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  1. Wesley32

    Thread [HELP] Can't get FRD-L04 into Fastboot or Recovery/eRecovery

    I was attempting to restore my Boot.img and recovery.img (stock version B385) so I could update to the latest B388 package. This did not seem to work out well. I'm not sure if I fat fingered the wrong recovery file or what, but, I can't get to recovery. More importantly, I can't get to fastboot...
  2. Wesley32

    Thread [FRD-L04 B385] Issues flashing Magisk 13.x +

    Hey everyone, I have had a ton of issues flashing the newest versions of Magisk. I have had quite a long conversation about this on github. The main issue is that the Magisk zip always fails to flash, even after flashing my stock boot.img and then attemping to flash magisk 13.x. The other...
  3. Wesley32

    Thread [Help] Does anyone have stock b385 boot.img and recovery.img

    I had some issue's when testing the new Magisk and need to get my phone booting again. I sadly only have the stock boot .img for b360 which doesn't help me. ;) thanks.
  4. Wesley32

    Thread [Guide][FRD-L04] Install B385 from a rooted/TWRP B360

    First thing: before using this How-to guide. *I am not responsible for any data lost,bricked phones,or anything related to your Honor 8* I am writing this from my own experience updating. Your mileage may vary. Notes: I've heard reports that flashing stock recovery and stock boot.img from...
  5. Wesley32

    Thread [Help] Installed the sound MOD from dev forum and now phone is mute

    So, first off. I have D800 Stock 5.0.2 +Root+TWRP. now, I flashed this sound mod. I thought it would work fine because KK and LP have the same-ish mixer_paths.xml (also, mixer_paths.xml is located in /system/etc/) Well, it doesn't work and now my phone audio is mute. Also, messages force close...
  6. Wesley32

    Thread Att s5 screen stays black, but phone works.

    So, my gf's s5 was working fine yesterday. This morning the screen wont turn on. The notification light Still pulses like when she gets an email, or whatever. Okay, So, tried removing battery and then turn on. Has normal boot noises and capacitive buttons light up, but, screen stays black...
  7. Wesley32

    Thread D800 Incoming call Issue (Screen)

    So, my problem is, When I receive a call the ringtone rings, but the screen doesn't light up. There is no notification light, no screen pop up, nothing. Okay, so, to answer the call I have double tap the screen, open up the phone app manually, and then it gives me the option to answer. Kind of...
  8. Wesley32

    Thread Wakelocks. Are these normal or excessive?

    Hey, Just wanted to get some feedback on these wakelocks and battery life overall.
  9. Wesley32

    Thread [MOD][AT&T Port] G-Tweaks 1.4.1 | Aroma Tweak Installer

    G-Tweaks is the first aroma installer for some common tweaks for ROMs based on LG's stock G2 firmware. Aroma enables you to select the tweaks you want from a GUI and then flash them all at once. Download and flash 1 zip to do the work of many mods on these forums Features Boot Animations...
  10. Wesley32

    Thread **Development threads have been seperated

    I know some people will go to the development sections and be like Where is this ROM? and so on. Just a PSA about the sections in development. Currently there is a section for AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. I'm not sure about the international version or Sprint.
  11. Wesley32

    Thread [Q] Roomservice.xml in .Repo

    hello all, I am looking into developing a ROM for the G2, but I can't sync without the correct roomservice.xml files inside my local_manifest directory. If anyone could throw some ideas out there I would appreciate anything you can contribute, this is what me and Wantowan2 have came up with so...
  12. Wesley32

    Thread LG G2 Commerical!

    Holy crap, I was watching NFL network, and saw the led light up on a phone during a commercial. I was like ohhhh ****. First LG commercial I've seen yet. Cool. I think at least. Sent from my LG-D800 using xda app-developers app
  13. Wesley32

    Thread Skyrocket Wifi 5Ghz

    Hey all, i am having some issues with my 5Ghz wifi and my skyrocket. First I will list all the information I have. Skyrocket i727. Roms I have tried to connect with - Embryo 7 Cymbaline and stock kernel ; Beanstalk 1.30 v.1. with mortez and marla. No luck. Router - Linksys WRT320N - not a...
  14. Wesley32

    Thread Best apps to have when abroad?

    I am about to take an abroad trip to central and eastern Europe and I would like to stay in contact with some family and friends here in the states. I know that CM 10.1 has some issues with VOIP, hence the problem with Tango. but anyway, I would like some advice on what apps would be handy to...
  15. Wesley32

    Thread Dell Streak 7

    I work at a Surplus and Recycling office and a Dell Streak 7 Came through here today. I would like to know if there is anyway to salvage this item and possibly get it to work. First I will list information: Dell Streak 7 3G version I think, Has the sim Card clot Date: 2011.04 I have the...
  16. Wesley32

    Thread Skyrocket has died (I think) - any help or advice is welcome

    I have had my Galaxy SII Skyrocket since January 4th of 2012. About two weeks after I bought it I got drunk at a party and dropped in into the road. Didn't crack the screen or anything. Just had some scratches on the outside bezel. Now here come the questions, I had my skyrocket rooted and...
  17. Wesley32

    Thread ATT 4G LTE near Nashville

    I live about 45 minutes north of Nashville, TN and I can't wait for the LTE to move up this far. How long do you think it would take AT&T to extend their LTE coverage up about 20 more miles into the city of Bowling Green, KY?