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    Thread SMS notification sound really annoying can't turn off.

    You know that noise that you hear when you receive a text message with the phone on vibrate / silent / do not disturb? It really does my head in when I'm watching a video or movie via youtube or media player. It's so loud even at a lower volume it's probably the most disturbing notification...
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen question

    So I redid the glue behind my S4 glass/screen because the glass was popping up. It did end up working but I had to remove some copper / metal tape behind the screen, which i suppose is for spreading the heat from the CPU / GPU of the phone. Now my phone can get as hot as 75°C on the CPU / GPU...
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    Thread Problem with Samsung Galaxy S2 Cellular Data

    I have a issue where when I'm using Cellular data, it will just cut off responding for like 15 seconds and switch back to 3g then H even sometimes where the App itself is requesting data. Any reasons why it would do this? I've done flashing modems and changing the network modes but it doesn't...