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  1. bmg1001

    Thread [GUIDE] Increase your Nexus 4's system partition for more space!

    I got tired of installing amazing ROMs created by the talented folks here on XDA, but being held back on things like Google Apps because of the tiny /system partition we have on the Nexus 4. I looked around and found guides to increase the system space in the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013, so I...
  2. bmg1001

    Thread [GUIDE] Rooting your Essential PH-1

    WARNING: Before attempting to root your device, do note that by unlocking your bootloader and modifying your device with root, ROMs, etc... you are risking voiding your warranty! I am NOT responsible for what you do to your device either, so follow these instructions at your own risk. Make sure...
  3. bmg1001

    Thread Buy one as a media player?

    Hey guys, I was thinking of getting an Aquos Crystal mainly as a Google Play Music and Movies player. Have any of you guys used one soley for media? I plan to listen using BT headphones. Thanks!
  4. bmg1001

    Thread Can someone extract the new bootanimation?

    As per title, I just wanna know if anyone can do me a favor and extract the new Android Wear 1.4 boot animation from their 360 and post it. Thanks!
  5. bmg1001

    Thread Xposed Issues on Nexus 6? Try this! *Not needed on Alpha 2

    As of March 8th, 2015, rovo89 has updated the Xposed framework to Alpha 2, removing the need to have SELinux set to permissive. So me and a few other guys over in the Xposed Thread were having issues getting our Nexus 6 devices to run the new Xposed Alpha properly. It kept throwing out errors...
  6. bmg1001

    Thread Android 4.3 being pushed to Galaxy Nexus now! Factory Images out too!

    Watching Google's Breakfast with Sundar Event, they just announced OTAs for the GNEX, N4, original N7, and N10 now. I can't wait! For those who are watching the stream, what's your opinion of 4.3? Personally, I'm very excited because it may fix the issues 4.2 had! UPDATE: As many have pointed...
  7. bmg1001

    Thread [REQ] [HELP NEEDED] Need help getting an icon

    Hey guys, don't know where to post this so I figured here because you themers might know where this is. I'm looking for the png if this icon. The one that appears on the 4.2 lockscreen when a widget is maximized. I attached a screenshot for clarification. I've searched in the framework, but I...
  8. bmg1001

    Thread TMO HD Voice on GSM Nexus -- Is it possible?

    Hey guys, does anyone know if T-Mobile's HD Voice will work on the GSM Galaxy Nexus? Obviously the phone works on TMOBILE but of course since it's not an official TMO phone, will it get HD Voice?
  9. bmg1001

    Thread Ad Campaign?

    Do you think Google will start an ad campaign, like the Nexus 7, for the N4? It would surely capture peoples attention who don't know about the Nexus phones yet. What do you think? Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using XDA Premium HD app
  10. bmg1001

    Thread Jellybean and Boot Animations

    Hey everyone, every time I try to change my boot animation it never works and gives me the stock AOSP android screen. It doesn't matter which ROM or boot animation OR method of adding it. I can be in CM10 or paranoid android and it won't work. It can be any animation and it won't work. I can adb...
  11. bmg1001

    Thread [SOLVED] Certain apps not working on ANY rom

    Hey everyone, I noticed that my Camera app and Gallery app doesn't work on any rom. I do a full wipe and it never works. I'm on AOKP and when I use camera it doesn't save the pictures, then I flash a new rom and it still happens. I have 13gb free on my Virtual SD Card. Any help would be greatly...
  12. bmg1001

    Thread [Q] US GSM Galaxy Nexus Rom Question

    Hey everyone, I just bought a new Galaxy Nexus. It's the US GSM Galaxy Nexus from Google Play. I'm wondering whats the difference from the International version. I want to root my phone and install roms on it, so should I use the root methods and roms for the International version or is it...
  13. bmg1001

    Thread [Q] Help with Low Battery on Bricked Atrix

    So I think I bricked my Atrix cause I'm on 2.3.6 and I wanted CM9 so I wanted to unlock the bootloader, and now I'm bricked. When I boot it takes me to Boot Menu with RSD, fastboot, etc, then I found a method to unbrick, but my battery is low. Can someone please help me? Nothing would flash with...