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  1. LoopDoGG79

    Thread Ghost Touches

    Anybody having issues with ghost touches? When typing, my screen goes to the home screen or recent (FYI, I reversed the back button and recents button, yes I'm an ex Samsung user ?) I've read from other sources it's an issue on the OnePlus 7 pro and the next OxygenOS update should resolve it
  2. LoopDoGG79

    Thread [Q] Power Menu after lollipop update

    I updated yesterday to lollipop. Everything is good so far. (Battery life, ill give it a few battery cycles to fairly judge it :o) I noticed the power menu, when you long press the power button, the options to change the sound to mute, vibrate and sound are no longer available. Is there way to...
  3. LoopDoGG79

    Thread The Kit kat OTA ADB Sideload success thread.

    I've seen several threads of people either complaining where the OTA is, asking if anybody had gotten it, or asking those that have received it, to stand up and say so. Quite frankly I'm immensely perplexed. :what::what::what: You have at your fingertips the two greatest sources of techy...
  4. LoopDoGG79

    Thread Samsung WatchOn

    Does anybody have version 6.0.3 and are willing to share? :D Trying out GE. I was only able to find 5.1.6 Help will be much appreciated. :thumbup: Sent from my GT-I9505G using Tapatalk
  5. LoopDoGG79

    Thread [Q] Unlocking a password protected ebook with a username/password on Android

    I recently returned to school. Most of my reading material comes in password protected ebooks. When I opened it with Adobe Reader, I could not enter my username and password. Opens fine on my PC. I tried all the readers on the playstore , including Aldiko Book Reader, ezPDF Reader Multimedia...
  6. LoopDoGG79

    Thread [Q] For profit schools

    I enrolled in the University of Phoenix, into thier BS Computer Software engineering program. My question, is it worth it? How do employers look at for profit schools like U of P or ITT? Anybody working in the IT field who have recieved a degree at a for profit school? Any hiring managers out...
  7. LoopDoGG79

    Thread Moving apps from internal to SD card on AOSP

    I've searched far and wide, and for the life of me, can't figure out how to move apps from internal to external on AOSP. Ok, I've only tried one AOSP ROM, my current ROM, SOA build 4. If anybody can point me in the right direction, will greatly appreciated. :) Sent from my Galaxy Note 10.1! :D
  8. LoopDoGG79

    Thread Flashing ATT ROMs on the T999?

    If I flash an ATT ROM, will I still get data and signal or would I have to change the APN? Thanks for your time!! Sent from my SGH-T999 using xda premium
  9. LoopDoGG79

    Thread [REQ] Modded Playstore 3.10.10

    Anybody have, know where to get, or know how to modify the playstore 3.10.10 apk to work with LCD of 200 or less. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas. :)
  10. LoopDoGG79

    Thread [REQ] Modded Google playstore 3.10.10 apk

    Was wondering if their was a modded playstore 3.10.10 apk that will work at 200 LCD density or lower, thank you and a Merry Christmas to all. :)
  11. LoopDoGG79

    Thread Burst mode on the SG2!?

    One cool feature of the SG3 is burst mode. A feature where one can take multiple pics by holding down the shutter button. With this app, one can do the same, 30 pics a sec.!! I've tried it on Darkside Evo 3 ver 1and it works perfect!! :)...
  12. LoopDoGG79

    Thread Whitehawks AOKP build 36

    Can someone kindly provide me with a link for his build 36, I won't hold off on the thanks button :D Sent from the Darkside, ICS style
  13. LoopDoGG79

    Thread [Q] DSP Manager on Darkside Evolution

    I have the latest Darkside Evo installed. For the life of me, I cannot get DSP manager to run right on it. I flashed the latest version, it installs, but FC's when one attempts to adjust setting. I ran Darkside cache wipe/fix permissions script after flash, no go. Is it even possible to install...
  14. LoopDoGG79

    Thread Restore from TB without TB

    Is there any app that can restore app and data from the TB folder? Using TDJ's Darkside Evolution beta2 and restoring data gives me issues. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-T989 using xda premium
  15. LoopDoGG79

    Thread [Q] Skyrocket ICS Roms on T989

    I took a peak at the skyrocket forum, and they have some nice ICS Roms, yes im very jelly :rolleyes: Will flashing any of them, then installing the various hot fixes work or am I just asking for trouble? Has anybody out there tried flashing them on a T989?
  16. LoopDoGG79

    Thread Can we be getting an ICS Leak soon?

    I found this article Is there any credence to the article?
  17. LoopDoGG79

    Thread Flashing a custom kernel.

    I'm running Juggernaut 5.0 and it runs smooth as butter. The thing is I like the way Malice II ran more so. Can I flash the darkside x2 kernel to a Juggernaut 5.0 install with no issues? If so, where can I download a flashable zip file of the darkside kernel. Is using CWM the best way to go...
  18. LoopDoGG79

    Thread [Q] Video Recording issues with BLACKEDITION FOR THE SGS2 3-29-2012-ICS

    Anybody having video recording issues with BLACKEDITION FOR THE SGS2 3-29-2012-ICS ROM? When I try to record it say "Warning recording failed". If this is already a known bug, my apologies. If not, will super wipe/ reflash do the trick?
  19. LoopDoGG79

    Thread [Q] Juggernaut 5.0 Lockscreen background

    Ive been playing with alot of ROMS and Juggernaut 5.0 is the one for me,for now beats the current ICS Ports. Just one issue I cannot figure out, how can one change the lockscreen background, it has the stock one and its driving me nuts :mad: Can it be changed? If so, can someone please tell me...
  20. LoopDoGG79

    Thread [Q] Is there any CM mods for the T-mobile Galaxy S II

    Is there a way to install CM7 or CM9 on my T-Mobile Galaxy SII? Tried the one on there website, they were not compatible. Your knowledge will be greatly appreciated:)
  21. LoopDoGG79

    Thread [Q] Installing CM9 Galaxey SII tmobile

    Noob question here, is ICS a requirement to install CM9 on a Galaxy SII (T-Mobile) or will installing CM9 also install ICS if one has Gingerbread installed? Your help will be greatly appreciated :)
  22. LoopDoGG79

    Thread CM 7.2 RC1

    For all newbies, if your upgrading from CM 7.1 to 7.2 RC1 wipe data and cache first!!! Tried to just install and didn't work quite right. Backup with titanium backup pro first, wipe then install. Works great now!!!! Beware though in some cases apps will not work if you try to restore app+data...
  23. LoopDoGG79

    Thread Cm7 power button hangs up calls

    I have CM7 running on my LG Mytouch, and all is running great. The only problem im running into is the power button hangs up my calls instead of turning the screen on or off. I tried remapping key 107 from END CALL to POWER in the qwerty.kl file in a cm7 zip file, then re flashed it. No luck...
  24. LoopDoGG79

    Thread [Q] Flash from stock to custom, do i need to wipe all data?

    Does one need to wipe all their data if they were to flash a custom ROM for the first time on their phone? Can just wiping the dalvik cache be enough? Your input will be much appreciated :)