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  1. NoteboyTech

    Thread Help with my Nexus 5 needed!

    Guys, I have no idea what has happened to my nexus 5. it just turns of the screen, while the full phone is working. I can receive texts. calls but when I press the power button, either it just doesn't turns on or then it causes this image.
  2. NoteboyTech

    Thread How to make my T2 ultra to go in recoverya

    Guys I am coming from Samsung Note N7000 and I wanna root it, but I don't know how to enter in recovery.. I have tried volume up +power but it vibrates 3 times. Nothing shows and restarts Sent from my D5322 using XDA Free mobile app
  3. NoteboyTech

    Thread Snapdragon 400 or Exynos 4210

    Guys I own a note n7000 and I am thinking to buy a Motorola Moto G 2014.. The specs of moto g 2014 says a SD400 with adreno 305 450mhz single core gpu.. My note has a 1.4 ghz dual core 4210 cpu and mali 400mp.. which cpu/gpu is [email protected]? Please help me Sent from my GT-N7000 using XDA Premium...
  4. NoteboyTech

    Thread Moto X 2014 Indian Users

    This is a thread for my Indian Friends.. Please follow XDA Rules Any body knows when it is releasing in India? Sent from my GT-N7000 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  5. NoteboyTech

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Note 4 indian users

    This is an indian user thread for the Galaxy Note 4 NOTE:- Please don't blame any SOC PLEASE FOLLOW XDA RULES PLEASE BE KIND TO OTHERS News will be updated Sent from my GT-N7000 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  6. NoteboyTech

    Thread How To Increase Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Life

    Well, I have seen many users on XDA who have some battery problems ex. Fast discharge etc. So my little guide may help you solve some of your battery issue. P.S - I know on XDA only professionals exist but there are a few beginners who can get benefit from this so please no bashing. This is...
  7. NoteboyTech

    Thread Note 3 info

    Guys anyone from Russia answer my questions? Actually next month I am coming to Russia and will stay there for some long time. So i have some questions. 1. Is 4g available in Moscow? 2. Is note 3 or s5 SD versions available from stores? What is their current prices, i need genuine product with...
  8. NoteboyTech

    Thread Cyanogenmod coming to Galaxy S5

    Guys was roaming through threads and guess what, got a screenshot which was from cyanogenmod official blog. Rest you can hit the thanks button after you view the pic lol.. To see where the project is going on, It_ler provided me the link
  9. NoteboyTech

    Thread Tips and Tricks to improve your USER EXPERIENCE on S5

    :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::P P.S -> THIS THREAD IS CREATED TO ENHANCE USER EXPERIENCE NOT TO CREATE A BATTLE BETWEEN S5 AND M8 Guys, even after new touchwiz. S5 animations seems slow.. yet the device is super fast.. so my tips would just help you! Thanks to look into it 1. Go to...
  10. NoteboyTech

    Thread HTC M8 announced.

    Hey guys, finally HTC took of the cloth from the M8 and showed us whatever they had under the hood! So, this thread is basically for your views on HTC ONE (2014). Happy?, Unhappy? Boring? There is a POLL too.. Please post your answers SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800...
  11. NoteboyTech

    Thread MWC: Best smartphone results! [UNFAIR]

    I feel disappointed to know the HTC ONE has won the best smartphone for the year 2013? How? why? and more-over LG won the most innovative brand of the year! Com'on this shouldn't be true! Don't you think this is unfair to Galaxy S4 and Note 3 users out there???? They were the 2 best smartphones...
  12. NoteboyTech

    Thread Sad News Inside : Hint[KNOX]

    Samsung Knox 2.0 brings two-factor authentication and better sandboxing - Any words???
  13. NoteboyTech

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S5 - Indian Users

    This is the thread for my Indian friends. News, availability, price all will be updated! Welcome to Official Galaxy S5 Chatting Thread I started this thread for chatting related to Galaxy S5 and the problem consumers are facing and for Information purposes.Raise your voice for justice Galaxy S5...
  14. NoteboyTech

    Thread Samsung Ditched Exynos Infinity

    Yes, as you can see samsung ditched their exynos processor for snap dragon 801 and it is a super great news.. you all please post your opinions.. Sent from my GT-N7000 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  15. NoteboyTech

    Thread [HELP][FIX]Power Button Problem!

    Hey Guys, hope you're all okay! I am struggling with a lot of problem these days! First of all Life sucks! 2. During a bad day when your trustworthy phone starts acting wierd.. -- It was running perfectly, I had no issues until 3 hours back! wheneva I just press the power button for switching...
  16. NoteboyTech

    Thread Knox present?

    Guys yesterday I bought a new Note 3 sm n900 and when i went to the download mode there was no knox counter... so is knox present? Sent from my GT-N7000 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  17. NoteboyTech

    Thread Phone bootloader update

    Guys what is this option I found on odin. Does this improve the performance of flash file via odin? Please tell! Sent from my GT-N7000 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  18. NoteboyTech

    Thread Guys, Lets start this petition! for our Note

    I started a petition on and guys we can win the battle here! if we support it the link is here Sign this petition Please support guys!
  19. NoteboyTech

    Thread Samsung Service Centre experience!

    Hey guys, so as my warranty was about to get over, I thought of taking my note to them and get a service, I needed to get an update! they actually downgraded my phone, which happened for good, I always complaint about subway surfers hanging and frame drops, but after they flashed it (not via...
  20. NoteboyTech

    Thread Ics firmware help required

    Guys. Like on jelly bean the xxlta is the latest firmware. So I would ask you which is the latest.firmware for ics? Thanks for help! Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda premium
  21. NoteboyTech

    Thread Happy new year friends

    Guys. This is my second family.. at xda. A verry Happy New Year from Rahul Bhardwaj a.k.a NoteBoyTech Thanks to all devs. Themers. And moderators. Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda premium
  22. NoteboyTech

    Thread Adding more transition speeds.

    In aosp roms i have seen many transition speed options for ex. X.24 X.50 X.75 X1 Etc. But in tw we dont have .25 and .75 option.. can we add them by modding some app or something? Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda premium
  23. NoteboyTech

    Thread system animations

    guys, is their any way to change system animations, except using frameworktool? Plzz help!!
  24. NoteboyTech

    Thread [WISH]A Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas & A very Happy New year to my XDA-Friends! I wish you all a happy life, may Santa bless us with the wonderful Developers, device, smiles, love. I want to thanks chasmodo, herna a.a not-i XpLoDWilD and thanks to all the developers, themers, app makers and Forum Moderators and...
  25. NoteboyTech

    Thread Google Play v4.5

    Guys, as I saw there was no post about the latest release of google play by google, I thought of making it! A Google Play Store 4.5.10 update will soon be rolled out to your handset, but you can sideload it as an APK file right now from the source link below and enjoy the benefits. It is a...
  26. NoteboyTech

    Thread Raw kernel not working

    Guys i am on slimsaver 4.3.1 rom and when I flash raw r4 after leaving recovery on reboot my phone just shows samsung galaxy note n7000 and then there is nothing... I just know that my display is on in that period Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda app-developers app
  27. NoteboyTech

    Thread Note 3 vs Nexus 5! HELP you to decide!

    Let's solve the problem of my brothers/sisters This is the NEXUS 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Mod Edit: Link Removed
  28. NoteboyTech

    Thread Android 2.3.6 kernelz

    Guys I have recently shifted to android 2.3 so can anybody provide me the kernels whoch are powerful and good? I need your help, please Thanks a lot guys Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda app-developers app
  29. NoteboyTech

    Thread 4.2.2 Official?

    Guys see I was going through gsmarena cause i love to read people comments and what I found there! Sent from my Note via Tapatalk
  30. NoteboyTech

    Thread Note 3 vs Nexus 5! HELP you to decide!

    After seeing threads on XDA about which phone to buy? The new Nexus or the Gigantic Note So HERE it is >>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<< No Spam! Link will take you to my Blog(trust me you're gonna love it)
  31. NoteboyTech

    Thread Messaging app

    Guys I did a mistake while debloating my rom. I removed the messaging app from the note with a mistake, can someone please give me the messaging apk! Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda app-developers app
  32. NoteboyTech

    Thread Note 3 vs Note 2!

    NOTE 3 vs NOTE 2 ------>CLICK HERE<----- No Spam! Link will take you to my Blog!
  33. NoteboyTech

    Thread Post your Homescreen

    So Guys, Finally HTC ONE MAX Arrived... Show your creativity! Post your Homescreens Be appropriate and PLEASE "HIT" Thanks
  34. NoteboyTech

    Thread Disabling CPU rendering!

    Guys I was hanging around in the forums where I saw that disabling CPU rendering will cause a motivated increase in the system performance! but I couldn't find anything about it for my Galaxy Note! So if somebody knows how we can do it on Exynos Devices like our Note.. it would be highly...
  35. NoteboyTech

    Thread SlimBean build 8

    Guys, can anyone of you provide me the latest 4.2.2 slimbean build 8? I have searched everywhere but never found it! so if any one of you has the zip can he please give it to me? it would be a great help! thanks
  36. NoteboyTech

    Thread [CM][RAM]

    Guys, we all know that CM roms are far better than what touchwiz had to offer... but I saw a thing which amazed me.. cm roms have very low apps compared to touch wiz.. but the touchwiz had more RAM availability than the CM CM - 778MB TW - 862 MB -- Ain't their a way to increase CM ram...
  37. NoteboyTech

    Thread Smooth trnasitions

    Guys, I own a Note N7000, and I have problems with my note.. it studders when I open or close an app.. which is weird.. I dun wanna do the transition activity to ) or NO transitions.. I love transitions so is their any way where I can have a better transitions!!! Thanks in advance!!!
  38. NoteboyTech

    Thread Need this wallpaper please!

    Guys, I was checking the galaxy s4 and found this lovely wallpaper.. this comes inbuilt but can anyone extract and provide me this wallpaper?
  39. NoteboyTech

    Thread Post you benchmarks!!! SD800 vs Exynos Octa

    Guys be appropriate and post your benchmarks!! I'll do mine when I get it!!! Thanks
  40. NoteboyTech

    Thread Heating uP!!

    Guys, I need your help seriously... please..... my device heats up for ex. I am opening phone app.. it heats... doing browsing for 1 minute it heats... I have tried every reset.. full clean using philz.. then flashed stock rom... can anyone please suggest me what to do? temp is around 48*C I...
  41. NoteboyTech

    Thread Permission

    Guys, I have made the seclauncher of note 2 ported to Note N7000 I have it in many grid sizes.. like 4x4 5X4 4X5 etc.. so should I make a thread on it??? if nobody has problems?
  42. NoteboyTech

    Thread Post all reviews here!!!

    Guys, as we all know that Galaxy S4 is a good device, but many user can't be satisfied... so to satisfy them.. we can post our reviews on the device and bring the confidence on samsung galaxy s4.. so please share your reviews THANKS!!!
  43. NoteboyTech

    Thread Post your Home screens..

    It's TIME guys lets enhance our creativity, share it with others. Be appropriate.. Hit Thanks
  44. NoteboyTech

    Thread LAgs by kernel

    Guys, whatsup. I wanted to ask a thing.. see I have a game called subway surfers... It lags horribly on my note.. tried every kernel possible on the internet.. I dun know why only that game.. Mc4 = no lag temple run 2= no lag.. but only subway surfers hicks up.. I mean it annoys me a lot...
  45. NoteboyTech

    Thread Kernel help!!!

    GUys, Please can any one of you provide me the ICS 4.0 Kernels in .tar form or ZIP. I do not want philz.. I actually want Franco, or Notecore..
  46. NoteboyTech

    Thread Exchange!!!!

    Selling, trading and exchanging devices or any item will no longer be permitted in any forum or via Private Messages. XDA Makes Swappa Its Official Marketplace
  47. NoteboyTech

    Thread Playstore 4.2.3

    Guys, First of all this is not my work.. I was hovering on some threads and found this so the credits goes to bluheart This was extracted from 4.3!! The link here :- hit - Thanks!!! the original...
  48. NoteboyTech

    Thread Developers only!!!

    Guys, I know it's too early to ask but yeah.. we love our phone.. therefore many of us have this question!!! when are we seeing a 4.3.X build? Wish it comes early... thanks for reply !!!
  49. NoteboyTech

    Thread [Q] Worth Buying??

    Guys, I know it's Hard but is it worth buying the Galaxy S4??? Or I should go to HTC One, or any other android phone??>. BTW I heard it has lags.. gets over-heated from the CPU side??.. What's your opinion about the i9500 (cause that's only availaible at my place).
  50. NoteboyTech

    Thread Rooting

    Guys I have recently went back to ics and I was thinking to root it.. so which kernel you guys prefer and plzz if possible provide me the link... thanks again fellas Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda app-developers app