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    Thread [Q] What is the best rom for playing game on L5 E612???

    Hey guys, I'm a fan of playing game ;) I often play some games like Chaos ring, Blade slinger, Deemo,... What rom do you suggest for :D
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    Thread CrystalPA ROM

    Hi :D :D :D can anyone continue develop CrystalPA ROM from Cr3pt??? I think this rom is very good with many interesting features :D For me, CM11 by Plamb1r, CM11 by PecanCM, CM-Caliban by CALIBAN666, LIquid Smooth 3.2 by Skyinfo are the best kitkat rom i have used :D And CrystalPA rom is very...
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    Thread Lg E612

    Can Lg E612 320x480 run this app??? Please make a version support LG E612 320x480 :):):)