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  1. kuromusha38

    Thread is my uag s10 plasma case real or fake?

    not sure if my case is real or not, bought on ebay for $25 aud. can you compare if you have the same case from a authorised seller?
  2. kuromusha38

    Thread Only offical released binaries are allowed to be flashed on download screen?

    I just got my second hand note 8 and I am trying to flash twrp recovery on it. When I try to flash twrp via Odin, I would get a line of error message "Only offical released binaries are allowed to be flashed" on the download screen. I checked that my OEM unlocked option is ticked. How can...
  3. kuromusha38

    Thread T800 vs T805 rom support.

    hello, I want to buy a second tab s, currently I have the T805, but it is extremely laggy with lineageos 14.1. Virtually all second hand tab s are T805 and there are not much difference in price between the two. How much better are the rom support for the T800 in this community compared to...
  4. kuromusha38

    Thread Why is this website so slow to load?

    What is wrong with It taskes like more than 15 seconds to load pages.
  5. kuromusha38

    Thread how to edit packages.xml

    Hello, hopefully I am posting in the correct section. I want to give my phone app access to write and delete files on my SD card, but unfortunate Android remove this ability in newer android versions, so I found the following thread...
  6. kuromusha38

    Thread [5.1m] How to turn on status bar icon?

    Hello, I have version 5.1m on Android 7.0, I can't find any setting for turning on status bar icon in the preference. Can anyone help me pointing it where it is? Thanks.
  7. kuromusha38

    Thread How to S7 buttons to work like previous Galaxy phones?

    Have been only using galaxy android phone, S7 they changed the buttons functions. The menu buttons is now "recently opened app scroll", and holding down the home button now gives google assistance or s voice and menu function is now assigned to holding the back button. How can I get my S7 to...
  8. kuromusha38

    Thread [Q] how to disable or uninstall xposed through recovery

    My Samsung Note 4 got stuck in boot animation after installing Xposed frame work. I realised I can not use xposed for Samsung phones. I used file manager in TWRP to browse to /data/data/de.robv.xposed.installer/conf/disabled and I have six options, Copy File, Move, chmod 755, chmod, Delete and...
  9. kuromusha38

    Thread Is TWRP dead? Their website is down, is TWRP still a thing?
  10. kuromusha38

    Thread How to grant permission for app I denied by accident?

    I accident denied permission to adblock. Now I do not know how to give permission to it as I no longer get prompt when I open the app. I also can not find the option to given permission in SuperSU app. Can someone give the direction to how to give permission?
  11. kuromusha38

    Thread The sticker says N910G, but the system says N910F

    The sticker found under the battery says I have a N910G, but in "About Device" the model number is N910F. What is going on?
  12. kuromusha38

    Thread How to change the white theme of Marshmallow to dark?

    After moving from Android 4.4.1 to Marshmallow, I have no idea why Samsung or Google decided to choose white theme, it is looks absolutely ridiculous, uses more battery and can't see some of the buttons (such as poweramp's buttons in notification). Is there a way to change it to dark theme? I...
  13. kuromusha38

    Thread Note 4 stuck on boot after flashing xposed

    My note 4 is stuck at boot after flashing using TWRP. I am running Omega rom, not stock rom and is rooted. How can I fix the issue?
  14. kuromusha38

    Thread Can I use titanium backup to move apps across different version of Android?

    I am upgrading from my Note 3 to the Note 4, they are running different versions of Android as shown in my signature. Will I be able to use Titanium Backup to restore the apps on my Note 4 (running Marsh-mallow) that have been backup from my Note 3 (running Kitkat)?
  15. kuromusha38

    Thread How to turn on haptic feedback?

    I am using note 4 with Omega rom, on android 6.0.1. I can not find any option that would allow me to turn on the haptic feedback. When is the setting exactly?
  16. kuromusha38

    Thread Yotaphone 2 is so buggy! Help for a beginner

    I got the Yotaphone 2 from China, everything is so [email protected]#$ing buggy. When I unlock the phone, it goes to a blank white screen, when I go to google play, it get stuck on white screen. Constantly disconnecting from wifi, battery drains like crap. The charging light does not work anymore. I tried to...
  17. kuromusha38

    Thread Sandisk 128GB Dual USB drive

    I bought a sandisk 128GB dual usb drive with the assumption that it will work as a OTG usb for my Note 3, but every time I plug it into the phone, it would say "USB mass storage connected", then immediately it would say "USB mass storage removed safely". I installed Stickmount, stickmount says...
  18. kuromusha38

    Thread how hard is rooting the G4 compared to Samsung galaxy Note 3?

    Thinking about upgrading to this phone, but how is the rooting difficulty on this phone compared with galaxy series?
  19. kuromusha38

    Thread how to disable Tapatalk notifications?

    does anyone know how to disable tapatalk notification without unsubscribing to the threads?
  20. kuromusha38

    Thread Hide or ignore an update permanently.

    Recently the BBC app updated their UI with the stupid Material Design and buried everything in the navigation menu, the new design received very bad reviews from the users. Luckily I restored to the previous version via Titanium Backup, now is it a way to ignore the BBC app in Google Play, like...
  21. kuromusha38

    Thread Can not get xposed module to work on Note 3 lollipop

    I can not get xposed model to work on Note 3. This is the screen of the error message.
  22. kuromusha38

    Thread lollipop flappy bird clone is impossible.

    I don't understand, I can get 30 something in flappy bird, but I can not even get one in the lollipop clone, the android jumps so high with each touch. Google really screwed this one up.
  23. kuromusha38

    Thread No removable battery = planned obsolescence = more future sales for Samsung

    Isn't it obvious? Battery is basically the only thing that degrades significantly after one years time, and by making it non-removable, Samsuck can generate more sales and keep their shareholders happy and CEO gets to keep their job. Samsuck don't give a sht about consumers like us, they only...
  24. kuromusha38

    Thread All this form over function people makes me sick.

    We live in a world where looks apparently matters more than anything. I get it, a hot girl and dumb blonde model is more desirable than a average looking PhD. But for a phone? You dropped removable battery and SD card slot for metal and glass? Are you [email protected]#$ kidding me? Goodbye Samsuck.
  25. kuromusha38

    Thread Sony should just terminate their mobile phone business.

    Sony has just post a record breaking 1.2 Billion loss, majority of this loss come from it's mobile phone segment, just like their TV and PC division, Xperia is nothing but a cancer in an otherwise a profitable organisation and Sony should just kill off it's mobile division or sell it to Samsung...
  26. kuromusha38

    Thread Will Nexus 6 inspire Note 5 to have a bigger screen?

    We all know that Note 4 is NOT an significant improvement over the Note 3, in fact it is a step backwards in many ways. But will the surprising innovation shown by Nexus 6 inspire Note 5 to have a bigger screen than the Note 4?
  27. kuromusha38

    Thread iPhone 6 Plus = End of Note series? For the first time in history, the Note sold less phones than the previous generation. This is without a doubt due to the larger display phones from the obvious competitor, iPhone 6 plus. If Apple continuous to...
  28. kuromusha38

    Thread Please increase bezel size in Note 5

    Bezel too thin these days, I can not swipe notification bar when landscape mode when I have UAG case on. Please increase the bezel size.
  29. kuromusha38

    Thread who is the girl?

    does anyone know the name of the girl in the wallpaper used by Nexus 6? I want to know if she's got hot face or not.
  30. kuromusha38

    Thread Will the nexus be called Nexus 7 ... Again?

    does anyone know?
  31. kuromusha38

    Thread Google Nexus 6 is nothing but just a larger Moto X

    Look just like a bigger Moto X made by the same company that makes Moto x. Boring. Waiting for Note 5.
  32. kuromusha38

    Thread USB 2 and USB 3 cable is same speed

    I just tested the USB 2.0 and 3.0 cable with a 800MB movie file, both cables are plugged into a USB 3.0 port on my computer so that everything is ceteris paribus. The transfer speed to micro sd card with USB 3.0 cable was 1:51, the speed with USB 2.0 was 1:53. The transfer speed to phone...
  33. kuromusha38

    Thread why is the headphone jack on the top?

    Can someone explain to me the rationale why the headphone jack is still on the top? When you hold the phone, the jack stick out from the top then bends down as the gravity pull down the rest of the cable. it makes no sense. This is annoying because sometimes the cable can block the screen, I...
  34. kuromusha38

    Thread HTC M8 is the weakest in bend test (shame!)

    All you guys think that HTC is the best built quality in the Android camp, what a joke. Just because something is shiny and metallic... The weakest phone in Android...Worse than Iphone 6 plus.... Note 3 the winner obviously... the best phone in the world. Y0-3fIs2jQs
  35. kuromusha38

    Thread how does case manufacturer release a case so close to the release date?

    Do case manufacturer get the phone before release date so that they can design the case or what?
  36. kuromusha38

    Thread UAG case for note 4

    Lets discuss the best looking and toughest case in the world for the Note 4 image thanks to willywill. This is sexy.
  37. kuromusha38

    Thread which one looks better from the back?

    can't make up my mind, which one do you think look more sexy from the back? The UAG or clear that shows the internal?
  38. kuromusha38

    Thread What happens when Android version gets to Z?

    Does anyone know what will happen when Android gets to Z? What will the following version be called? Will it start from A again?
  39. kuromusha38

    Thread How to solve dpi issue?

    Hello ,, I have changed the dpi from the original 480 to 320, but some apps it looks weird, like the phone app. How can I make it full screen?
  40. kuromusha38

    Thread Why is the Note 4 heavier and less portable?

    Can someone tell me why is the Note 4 both larger in size, thicker in thickness and heavier in weight despite having exact the same size screen and virtually the same size battery?
  41. kuromusha38

    Thread Cunning Samsung, the real reason why Note 4 battery is only 20 mah larger.

    As we all know, the battery is the Note 4 is virtually the same as the one used in Note 3, it's only 20 mah larger in capacity. So why didn't samsung just stay at 3200 mah? The real reason I found out after many nights of careful analysis is that Samsung does not want use to use Note 3 battery...
  42. kuromusha38

    Thread Annoying Google Now! Every time headphone

    Every time I plug the headphone slowly and hear a buzz sound, Google now opens up, is there a way to prevent the app from opening when headphone is plug in?
  43. kuromusha38

    Thread Is it true that UAG case does not have hole for microphone?

    There are many sources on the internet that claims that UAG does not have hole for the microphone near the lower right corner of the phone, and that you must drill the phone yourself in order for it to work. Is that true?
  44. kuromusha38

    Thread My phone is made in two Vietnam and Korea?

    The sticker on the back says my phone is made in Vietnam, the Phone Info app says it is made in Korea. Which one is correct?
  45. kuromusha38

    Thread What is a bootloader and how do I upgrade one?

    Hi guys I bought the Note 3, I'm trying to put TWRP recovery on. But there is a note saying Use the 4.3 version of TWRP if you have never upgraded kitkat bootloader. Otherwise make sure you use the 4.4 version. These versions of TWRP have different DTBs and will fail to boot if you do not...
  46. kuromusha38

    Thread ironic isn't it? Americans...

    When Moto X was released, there was so much emphasis on the phone being designed by Americans and made in America. And not even a generation later, the phone is now both owned by a Chinese company and made in China. Does American have any kind of resolve at all?
  47. kuromusha38

    Thread do UAG case come in clear? In this ebay listing, it says that UAG for the note 3 comes in clear colour. Is it true? On UAG website, there is no...
  48. kuromusha38

    Thread best kickstand case that can be taken off easily and often

    I work as a night time security guard for an abandoned government hospital, so basically I do nothing but just watch movies and tv series or play games on my note 2 for 12 hours straight in a shift, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. I change batteries about three times a shift, since there is no...
  49. kuromusha38

    Thread Pentile screen or not?

    Does anyone know if it's pentile or not?
  50. kuromusha38

    Thread stylus stuck

    I think the tip of the stylus is stuck, even when the stylus is not touching the screen, it is still registered as input. When I tried it with my laptop Wacom stylus, it works fine. has this happened to you before? Time for a replacement stylus?