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  1. Hugwalk

    Thread Is it possible to access /data/app?

    Am trying to make a debloat module, which delete app folders in /data/app. But seems like every folder has its own code, a random code that's different for everyone Are there any way to remove specific folders in /data/app through Magisk?
  2. Hugwalk

    Thread Root folder is full

    Just treblized my phone yesterday and did some modify And when I install AdAway, it shows not enough space I checked it in file manager app, my root folder if full And it's only 1.89G Why is this so small and how do I solve this? Do I need to repartition again?
  3. Hugwalk

    Thread Will we have Android 8 Roms?

    For a long waiting, Android 8 is finally here. And ZR has working for 4 years I wonder if our phone will have an Oreo update? It would be cool, and a chance to revive our phone. Thanks.
  4. Hugwalk

    Thread [REQUEST]ZE500KL(Z00ED)Custom ROM

    ASUS's ZenUI is firetrucking laggy and ugly Why no one make a custom rom? :crying: Really need it, I want pure Android experience. :crying: