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  1. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Unlocking Motorola Milestone

    I bought a Milestone off ebay that was locked assuming I could just hard reset it manually. Well, either the camera button is not working or im pressing it wrong because I read the sequence was POWER + CAMERA. Is there any other way to hard reset the phone even though it's locked? I just updated...
  2. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Stock Camera App?

    Is there anyway I can get the stock, vanilla Gingerbread camera app and install it? Does anyone have it? Not a fan of the current one.
  3. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread How to unroot my atrix?

    Rooted my Atrix 4G successfully with this method: Trying to unroot, but it gives me this error: ERROR: /restore/ backup doesn't exist or is incomplete! These files must be downloaded and saved to your computer in a /restore/...
  4. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Hello

    Hi everyone!
  5. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread OMGZ

    Everytime I log on and visit OT, it's less and less homey :(. What happened to that big bowl of randomness, M_T_M, and G1 of past times. Sigh... All I see are "Drunken" threads. OT has become like the rest of those drab sub-forums. SHAME ON YOU! Ciao peoples...
  6. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Nook wont turn on?

    My charger got wet about 2 days ago. My Nook was dead, I pressed the power button for a long period of time to get the "Charge your nook for 15 minutes" message thing and plugged it in. Now, after I plugged it in nothing happens. Not even if I long press the power button. I charged the nook for...
  7. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread How to put MIUI on SD Card?

    I bought one of those sd cards pre loaded with CM7 on eBay because I dont feel comfortable yet with the whole android modding. Other than putting in that SD Card I have done nothing to my nook, no rooting, or anything. SO, how can I put MIUI on an sd card and just pop it in like the CM7 one...
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    Thread Ewww...

    OT is getting nasty. ANOTHER STICKY! Sheesh. Babydoll, can I borrow the brick? BBL ;) Love, PDL...
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    Thread Hi

    Just saying Hi :D
  10. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread What Case/Cover Are You Using for Your Nook Color?

    I'm using the Soho cover in chestnut :D
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    Thread How to bypass lockscreen?

    Long story, but basically I don't know my phone's lockscreen pattern. I also don't know my e-mail address or password. How can I bypass the lockscreen?
  12. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Replacing Mytouch 3G Housing

    So, I'm gonna replace my sister's Mytouch 3g (not 1.2) housing, but when I got the housing in the mail today, it came without the female screw holes even though I asked the seller several times if they did and never got a reply. So, basically, how can I either use the housing without the female...
  13. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Bye Bye Peoples :?)

    Im leaving again ;) It's time for another OT break. Things are just getting too serious with all the mod/admin complaints n' stuff. I may bounce in (maybe?) from time to time. I'm not leaving forever (maybe?), i've done this before. 3 times to be exact, to pursue my serious side. So, to allz...
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    Thread 2,500th Post Celebration!

    I'm almost at that 5,000 mark ;) Gimme 3 days ;) :D
  15. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Who Do You Think the next Nexus Will Go to?

    Early last year, HTC got it, and Samsung got it late last year. So who will get this years? I think Motorola personally because there one of the 3 largest Android phone producers besides HTC and Samsung. It was rumored last year that Motorola would be making the "Nexus 2". But obviously turned...
  16. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Xda overcapacity!

    I keep getting the "XDA is overcapacity" page like at least 2-5 times a day and I have to wait maybe 10-15 minutes before its not "overcapacity" what's this about?
  17. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread What Do You Wipe Your Phone With?

    Well? What!?!?
  18. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Calling All OT Forest Friends!

    I bought a cheap G1 in fair condition with a cracked screen with the intentions of replacing the housing and screen and giving it to someone. I found the service manual, and it's COMPLICATED!!!!!!!!!!! MY GOSH! Does anyone have any experience taking apart the G1? :D
  19. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread People Are So Biased These Days

    Ugh, the General forum..... Opinions are opinions but why so much hate? ;)
  20. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Ima Changed Llama

    Starting............................................... now. :D Expect less spam n' stuffz. See what I did there, smaller picture. :D
  21. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread More Incipio Cases to Come as Well as Trident!

    I love their cases. The feather just got 2 new colors iridescent red & blue. Now, a Silicrylic will be released which is sort of like a Otterbox Commuter, but much thinner and in colors. :D For those who aren't familiar.
  22. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread I Lol @ you

    10 goats traveled here.
  23. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread And this too!

    Ughh ..............................
  24. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread OMG 2

    Dan's back!
  25. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Hey

    I've made the most threads today than any other day. I believe this makes 7 for the day? :D
  26. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread I Miss Dan!

    O' Dan, when art thou arriving back in town?
  27. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Confessions I am he. Alan was never banned from the vibrant forums. I just made a look-alike accounts. It got banned :( Had yalls foo too. Figured I should confess cuz everyone thinks alan is "SO AWESOME" since his few...
  28. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread OMG!

    My hubby dan b banned!
  29. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Meizu M9 ROM/Theme?

    I was wondering if any of the devs over here would be interested in making a Meizu M9 based theme/rom available for the Atrix. Since Atrix's (Atrixi, Atrix, Atrii?) the screen resolution is exactly the same as the M9 I dont see how it could be too difficult. I personally have no experience with...
  30. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Ugh.....

    Some guy on ebay is trying to scam me. I sold him an LG Incite, right and so now he's trying to get his money back by claiming it freezes every time he does something. The phone, no doubt wasn't very fast, but I loaded wm 6.5 on it which was way faster than 6.1. He says it's gonna cost him "$30...
  31. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Will root affect updates?

    I'm tired of not being able to side load apps without a computer. I think I'm gonna root with superoneclick (if i can? I believe you can?) and just enable non market apps. Will this affect future updates via ota? I don't plan on doing anything else besides root & side loading. Thanks!
  32. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread And........

    That lil' ole Cliq XT is sold...... Got boring quickly :D
  33. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Dead Pixel

    I have a dead pixel on the center of my screen. Only can be seen under white/light colors. I noticed the exact day after my 30 days were up. Can I just go into AT&T and exchange it for a new one? I bought it for full price from them if that matters. :D Thanks!
  34. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Today, I rooted, flashed a custom recovery and flashed a custom ROM for the first time in my life! It was on an old Cliq XT. Cyanogen Mod 7! :D Runs kinda slow compared to my Atrix, (and how it was on stock) but its kewlio. Nexus S nostalgia! :D
  35. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Sedio Active X & Rugged Combo Coming Soon! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  36. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Canadians are Amazing!

    I ♥ Canadian people! :D
  37. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Do any of you wanna sell your MT3G/Magic?

    Do any of you wanna sell your MT3G/Magic to me? :D I keep looking in the marketplace but they are a rare find these days. If your interested in selling it, just PM me with a price and we can negotiate from there :D
  38. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Announcement!

    I am in the process of trademarking my username. Just thought everyone should know :D
  39. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread DIE STiCKY!

    Basically this thread is dedicated to removing the sticky at the top. Why is it there? Who wants it there? Who thinks it should be a regular thread like all the others? Shame on DaveShaw for putting it there! Whose with me? Supporters Below: Removing stickies from unwanted places! • Purple...
  40. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Off-Topic isn't the Same...

    Since that new "10 post" rule to post outside of the General forum off-topic stinks. So many un-random things. Sad. :( And theres a sticky at the top. :mad: But, even before the rule, it was going down hill..... :eek:
  41. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Case-mates for the Atrix.

    I've been a huge fan of case-mates cases for the longest time. I sent them an e-mail to see if they were making any for the Atrix, and they said that they make cases as per how many requests they get. So, if anyone else out there is a Case-mate fan, here's a link to request...
  42. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Delete

  43. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Asking Help from Canadian Atrix Friends!

    I live in the US with a AT&T Atrix, but out of curiosity I went on Bell's website and looked at their accessories for the Atrix, and I found some interesting ones. First off that S wave, the first 2 I point to is on ebay. I saw them before looking on Bell but just realized I can get them :D...
  44. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Froyo 2.2 OTA for Aria?

    Do I have to manually update or can I get it OTA? I dont wanna download the update and manually do it because it'll take 3 hours to download.I cant find the "Software Updates" in Settings>About Phone like all my other phones on the Aria. Help? Thanks!
  45. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread I would love to see this for the Atrix....

    I would love to see this case for the Atri: If anyone else does, you should put in a product request here for it or if your just a fan of case-mate (like me) To suggest:
  46. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Scam or Not?

    Did anyone else get this message. I'm apprehensive to replying as I feel it may be a scam.... It was in my PM box......
  47. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Post Your "Motorola Atrix 4G" Screenshots!

    Just getting prepared..... :D
  48. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Happy birthday me!

    Yay, i'm officially 109 years of age now (as of 12:00 am 1/1/11!) :D
  49. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Happy 2011 for Eastern Time Zone!

    Happy New Year eastern time zone peoples! - llama
  50. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread Best Quality With Smallest Size Audio Format

    I have about 17GB of music I would like to get on my NS (around 2600 songs, mp3 format, range from 160-320kps ). Now, their's only 13GB available to use on the NS, so I'd like to know if I can change the format to something else to keep a similar or same quality, so I can fit them all on my NS...