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  1. haoyangw

    Thread [ROM][7.1.2][KLTE] Optimized LineageOMS 14.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S5

    LineageOS 14.1 with full Substratum support and -O3 optimizations Code: *** Disclamer /* * Your warranty is now void. * * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have...
  2. haoyangw

    Thread [GUIDE][OREO][8.x] How to modify Oreo kernels to support DualBoot Patcher

    The Problem TLDR: In Oreo ROMs, i.e. Android 8.0/8.1, DualBoot Patcher no longer works, as patched ROMs/kernels will get stuck on Android logo screen(for the Axon 7, it's the 'ZTE, POWERED BY android' screen), and never boot up. In Oreo(Android 8.0/8.1), Google introduced a new function to...
  3. haoyangw

    Thread [Unofficial][6.0.1][Dior]Resurrection Remix for the Qualcomm Redmi Note 4G

    About Resurrection Remix ROM Changelog Installation Downloads and useful links About Resurrection Remix ROM Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM,slim.omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new...
  4. haoyangw

    Thread [HELP][Redmi Note 4G]ROM/Kernel assistance/queries

    Hi all, For all who just started developing for Redmi Note 4G, is compiling your very first ROM/Kernel and faced errors/need help/do not know what to do(for Redmi Note 4G only though sorry), or just have any questions about compiling ROM/Kernel for Redmi Note 4G, here is where it all goes! :)...
  5. haoyangw

    Thread [GUIDE][Lollipop]How to fix constant Google Play Services FC

    Most of you would have experienced or heard of the constant 'Google Play Services has stopped' messages problem, and here I present a fix! Just follow the guide below to compile your own fixed which you just copy to /system/lib(overwriting the existing one) and you should see the...
  6. haoyangw

    Thread [CM12][5.0.2][Unofficial][Dior][Stable] Optimized CM 12 for QCOM Redmi Note 4G

    Optimized CyanogenMod 12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for the Redmi Note 4G(QCOM) brought to you by haoyangw :D NOTE: This is for the QCOM variant of the Redmi Note, otherwise known as Redmi Note 4G, and NOT the MTK variant of the Redmi Note. In short, this ROM will NOT work on the MTK variant of...
  7. haoyangw

    Thread [Q][Redmi Note 4G] Recovery with no visual(just black screen)

    I've tried compiling CWM and Philz Touch myself for the Redmi Note 4G, and everything worked except for the UI. ADB fully works(device shows up on my computer), and when I touch the screen I feel a vibration(Philz Touch). However, instead of CWM background image or Philz Touch theme I get MIUI...
  8. haoyangw

    Thread [Redmi Note 4G Dior][Q] How to create proprietary-files.txt for this device

    Does anyone know how to determine which files are important proprietary bits and should be included in proprietary-files.txt? I wish to port CyanogenMod 12 to this device, and since kernel source will be available soon(31st Jan, YAY) I wanted to start now. I'm new to ROM porting, so any guidance...
  9. haoyangw

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S4 Odin Package Invalid MD5 Hash

    Hi XDA! I managed to bebloat and odex some extra system apps on my Stock Touchwiz ROM, and wanted to make a backup in case something goes wrong again. I tried to follow this guide:, however, Odin always throws an error 'MD5 hash value is...
  10. haoyangw

    Thread [Q]Zipalign binary for Android doesn't work on Galaxy S4 I9505

    Hi XDA, I had recently rooted, and was gonna install the zipalign binary to /system/xbin, but when I tried to execute it it gives "syntax error: @4S4 unexpected" error(screenshot below). Does anyone know what's the issue? Zipalign binary works on my old Wildfire S, but not on my Galaxy S4 I9505...
  11. haoyangw

    Thread [Q] [HELP]Galaxy S4 LTE GT-I9505 OTA URL

    Hi XDA, I have a Singtel(Code: SIN) Galaxy S4 International LTE version on XXUFNBE Android 4.4.2. I've recently rooted my phone, and started playing around with my system. However, soon I found out about the 'Custom' Device Status preventing software updates and wanted to re-flash back to stock...
  12. haoyangw

    Thread EnviroROM V4 by thehacka1 Link

    Can anyone with the V4 version of the ROM pm me a working link? The developer, thehacka1's link is down and is no longer functioning. Thanks to anyone who would so kindly as to give the link! Here is the link to the thread : [ROM][4.2.2]EnviroROM[V4][Pre-Final] Here is the dead link...
  13. haoyangw

    Thread Root with Busybox 1.21.1 & SuperSU

    Here are some flashable zips that I created oringinally for myself and my sister, but I decided to share this so that people that want an easy way to root can have their wish fulfilled. NOTE: This zip isn't compatible with all devices due to update-binary being quite device-specific! Should...
  14. haoyangw

    Thread [ROM]OWL Project CM10.1 Settings

    Hi can anyone help me try whether the enable flashlight widget in notification drawer is fixed in this apk? I had tried editing the smalis but need a tester because I am no longer using this ROM. Don't worry, it won't screw up your system. Thanks, and I would be grateful for feedback and...
  15. haoyangw

    Thread [Guide] Errors in ClockWorkMod recovery

    It is very popular for android users to flash custom recoveries like the famous ClockWorkMod, but sometimes even small errors like a missing ';' can cause the flashing of zips to fail with "Status x" errors. I have compiled together all that I know here in this post to make it convinient to...
  16. haoyangw

    Thread [Q] Chmod *.xml in cwm 5,0.2.8 failed

    Can anybody tell me how I can do a chmod on multiple files of the same type? For example, I had this line in my updater-script: run_program("/sbin/busybox", "chmod", "0660", "/data/data/*/*.xml"); This script will execute just fine, but the files did not have 0660 permissions. Then I tried...
  17. haoyangw

    Thread Helium Backup & Sync under the hood

    Can anybody explain to me how does Helium Backup & Sync work such that it can backup & restore stuff right from the phone with root and no PC? I wanted to backup a system app but it cannot be done so I wanted to try if I can find out how to do it and then backup the system app. Thanks to anybody...
  18. haoyangw

    Thread UPDATE-ZIP/Flashable-zip Whole-file Signer

    Here I present, An easy to use and effective, Flashable-zip(or Signer! There are many update-zip(flashable zip) Signers available, but this is special. This Signer WHOLE-FILE signs your update.zips/flashable-zips, so it can pass even recovery's Signature...
  19. haoyangw

    Thread [Q] Decompile .so file

    Hi can I ask if anybody knows of a decompiler or any utility that can decompile .so files? I want to decompile the google now library and see if it can be somehow edited to work on armv6 devices. I searched all around but nome of the answers are useful. Please can anybody give me a link or give...
  20. haoyangw

    Thread Settings do not fit screen

    I am currently using CM10.1 by OWL Project. It was a very nice ROM, smooth and all. But, somehow when I go into Settings>Apps, the the app does not fit the entire screen(The sides are black, and the app is very small, leaving a lot of space between the app and my Wildfire S's screen). Also...
  21. haoyangw

    Thread [Q] How to use Aroma Installer?

    Can anybody give me an explanation on how to use the aroma installer by armarulz? I wanted to use it to make an to flash my app datas and apks. Thanks a lot to anybody who would enlighten me.
  22. haoyangw

    Thread [Q] Existence of JellyBam unofficial for wildfire s

    I wondor if there exists a JellyBam port for Wildfire S? I really wanted to try out how the mixture of all the great roms together would be like. Thanks to anybody who would give me an answer.
  23. haoyangw

    Thread [Q] Working Google Ears

    Can I ask if anybody has a working google ears(a.k.a. Sound Search for Google Play) for the Wildfire S? All the google apps that I tried would have Google ears frozen by CyanogenMod ROM or just don't show up in google play or anywhere. I really wanted a search app for google play. Can anybody...
  24. haoyangw

    Thread [Q] SDCard Formatting

    I was going to format my sdcard using Minitool Home Partition when it asked me whether to fill the sdcard with 0 or 1. Can anyone explain to me what is the difference between the two? Thanks in advance!
  25. haoyangw

    Thread [Q] CM10 apps compatibility

    I have a Wildfire S A150e and I have CM10 currently installed. I saw a CM10.1 port, and wanted to install it. I was just wondering if stock CM10 apps is compatible with CM10.1, especially the camera app.(In other words, does CM10 apps work on CM10.1 PERFECTLY without any bugs/errors?)
  26. haoyangw

    Thread [Q] Browser Youtube playback working if works in Youtube app

    I have been using Marvellous CM10 ROM by djolivier( which is real great and smooth. Just one question: I tried watching Youtube in the stock browser, but somehow it does not work both lq and hq. It works perfectly in the Youtube app...
  27. haoyangw

    Thread Possibility to run armv7 apps on this phone

    Can I ask if it is possible to run armv7 apps on the Wildfire S if I modify the build.prop "arm-abi" line? I saw a post somewhere stating that by changing that line, armv7 apps works on the Galaxy Y, which has an ARMV6 processor. Thanks a lot!
  28. haoyangw

    Thread [Q] Porting Google Now with voice working

    Hi XDA Developers, well can I ask a question? I wondered if it was possible to decompile google now and remove the built-in voice search, then replace it with Google Voice Search? That way we could get Google Now fully onto ARMV6 devices!
  29. haoyangw

    Thread [Q] Jelly King Google Now Voice Search crash

    Hi I am new to XDA, so correct me if I make errors/problems! I recently just flashed kantry123's awesome Jelly King v2 ROM at It was a great ROM(good work kantry123! and thanks too) with no major or minor bugs, at least I did not notice...