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  1. apatal

    Thread Android One for the Philippines

    Mabuhay! I created this thread as a common stomping ground for fellow early adopters such as myself for the Android One devices in the Philippines. I own a Cherry Mobile One but MyPhone Uno owners are also welcome as we are essentially running the same hardware (except for an extra 4GB internal...
  2. apatal

    Thread [APP] App Ops Flashable Installer

    Hi everyone! There are a lot of App Ops installer in the Play Store and I encourage anyone not familiar with flashing to make use of them. However, what these apps do is install the App Ops apk as a system app and the device still needs to be rebooted for the user to be able to start using App...
  3. apatal

    Thread AOSP Browser Security Hole

    Rootzwiki published a report on supposed security issues with the stock AOSP browser, specially with saving the users passwords. You can read the article here. What do you guys think? Should we switch to a different browser for now or until Google releases a fix together with a new Android...
  4. apatal

    Thread Video Recording Issue

    Hi guys, I've tried searching but it seems I'm alone in this. I've been having issues with my camera in the past few days, especially with video recording. Specifically, it won't record videos. I keep pressing the red button but nothing happens. At first I thought it was my custom ROM, so I went...
  5. apatal

    Thread [SOLVED] Google Search Force Closing

    Google Search force closes for me when I do search via Google Now. Has anyone been experiencing this also?
  6. apatal

    Thread [Q] Screen Brightness bug?

    Hi guys, I keep experiencing this bug where I suddenly can't adjust brightness (via the slider from quick settings). I mean no matter how I adjust it, the brightness stays the same and I would have to reboot to be able to adjust brightness again. Has anyone else experienced this and any...
  7. apatal

    Thread [Q] Are you satisfied with your Android 4.2 experience?

    Hi guys, there's a lot of 4.2 ROMs floating around the forum at the moment and I've tried them all. Unfortunately, I feel like I can never get the same level of buttery smoothness as I have in 4.1.2. Even the AOSP 4.2 ROM in the forum doesn't give me the same level of user experience as in the...
  8. apatal

    Thread [APP] Google Play 3.10.10

    For those who can't wait for Google to roll it out automatically, here's the new Play Store. The site where I got this says the changes are simply bug fixes but I did notice it looks a little different, like the font seems to match the new 4.2 roboto font. Try it out and correct me if I'm wrong...
  9. apatal

    Thread [DISCUSSION] LG to make the next Nexus

    Rumor has it that LG has been given the privilege of manufacturing the next Google Nexus phone in the series. What are your thoughts on this? Will you upgrade to the next Nexus is ever LG does come out with it? For those with experience with LG phones, how is the build quality? Cheers!
  10. apatal

    Thread [Q] Nexus S screen locking weirdness

    Been noticing it on all variants of JB ROM: rasbean jelly, AOSP, OTA. When you lock the screen and expect it to turn off, it goes blank then flashes on just a sec before finally turning off for good. It doesn't matter how you lock it: could be using your power button, screen off and lock app, or...
  11. apatal

    Thread [Q] Have you noticed some lags when using the stock JB keyboard on landscape mode?

    Just wondering if you guys a slight lag when using the stock keyboard in landscape mode in your JB ROMs? Sent from my Nexus S
  12. apatal

    Thread [Q] How do I bring back universal search?

    Apple in all it's wisdom has chosen to sue Google for the universal search thingy in it's ROMs. Now the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has it removed to escape the injunction. My question is, is there a way to bring it back, ala hacker style? Can I restore a Google search app frozen or backed up from...
  13. apatal

    Thread [Q] How can I backup (and restore) my personal dictionary?

    Hi everyone, I have been wondering if there's a way to backup my personal dictionary from the stock Android keyboard which I always have to populate every time I flash a new ROM or an update that needs a full wipe. (Android doesn't have a Filipino dictionary yet.) I'm thinking maybe one of...
  14. apatal

    Thread [LIST][JOKE] How to know that you're rooted

    1. You know you’re rooted when your girlfriend can’t get hold of you for an hour because you’re in recovery.. and she becomes suspicious. 2. You know you’re rooted when someone asks if rooting is like jail breaking their iPhone and you laugh in their face. 3. You know you’re rooted when boot...
  15. apatal

    Thread Where do you live?

    Let's celebrate diversity here at xda! I think it's awesome that we all can share our knowledge, talent and resources here even though we all come from different places and cultures. I'm Filipino and I live in Manila, Philippines. Cheers! :D Sent from my Nexus S
  16. apatal

    Thread [KERNEL][INFO][2012-10-18] _thalamus Nexus S kernels - Stable & Test releases

    Hi everyone! :D I just got permission from _thalamus to host a separate thread here for his Nexus S kernel developments. This is purely an informational thread and all credit goes to the man himself, _thalamus, for his great work on crespo kernels. Consequently, any bugs you wish to report or...
  17. apatal

    Thread Benchmark VS. User Experience

    I've recently started using custom ROMs, kernels and other mods and my phone is just pure awesomeness. However, we have lots of talk about benchmarks and performance. On the one hand, we have talented folks like bedalus doing all the hard work for us and sharing his findings in the community. On...
  18. apatal

    Thread [Q] Instagram for Android coming "Very Soon"

    According to reports, Instagram is coming to Android devices soon. Are you guys planning to use it or are you satisfied with your current photo-editing apps (Lightbox, Aviary, etc.) plus social networks (Facebook, Google+, etc.)? Hit the comments!