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  1. cnjax

    Thread FDE AI

    Anyone running this on your v20. Thinking about using it , would love to hear your opinion and thoughts. TIA
  2. cnjax

    Thread Call blocking App

    Hi, Looking for suggestions for the best call blocking app. TIA
  3. cnjax

    Thread v20 mic

    Anyone know a mod or app that allows you increase the microphone gain?
  4. cnjax

    Thread MS8 Pro S912 android 7.1

    Hi, just got this box, can anyone point me to a root guide? Not having any luck on Google. TIA
  5. cnjax

    Thread LG V20 and Flashfire

    Anyone using it and does it work properly?
  6. cnjax

    Thread Fast Dormancy

    Just switched to att does anyone know if att uses fast dormancy? Thanks GT-I9100 powered by NeatRom Lite 4.2 SiyahKernel 6.0b4 Many40's battery tweaks
  7. cnjax

    Thread Cell strength

    Anyone know of an app to monitor cell signal strength? GT-I9100 powered by NeatRom Lite 4.0 Philz kernal 3.75 Many40's battery tweaks
  8. cnjax

    Thread Modem ?

    My phone is a i9100GT using it in the US. Can modem files for the us variants be used on this phone? Omega 16.2 philz kernal 3.75 ICS XD AIO mod
  9. cnjax

    Thread Mount a 2nd partition

    I created a 2nd partition on my external_sd card formatted fat32. How do o get this to mount? Sent from my GT-I9100 using xda premium
  10. cnjax

    Thread Root ZTE Concord

    Need some help or a link to instructions on rooting this phone, This is a T-mobile no contract phone, made by ZTE Phone is running Gingerbread 2.3.7 Since this phone is new on the market is their a similar phone I can look at as an example of how to root it? Thanks in advance
  11. cnjax

    Thread [Q] Problem with CLKWRK Recovery

    trying to load a rom via clock work recovery every time I point it to the zip file on the sd card it says it cannot open zip (bad) tried several different files. Please Help