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  1. spiderio

    Post Ios 13.2 emojis font

    I have trouble with that one, when I write numbers, it changes into emoticons
  2. spiderio

    Post Ios 13.2 emojis font

    Do you plan on releasing iOS 14 emoji??
  3. spiderio

    Post Emui 9.1

    how do you do it? can you share it with us
  4. spiderio

    Post [NO-ROOT] iOS 12.1 Emoji theme for P20/P20 Pro [UPDT 05/02/19]

    this is great IDEA, can anyone help us to get this
  5. spiderio

    Post Higher bitrates mod possible?

    could you create the comparison video about this?
  6. spiderio

    Post [GUIDE] Best Battery Life Possible

    thank you i will try to make it 1080p to save the battery
  7. spiderio

    Post How is your battery?

    I think the battery drain is only affect exynos version like mine I hate the battery drain.. I hope Samsung will hear and solve this problem ---------- Post added at 05:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:48 AM ---------- I can assure you that Snapdragon Battery management is better...
  8. spiderio

    Post Standby drain

    Very bad standby drain.. Even when S10+ full charge 100%, set to airplane mode, wifi off, data off, sync off, AOD off, and set many app to sleep, from 23.00 to 5am, battery left 92%... It's worse than any huawei
  9. spiderio

    Post Standby drain

    any idea how to reach samsung regarding this battery drain??
  10. spiderio

    Post How is your battery?

    yeah me too, experience the same problems, damn! samsung! what are you doing when the phone is standby :(
  11. spiderio

    Post How is your battery?

    I've experience bad battery Life, especially standby drain, it is very dissapointing
  12. spiderio

    Post Standby drain

    From 100% I unplugged at night around 23.00 and in the morning 5.00am I've got 92%, it's on Wifi.. Worse battery for s10+ Exynos
  13. spiderio

    Post How is your battery?

    I have S10+ Exynos version, the battery life is so bad, it's drain quick after unplugged.. And at night on wifi from 100% to 92% in the morning, damn!!! So bad
  14. spiderio

    Post Root for all models that don't have it...

    I will waiting for H870DS I have the device waiting to root or bricked
  15. spiderio

    Post [GCam] [Wide Angle] LG G5,LG G6,LG V20,LG V30 - v4.2

    In my LG G6 i follow all your settings and tested out.. I also experimented some settings and turn out, if I change input model to Taimen the picture is better
  16. spiderio

    Post Third Party Launchers

    I completely disagree The hyperion can't do what nova do, these features is what I always use 1. Swipe Action - on desktop icon to get specific shortcut, my usage if i swipe on phone icon directly call my wife, if I swipe on whatsapp directly to my wife, and if I swipe on drawer icon directly...
  17. spiderio

    Post Pixel camera port?

    I hope some devs will turn and give it a try to mods gcam to work with our device
  18. spiderio

    Post Deep Black Emui 9 theme

    How to mods your themes.. Its amazing.. But I like dark grey, black and a little red on some elements better
  19. spiderio

    Post Useful tips and tricks Mate 20 Pro

    Nice tips.. Any other tips?
  20. spiderio

    Post How To Disable Hisearch - Guide

    Any other app that we can safely remove??
  21. spiderio

    Post Severe memory leak.

    So the stock launcher is the culprit? Any other bloatware that we can remove??
  22. spiderio

    Post [RECOVERY][TREBLE][MARKW] OrangeFox Recovery Project [R10.0]

    it's seems the recovery has all the features that I need I'm bought, downloading right now, i hope it not causing any issue
  23. spiderio

    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][MARKW][V3.2.1-026] Red Wolf Recovery Project

    thank you very much, finally i can't install twrp recovery after many failed
  24. spiderio

    Post [App][4.1+][Be Simple]fooView (Float Viewer): Shapes & Customized [email protected]

    i have one questions, can we disable screenshot feature? It seem my gesture often accidentally trigger the screenshot mode when swipe right/left
  25. spiderio

    Post Google Camera HDR+ (V4.0) ported to SD820/821 and works with G6

    Another Drama after successfull mods... Damn XDA people, We need mod here. I want to Appreciate all the devs here .. Please Respect other Devs hard work All of this mod is because of their work, Collaboration! You can't do it by yourself without other people works. Don't be Arrogant,
  26. spiderio

    Post Google Camera HDR+ (V4.0) ported to SD820/821 and works with G6

    I have the same issue with version 5.1.016-v1.1 all in
  27. spiderio

    Post Google Camera HDR+ (V4.0) ported to SD820/821 and works with G6

    Change the model to pixel2xl it's has noise reducer
  28. spiderio

    Post Google Camera HDR+ (V4.0) ported to SD820/821 and works with G6

    any suggestion for best config with this version?
  29. spiderio

    Post Google Camera HDR+ (V4.0) ported to SD820/821 and works with G6

    care to explain how to do that? nevermind, It works for me too on v4. by the way has anyone got the best settings on G6? please share/screenshot the settings
  30. spiderio

    Post Google Camera HDR+ (V4.0) ported to SD820/821 and works with G6

    I saw latest updates on 4pda yesterday.. But I can't download it because I don't have account
  31. spiderio

    Post Moisture In USB Port Warning

    I've got the same message after swimming with G6, I've tried to toggle the usb connection port and try to charge it while off / shutdown.. And it works
  32. spiderio

    Post [APP][ROOT/TWRP] LATEST Sony Xperia Keyboard for all devices!

    can this be installed on non-root devices?
  33. spiderio

    Post root h845 ?

    yeah nothing happens for h845 or LG G5 SE
  34. spiderio

    Post New exploit available for LG G5: QuadRooter

    We need a great hacker for this exploit to work.. I will patiently wait
  35. spiderio

    Post **G4 DUAL SIM models - H818P / H818N (UPDATED W/ ROOT + XPOSED works!) **

    Guys, anybody has information how to root H818p Marshmallow?? sorry, it;s not rootable right now
  36. spiderio

    Post [MOD][XPOSED][4.0+] RootCloak - Completely Hide Root from Specific Apps [2014-01-14]

    Telkomsel Twallet still detecting root
  37. spiderio

    Post ReLock Bootloader Video and Coming soon Unlock Bootloader..

    Still no unlocked method for h818???? Autoprime?
  38. spiderio

    Post [ROOT] TMO/VZW/ATT/SPRINT/INTL Root your LG G4 with Low Effort Root!

    I wonder, can we use this method to root so we don't have to download 1gb system.img
  39. spiderio

    Post [ROOT][How to] Install Viper4android on a rooted LG G4

    I will try your guide video, Hope won't cause bootloop
  40. spiderio

    Post [FONT] G4 Genisys Font Pack 1.3 MM [Update 23.Nov.2015]

    do you have HELVETICA NUEUE
  41. spiderio

    Post [ROOT] 60fps camera + 100% photo quality + flash mod

    for OP, Pfeffernuss I think you should add the 60fps as an option, added the options, so people can choose 30/60 using this media profile <EncoderProfile quality="1080p" fileFormat="mp4" duration="30"> <Video codec="h264" bitRate="25000000"...
  42. spiderio

    Post Root ANY LG G4 Variant 100% Success Directives | Root Injection | Less Bricks

    can I delete/add some apps from this system.img ? how to edit the system.img for that?
  43. spiderio

    Post **G4 DUAL SIM models - H818P / H818N (UPDATED W/ ROOT + XPOSED works!) **

    Dear all.. I don't know where to ask this, but I can't activate 4g sim1 on my dual sim h818p
  44. spiderio

    Post Screen Coating Issues - Please Check Yours and Post Here!

    I have the same problem, H818P LG G4 Dual sim Indonesian Version.. what should I Do with this..
  45. spiderio

    Post [KERNEL] [Stock-L-3.4.110] [Gabriel-5] [D85X - VS985] [211215]

    Report. After changing the busybox with busybox on rails, still can't change max freq to 2.4ghz, permission denied
  46. spiderio

    Post [KERNEL] [Stock-L-3.4.110] [Gabriel-5] [D85X - VS985] [211215]

    Report permission denied/ error when changing max frequency
  47. spiderio

    Post [APP][2.2+] INSTWOGRAM - Two Instagram Accounts in One Device [7.6.0]

    I want to share some Force Closed problem on hashtag search on the latest version of instwogram 6.30xx
  48. spiderio

    Post [kernel][stock][D85520P][init.d][bumped][SELinux permissive] -- SEXY

    Stock kernel with permissive and init.d without any other tweaks.. Thank you, maybe this is what I need
  49. spiderio

    Post [KERNEL] [Stock-L-3.4.110] [Gabriel-5] [D85X - VS985] [211215]

    well your settings looks good will try it now thanks for sharing
  50. spiderio

    Post LG G4/LG V10「G/v-フォース」フォース Project」

    Would be awesome if the camera apps is working with all the manual mode