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  1. Bomn

    Thread P8 App not available

    Hi folks, I have a P8lite unlocked and have always kept it in English with Portuguese keyboard and all.. I have moved from Portugal to Romenia and since then bought a Vodafone card as I wanted to use the same network. The problem is I want to install Myvodafone from here and it says that this...
  2. Bomn

    Thread Some stuff you may need 0.2b

    Always start small 046 to 052 then step 2 after that OTA or Upgrade, full should not be needed for 136. If flashed directly from branded to 136 it will show the Balong description, downgrade with huawei download extractor and fastboot method to 052 and apply step 2 this will zero out custom...
  3. Bomn

    Thread Going to stock Dual Sim Rom from a carrier

    Hi folks, greetz from PT, I know another thread with this is a bit pointless but the other thread is a mess and could use some cleaning up. Anyway, breaking down, Going from b133 VDF to b052 Euro unbranded with unlocked bootloader only: Downloaded the full "update" to 052 Had the