default

    These are not my apps, I just want to share them. I think the new charge by default setting is completely obnoxious, and I hate that they did it, but this can change that. first up is a standalone root app: [APP][ROOT][RC1][MARSHMALLOW] MTP enabler...
  17. hp420

    Thread [reference] Moto G3 partition table

    This post is just for our records. I keep having to pull it up every time I need to dump or copy a partition, so I thought I'd post it here.
  18. hp420

    Thread [Issue Tracker] Reboot advanced power menu for AOSP

    Please star this request for a reboot menu to be added to the native AOSP code. Let's show Google we want it!! This is the most requested feature for any rom, and having it built into android by default would save every single rom developer from having to code it in themselves each time a new...
  19. hp420

    Thread How to enable wifi calling in MM

    Marshmallow comes with a new native wifi calling feature, but it's hidden on Moto G3. Here's how to enable it: Step 1 download and install this app: Step 2 run the app and click the pull-down menu up top. choose "all...
  20. hp420

    Thread [NANDROID] Motorola Marshmallow Soak test v5 - Dec 13 - makes other phones jelleh!!

    This is considered a beta rom. Things may break, things may change, and your phone may brick or turn into a portable toaster. I'm not responsible. You are flashing this at your own risk!!! This is a nandroid backed up from a US 2gb/16gb xt1540. It may or may not work on all models...that is to...
  21. hp420

    Thread [NOT a rom - devs only!] Moto G3 xt1540 soak test files [MM soak v3 Dec 7]

    I've obtained the v1 official MM soak test for xt1540 US 16gb/2gb variant. I've had the links posted elsewhere here for a couple days, but I wanted to give this better exposure so more devs can make use of it. I WILL NOT SHARE THE SIGNED OTA PUBLICLY, SO DO NOT ASK!! ANY KNOWN MOTO G...
  22. hp420

    Thread Motorola Marshmallow BootAnimation

    Yes, it is still the stitch animation we've had since the G3 first launched, but it's been slightly refined and it's VERY smooth!! This is an mp4 animation, so it will only run on stock Moto aosp or cm at the moment,sorry. TWRP flashable...
  23. hp420

    Thread Marshmallow ringtones, notifications and alarms

    These are extracted ftom soak test v1. Extract and drop the audio folder in /system/media Allow it to overwrite any preexisting files Enjoy!
  24. hp420

    Thread Please stop posting "I got an update" threads....

    Stop posting these stupid, pointless "I got an update" threads if you aren't going to share the link to your update!!! I've posted a guide right here easy enough for anyone to figure out. THere is absolutely NO excuse for any member here to not be able to follow that guide....and we're here to...
  25. hp420

    Thread [GUIDE] How to get the URL for an OTA update

    Although we're not expecting any OTA for a good few weeks for Moto G3, I think it's better to have this up well in advance. Especially after how long we all waited last time we got an OTA, just to get someone who knew how to do this to get the notification. So here we go...let's keep this...
  26. hp420

    Thread Looking for a 123flashchat app for a specific website

    The site it's for isn't the issue. What I'm looking for, though, is an app that uses a 123flashchat backend which will allow me to use the member database from a vbulletin site. Since android doesn't support flash, mobile users are locked out of chat, so to speak...I'd like to give users an...
  27. hp420

    Thread [Mod] Native volume boost - no apps needed! mixer_paths.xml - Update Jan 13 2016

    This is a tiny mod to get some better volume from Moto G3. I used the mixer_paths.xml from the .44 2gb build for xt1540, but the file should be universal for g3, maybe even g2 and g...I haven't tested it on anything but my own g3, so I can't say. Use at your own risk! Drop the file in /etc...
  28. hp420

    Thread OTA 23.41.44 download - US retail 2gb variant

    Sorry, guys. I tried to get the URL, but I don't have a working PC right now, and aLogcat paused when I clicked the OTA notification....I tried to get it guys. Here's the next best thing, though...100% untouched, signature in-tact.
  29. hp420

    Thread Can we get NFC with accessory add-ons?

    Hypothetically speaking, is there any glaring obstacle to adding an NFC chip to an external case for those new mid-range devices coming without one, like our Moto G? I see external battery cases that plug into the usb port....I also see qi modules being mounted the same way. So besides the...
  30. hp420

    Thread AOSP reboot power menu feature request

    Google keeps denying the request for no good reason, then just says 'it isn't necessary'.....let's prove it is necessary. Every time they deny the request I will open a new one. The more people that star it, the better. I will keep the link updated to the current request in this post. Let's see...
  31. hp420

    Thread Using TWRP after enabling encryption

    I'm not able to get roms to stick after enabling encryption with the 5.0 factory image, using TWRP 2820. I've seen some people say it's fixed in this version, but I don't see how it works. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  32. hp420

    Thread USB tethering not working

    I'm not able to get USB tethering working. I'm following this guide: and all seems like it is working properly...except my network icon spins and spins, but never connects. I've got LTE and...
  33. hp420

    Thread [Request] Extended power menu for LRX21T factory image

    Like the title says...ODEX please :D Thanks!
  34. hp420

    Thread Support request for 911 service in Hangouts

    Please support the request to have 911 support in hangouts. A suggestion has been submitted on the Google Hangouts Support Group here: Please star it everyone!!
  35. hp420

    Thread [Q] How do default my radio to LTE only?

    Since I use GV exclusively for my talk and text, I don't need their voice radio anymore, and the only calls I get to that number are just disabling it sounds just great to me....but setting tghe radio to LTE only manually every boot is a pain in the butt to remember. So here's what I'm...
  36. hp420

    Thread Backing up sms/mms after hangouts v2.3 update

    Has anyone run into any problems doing an sms/mms backup/restore after the update? I use my Google Voice number almost exclusively for voice calls and SMS, but I do use my Tmo number for some MMS and to get carrier updates, like billing reminders, etc. and I'm OCD about keeping up on that stuff...
  37. hp420

    Thread [Q] Google account action required

    I've been getting a notification for months now that says "Google account action required." I've tried clicking it, and every time I do my phone reboots. I've installed several factory rom updates since, and every time I do I always wipe my phone, religiously. I contacted Google and they said...
  38. hp420

    Thread Hydrophobic spray and cell phones

    Has anyone tried using hydrophobic spray on their phone? Seems like it's a no-brainer, assuming it's not harmful to any hardware or the screen/case. IPM8OR6W6WE
  39. hp420

    Thread In need of OEM white back glass

    I bought my N4 as an all black phone. Unfortunately, my back glass broke a few months after I got it, and the price was a little more than I wanted to spend. Lately I'm getting a few more hours at work and I think I am in an ok position where I can finally afford a repair, and since the back...
  40. hp420

    Thread [APP] KitKat Launcher+

    I'd like to start by saying this isn't my app. I'm just sharing its existence with users here, since I know many of us want to use GEL badly, but it lacks some core features we all have grown to require before considering using a launcher as our daily driver. Description Features General •...
  41. hp420

    Thread Using tmo voicemail with google voice

    I would like to use Google Voice's voicemail instead of tmobile's since my tmo number is a throw away and I've never given it out. I have tried changing the forwarding numbers, but it won't let me change anything. I get an error saying the network won't let me. I have also tried changing my...
  42. hp420

    Thread How to get a download URL for a Nexus OTA update

    I always see people asking how to get the download url every time there's an ota, so I thought I'd post this where it can be found, rather than get lost on page 137 of the ota announcement thread like always seems to happen. The following requirements must be met: latest stock android (ota or...
  43. hp420

    Thread [Q] looking for a way to block some persistent notifications

    I'm trying to block persistent notifications of specific apps but I can't find any pre-made cookie-cutter solution available to do this. I always use build.prop edits to block the adb notification, so I've been trying to find a way to use a modified version of that to block other notifications...
  44. hp420

    Thread [Q] Is Replicant for creso safe to install on crespo4g?

    I just read the portal article here about Replicant, and I saw Nexus S is supported. I have a NS4G that isn't activated, and never will be again...the radio incompatibility doesn't concern me as long as wifi will work. I've never installed Replicant or firmware intended for the gsm NS, so I'm...
  45. hp420

    Thread [video] ubuntu for android in action (not ubuntu touch!)

    bk9-v8Sl4yU Source: Phonearena & OMG!Ubuntu!
  46. hp420

    Thread What custom rom will release 4.3 first?

    This is just for fun :) If I missed any big roms, please feel free to chime in!
  47. hp420

    Thread Need a help doing deodex and zipalign

    Anyone have a good guide for deodexing and zipaligning a rom with ubuntu 13.x? It seems everything I find is for windows. I could boot into my windows partition and give it a shot, but I'm trying to learn linux, and I really feel android dev is better done sans windows, anyway. thanks!
  48. hp420

    Thread Charging animation on while phone is unplugged and powered off

    When I turn my phone off, entirely (even after removing/re-inserting the battery) the charge animation still appears, signifying there is still some battery drain occurring....and it really does, too. It lasts for about a week in this state from fully charged, to entirely dead. This isn't the...
  49. hp420

    Thread Tmobile throttling unlimited 4G users who use "too much data"?

    This month I decided to upgrade from the $30 5gb value plan to the $70 unlimited 4g plan in order to save on my home internet by tethering via wifi for my home network. I've had tmobile since february and I always go over the 5gb limit rather quickly and end up spending almost as much as the...
  50. hp420

    Thread Is my bumper fake??

    When I bought my N4 in February I also ordered a black bumper. The original bumper recently broke at the usb port. I tried to glue it back together, but it just never fit right again. I was recently gifted a white bumper by a friend who bought it on ebay, but I've noticed some differences in...