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  1. TheSilverStig

    Thread HELP!(Solved, but still very educational)

    Now that I have your attention, after a series of mistakes, I am stuck in recovery with a rom that won't flash, an sd card that won't mount and cwm recovery so I don't think I can use adb to move files. Also, no nandroids (learn from my mistakes children!) I'm not used to samsung phones so I...
  2. TheSilverStig

    Thread Rsa keys

    So I have a hardware 002 evo, and I just checked and found out I don't have any rsa keys. This isn't the end of the world because I don't have 4g in my area. I was wondering what could have caused this problem? I thought it was only new evo's that could get this? My sisters hw 004 evo is fine...