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  1. jellysheep

    Thread [HowTo] Enabling dual-SIM on single-SIM devices

    Hi, follow the steps below to enable dual-SIM functionality on a single-SIM XT1562 device. IMPORTANT: Read the following before performing any of the steps below! This HowTo is only for XT1562 devices. This has been reported to not work on XT1563 devices. The second SIM in your phone will...
  2. jellysheep

    Thread FM Radio not working with all headphones

    Hi, having the Moto X Play for a few days now, I experienced that the FM Radio app does not work with all headphones. With all in-ear headphones and an audio cable to a stereo, the FM Radio app says "headphone not connected", but when plugging in the jack, the app flashes bright and back again...