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    Thread VOLTE on Telus?

    Has anyone had any luck getting VOLTE working on Telus in Canada? Tried using PDC and efstool but no dice. Thanks!
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    Thread Immersive mode after lock and unlock phone

    Anyone know a way to keep full immersive mode active even after locking and unlocking phone? Thanks
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    Thread Converting TMobile OP7Pro on Android 10 to international

    Trying to follow guide to convert but cannot get past param preload using three different computers and multiple cables. Wondering if it's because my phone came preloaded with 10.0.3.GM31CB? Do I need to use the T-Mobile specific msm tool to downgrade first then try to go to international?
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    Thread Unlocking bootloader on ebay purchased TMobile 7 Pro

    Thinking of buying one of these and want to clarify the process of unlocking the bootloader. From the ebay seller he says it is a T-Mobile phone but is sim unlocked already. He says I will have to contact oneplus to get the bootloader unlock code/token. I don't really want to wait the forty...
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    Thread Any issues with some light water exposure?

    Thinking about picking one of these up to replace my Pixel 2 XL and I'm curious if anyone has had issues with getting the phone a little bit wet sometimes? I'm not talking major submersion or anything but sometimes I use my phone in the hot tub and my hands might be a little bit wet or I go...
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    Thread Substratum can't override Wifi and Data icon of main theme?

    Hi, I've noticed that several themes I use that as soon as I apply Android system it changes the wifi and data icons and even if I use a status bar icons overlay from another theme it can't change those icons. Is that a limitation of substratum and/or how the systemui is built?
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    Thread Do all custom roms boot fast but widgets take forever to load?

    I haven't spent much time on stock at all but have noticed with all lineage based custom ROMs that I have tried. Is it different on ROMs like DU etc that are based more directly on AOSP and with stock? Is it possibly just Nova Launcher? Thanks for any input.
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    Thread USB device not recognized - not recognized by computer in fastboot or booted up

    So it looks like my USB C port may be fried. Had recently flashed Resurrection Remix and had used a usb thumb drive connected through usb a to c adapter that comes with phone to restore apps from titanium backup and copy files over no problem. Went to use the thumb drive again a while later...
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    Thread Calling all cooks!

    Can some generous dev please fix Resurrection Remix unofficial builds so boosted/saturated modes work? There is a new build on AFH that seems close to perfect except for this deal breaker. Thank you in advance for taking pity on a lowly user ???.
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    Thread Any generous people out there that want to build AOSIP for us?

    Yes this may sound pathetic but would really love to have another AOSP based ROM to use besides DU that has lots of features. Tipsy, Validus and Tesla are nice but have theming issues and aren't as feature rich. Thanks for listening to my sad plea! :crying:
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    Thread NOF27B vendor img

    Anyone have the NOF27B vendor image so I can flash it in TWRP? Thanks!
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    Thread Any way to adjust Bluetooth volume level?

    Hi all, I connect my Pixel to a bluetooth to line in adapter in my truck and I notice that it always maxes out the media volume setting on my phone. If I turn it down it jumps right back up again. The problem is that voice calls are much quieter and when I end the call the volume is WAY too...
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    Thread Any way to add exFat support to custom ROMs?

    Would really love to have the option to connect a flash drive to my Pixel for movies etc without having the 4GB file size limit.
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    Thread Alarms only priority mode when making phone calls?

    Hi, Just noticed that my phone changes to Alarms only mode when making phone calls (changes back when call ends). Can anyone else confirm this? Thanks
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    Thread WPS push button connection not working?

    Hi all, Just tried using WPS push button on my Pixel XL and it wouldn't connect. While the router light was still flashing I tried my Galaxy S5 and it connected right away. Hope there is an easy fix because I use WPS all the time at work. Any one else have issues?
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    Thread Roboto Light font zip

    Has anyone found a working roboto light font pack? I found a zip, but am a little worried about getting a bootloop since it's an older one. Thanks!
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    Thread Emoji Switcher app

    Has anyone tried this app yet? It's my go to app to get rid of the ugly google emojis but I want to make sure it won't cause any bootloops or anything on my Pixel XL. Thanks!
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    Thread Buy or not?

    I'm really tempted to get this phone after being somewhat underwhelmed by Pixel XL. Is MiFavor decent at all, does it have any theming options? Can you use Substratum on it? I really hope for CM13 and all of the other custom Roms on top of course but is it all or nothing in your guys...
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    Thread Google Pixel XL or Nexus 6P or OnePlus 3

    Hi all, Hoping for some input. I want a very developer friendly device for my next phone. I decided that I was going to wait for the next Nexus which ended up being the Pixel. It does look really good but I was not expecting the price to be so high. For the 128GB Pixel XL I will be looking...
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    Thread Activate Tasker when I switch CM profile

    Is there a way to trigger Tasker when I change to CM Automobile profile and also when I switch back to CM Default profile? Thanks!
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    Thread Possible to change font of lockscreen clock of a Samsung theme

    Hi all, I am using a paid theme from the Samsung store that I really like (Arena UI) but don't like the font it uses for the clock on the lockscreen. I was wondering if there was an overlay file or something I could delete to change it back to stock but not affect the rest of the theme. I...
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    Thread Chrome no full screen option for embedded video?

    Hi all, I have tried newest versions of Chrome, Chrome Beta and Tugabrowser and on all of them when I press play on a video from a webpage there is no option for full screen, only an option for casting. I have an older version of Chrome which works fine but don't want to have to keep...
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    Thread Working speakerphone for Cyanogenmod based Roms?

    Hi all, I don't know if anyone has ever figured this out. I have used CM12, 12.1 and now CM13 based roms on my G900W8 (klte) and they are always pretty amazing except some minor bugs usually but I have never had a working speakerphone. As soon as I turn on speaker during a voice call the...
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    Thread Any way to get lockscreen cover art on S6 ported rom (5.1.1l

    Hi I would like to have full screen artwork on lockscreen when playing music from Spotify etc. I am currently running TW Revolution Rom. Thanks!
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    Thread Have the details of the S6 made you appreciate your S5 more?

    Kind of a silly thread, but I was curious if anyone else felt the same way. I really like my S5 but was feeling like it was going to feel dated once the S6 was announced as I always like the shiny new toys but am probably not going to update for another year or two. Now I think the S6 and...
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    Thread Low volume for video and voice recordings on AOSP roms

    Hi, I am currently running Liquidsmooth 10-21 3.2 klte and am experiencing low volume on any videos recorded by any camera app and in the sound recording app. I can hear stuff but have to have the volume maxed. It seems to be an issue with microphone sensitivity settings as it works fine on...
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    Thread Using external storage for Google Camera for CM based Roms?

    Hi, I am currently using AOSB 1.3.7 and am using the Google camera but want to store pics/video on my external SD card. I tried using the Pictures2SD xposed module but it causes Google camera to FC. Anyone else using a CM based ROM and figured out a solution? Cheers! Tapped It! S5 (W8)
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    Thread Gallery app auto "optimizing" photos when viewing?

    Hi, I have some photos on my phone that were not taken with my S5 and am finding that when I go to view them with the Gallery app that it is adjusting the color (and not in a good way). The app will momentarily show the proper color when opening the pic and closing it but will kind of whiten...
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    Thread Font getting clipped on incallui

    I find with almost all fonts (even included ones from Samsung) that there is clipping of the font where it says "dialing" etc. when I am making or receiving a call. I am currently using a segoewp flipfont that looks great everywhere else and works fine on the incallui of my S3 that is also...
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    Thread Remove turquoise background in recent apps list?

    Just wondering if anyone had figured out a way to remove the turquoise background in the recent apps list? I was using my s3 with the new KitKat update and it doesn't use it. Thanks! Tapped It!
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    Thread Best tempered glass screen protector

    Hi all, Well I have just had the screen of my phone saved by a tempered glass screen protector I bought off eBay for $10. Now as you can see from the picture I am in the market for a new one. I can buy another one from eBay but was wondering if it is worth investing in a more expensive one...
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    Thread Burn-in on screen

    I can't believe I have fricking burn-in on my screen! I have had the phone less than two weeks and have been loving it but last night noticed lines on the screen. They look to line up exactly with the thread topics list on the Tapatalk app. I have been using the app a lot but there is no way...
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    Thread Fingerprint sensor improvements in new software update from Samsung?

    I heard that there was a software update from Samsung for some s5's in certain regions that included improvements to the fingerprint sensor (which I really like using but find finicky). I have already rooted and don't really want to mess with my firmware just in case I can't towelroot it again...
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    Thread Adjusting DPI messes up lockscreen

    Hi all, Just rooted my S5 and adjusted the DPI in my build.prop to 400. Works great except my lockscreen alignment is all off. Any quick fix? Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Holo white dialer icon?

    Hi, I am hoping that some super nice talented individual may be able to make a holo white version of the blue ICS dialer icon that I can use. I have tried searching around but haven't found anything that looks half decent. Please and thank you!
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    Thread 4.4.x ROM or not?

    I was just wondering how others are liking the 4.4 custom ROMs out there so far. I am running Task650's 4.3.1 AOKP ROM and like it a lot. I have tweaked most things to my liking and only get occasional hiccups. That being said I have been running it for almost two months and am getting the...
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    Thread Transparency option for Dark AOKP etc.

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right spot for this question but I was wondering if it is possible for any of the awesome developers out there to implement a transparent option for the apps on their ROMs. I used to use JBSourcery on my Galaxy Nexus and it had an option to set the alpha level...
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    Thread Remove clock from status bar for XXLSJ based ROMS

    Hi all, Just wondering if AllianceROM is the only XXLSJ based ROM that has an option to remove the clock from the status bar? I really don't like having it there and it seems to severely limit my ROM options. Cheers!
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    Thread XXLSJ Mods for Alliance Rom v5.1

    Sorry if I shouldn't be posting this question here but I am still working on getting up to 10 posts and I am curious if there are mods/apks available for my phone which is running Alliance ROM v5.1 (XXLSJ) for the following: -change theme/colors of incoming/outgoing calls -change status bar...
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    Thread [Q] Picture/Video Orientation

    Hi all, Having some issues with pictures being sideways in my camera album and with videos being turned sideways when trying to compress them to send by email. In the case of the pictures they will show sideways in the gallery thumbnails but will open right side up. I can't rotate them by...