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  1. willblake13

    Thread Great Place to Order Seafood

    So I've been working for this great company called Sizzlefish for the past year. They offer a wide selection of delicous seafood such as salmon, lobster, shrimp, halibut, haddock, scallops, crab, and a whole lot more. I would love for y'all to check out the site and please do not hesitate to...
  2. willblake13

    Thread I can only imagine how long this bootloader is going to take to be cracked.

    I wonder how long it will take XDA's best minds to unlock this bootloader. Seems like Samsung phones are getting harder and harder to exploit. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  3. willblake13

    Thread [Q]Stock D-710 Odin Restore

    I've had a great deal of trouble locating Odin firmwares recently. Does anyone have a working odin stock restore image available with a working mirror? I would greatly appreciate it. Every link I have tried has given me some sort of error. If you can link me to a pre-rooted restore, I would be...
  4. willblake13

    Thread Stock Odin (Possibly pre-rooted) mirror?

    Wrong section, thought I was in Q/A for some reason. Please delete.
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    Thread [Q] Is the jflteatt a good phone to learn development on?

    Hello! I have been studying a lot of topics related (if not required) to android ROM development since I was 15. I am age 18 now and I believe that I am ready to do what I set out to do when I rooted my first phone. I had originally purchased a nexus 4 to practice development on, only to have it...
  6. willblake13

    Thread ETA Frustrations

    This weekend I finally came to understand the frustration many developers have with ETA's. My friend bricked his phone, corrupting everything but fastboot. I ask him what he did right before it stopped working, but instead of answering my question, he just kept asking me what to do. By the end...
  7. willblake13

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Axiom (USCC) Similar phones. Good phones to port from.

    Recently I have been studying how to port ROM's and I think I am beginning to get the hang of Ubuntu, now I am going to try my first port. I will be using my friend's phone (Samsung Galaxy Axiom [US Cellular]) as he wants me to root it, but there is no virtually no support for the phone as far...
  8. willblake13

    Thread [Q] Would it be okay? Would it be helpful?

    I have a great deal of .pdf files on android development, Java, C++, C, Python, ethical hacking, etc. I have well over 100 books. I would be glad to upload a link to my dropbox where users can access these files in order to further pursue knowledge in these areas. If I were to post these files...
  9. willblake13

    Thread Depressing Amount of Development

    Coming from the Nexus 4, the Galaxy S4 has little to no development. I understand that it is due to Samsung's lack of cooperation with developers and the line of processors that they use in the Galaxy S series phones. I still can't help but fell a pang of regret for not having my Nexus repaired...
  10. willblake13

    Thread [GUIDE] Electrify M Root

    In a hurry posting this, sorry for mistakes made IN PLACEMENT OR GRAMMAR. Will move to another location or take down at mods request. There is no thread for MOTOROLA ELECTRIFY M. Also this if for Electrify M 4.0.4 That said, Pre obtain drivers from motorola's website, all you need is the USB...
  11. willblake13

    Thread T-Mobile WiFi calling for Inspire 4G/Desire HD ICS

    Here is the link: credits go to tytung, I just tested it on my inspire 4g and WiFi calling is working now on sense 4.0 ICS. This is an improvement over the virtuous Unity sense 3.0 wifi calling for t-mobile. I fixeded the link lol
  12. willblake13

    Thread T-Mobile WiFi calling for Inspire 4G/Desire HD

    Here is a link to a working ICS/Sense 4.0 T-Mobile WiFi calling, It was originally from the HD2 but I tried it out and it is working on my Inspire 4G so I thought I would share with those T-Mobile users out there. Edit: it is not reading the SIM card, I'm sure this can be fixed fairly easily...
  13. willblake13

    Thread [Q] Beat audio Libs for the XOOM

    Are there any developers that think that they can port the beats audio libs below which are for electrify/photon 4g to the Xoom?
  14. willblake13

    Thread [MOD] beats audio cwm flashable zip

    Beats audio libs: Pulled from ROCKO rom Link has been removed, many people are not giving RockoDev the props he deserves for his work.