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  1. KingOfDope

    Thread More EdgeLighting features (Nice Lock)

    Install the latest NiceLock - Install the latest EdgeLighting+ - Open EdgeLighting+ and it will redirect you to the notification settings...
  2. KingOfDope

    Thread Macro mode in Camera App doesn't switch to Macro lens

    Can anyone confirm this? By placing something in front of the lens and confirming which lens is active at that moment.
  3. KingOfDope

    Thread How to enter recovery for F400k/l/s users

    Method 1: Phone is powered off Hold vol down + power button Let go when you see the LG logo immediately press vol down + vol up succes? Method 2: Phone is powdered off Hold vol up + power button Let go when you see the LG logo immediately press vol up + vol down succes? It worked for me when I...
  4. KingOfDope

    Thread Long press back to take a screenshot

    My tablet, Asus Memo pad 10 has that feature and it is pretty handy. So I thought maybe we can replace dual-screen mode for easy screenshot taking. Since exposed doesn't support lollipop (good?). Can somebody make an app or flashable zip to make this feature possible.
  5. KingOfDope

    Thread LG G3 F400k recovery mode

    So I'm trying currently to access recovery mode on my f400k. I tried many methods but it always failed. So I tried to hold all buttons and got to this screen. It's in Korean so I hope somebody can translate this. (Removed my IMEI for security reasons.)
  6. KingOfDope

    Thread Need help

    I have root'ed and bump'ed my phone. If I unroot it through the supersu app can I just update the phone through OTA? I don't care if twrp is gone, I just don't want to end up with a bootloop.
  7. KingOfDope

    Thread [Q] Rooted & bumped. But now I want to update.

    I don't know if Android 5 is released for F400K but when it will be released can I just unroot my phone with supersu, and update my device? By the way I don't mind loosing TWRP recovery ;) I just want to keep my data & apps.
  8. KingOfDope

    Thread [Q] No rom's for F400K? :(

    Why won't somebody make rom for f400k or all the devices instead only the d855/d850? I only saw 1 or 2 who made rom for f400 serie or all the devices.
  9. KingOfDope

    Thread [Q] Camera low fps in viewfinder

    my friend has the Sony Xperia Z2 and the viewfinder (camera preview screen) is pretty smooth, it's like 60fps but when I look at mine Lg G3 with 3gb ram it looks 30fps. btw both phone where at the same light condition.
  10. KingOfDope

    Thread Lg G3 F400K antenna feature

    I heard the antenna isn't useable outside korea. but what if somebody hacked it and made an radio app? btw sorry for my bad english
  11. KingOfDope

    Thread [Q] Need help for a dev?

    I watched this Rubik's cube video and I am amazed how it works. It's based on OpenCV and it's compatible with java (Look in the comments). Video: (Look in the description for more info)
  12. KingOfDope

    Thread [Q] jlftte or jlftexx?

    How do I know if my phone is jlfte or jlftexx? I have a: Galaxy S4 i9505 16gb Baseband: I9505XXUFNC4 Android: AOSB 4.4.2 (I have flashed the jlfte version but have problem with the camera)
  13. KingOfDope

    Thread Kernel sucking battery?

    This isn't good right? I used the app Gsam Battery Monitor.
  14. KingOfDope

    Thread [Q] Will the s4 get android 5?

    Will the Galaxy s4 get android 5 Lime Pie? I searched around and found this story, I hope its true :) And when will Android 5.0 be announced? In May?
  15. KingOfDope

    Thread SnapChat recording FC

    Hi guys, I have some problems with Snapchat, not taking a picture but making a clip, When I hold it the app freezes, and then fc and then my camera doesn't work (for all camera apps), until I reboot. I only get this when I am on a custom Rom. I don't know how to take a logcat. I tried other...
  16. KingOfDope

    Thread [Q] Real Racing 3 not compatible with sgs2

    Please read all before asking questions ;) i can't understand the issue. I downloaded it before and it was fine, but installed Slimbean again but this time with Dorimanx Kernel latest for my device and then I had some issue with "error 902" and the "cant connect to the server" on google play. I...
  17. KingOfDope

    Thread [Q] Galaxy s3/s4 camera for s2?

    I tried to find a good s3 or s4 camera app for my s2 but it just force close so maybe because it isn't good or something :silly: but i like the interface's of this to phone's camera app so can anybody give me a good link for such a thing PS: srry for my bad english, i am just 15 and i'm from...
  18. KingOfDope

    Thread [Q] camera app with multiple focus mode

    Hi people, I'm searching for a camera app like the slimbean rom camera app It has multiple focus mode and a nice interface. But i can't find any. I don't want to go back to slimbean and get that apk. I even tried camera fv5 but it hasn't got a film mode. So can anybody give me a .apk of the...