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    Thread [Request] A Clean OS for the Tab A 7.0 (SM-T280)

    Hello there:) As the title tells you, i would like to have a clean OS for the Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (SM-T280) With clean OS i mean a completely debloated rom without any extras. As slim as possible. Just a launcher and Core GApps (Playstore + Maps) Maybe a debloated ROM or a debloation script. or...
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    Thread 5x5 layout in appdrawer?

    Hey guys:) I just switched from Note 4 to s7 Edge an noticed that BIG Icons and the 4x4 layout. I found the option on the homescreen to change it to 4x5 or 5x5... But what about the app drawer layout? I rooted and installed xposed, maybe with a tweak? I hope you can help ^^ Because i want...
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    Thread [Q] [Request] Note 4 Miui Port

    Hello everyone, I am a big Miui fan and im really interested in a miui Port :) Could anyone do this?^^ I tried a few tutorials to build a rom port but it wasn't successful :/ Im not really good with developing xD Greetings :)
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    Thread [Q] disable the "Sfinder and Quick connect" Buttons at notifications?

    Hi guys:) , Is there a way to disable that? On my s5 there was a Xposed module to disable this. But that is not compatible with my note 4 (910f) :( Greetings :)
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    Thread No Play Store app in custom Rom?

    Hi There, Yesterday i flashed the "Aokp" Rom from here. It works almost fine. but the PlayStore app is missing. I tried many Tutorials to install it but everytime it starts short and dissappears then. So i have the question, if anyone can help me to Install the Play Store so it will work? (i...