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    Thread Bluetooth audio Volume drops with OneUI 2.5

    Has somebody discovered the same? I'm listening via Bluetooth in my car, boombox whatever and during the first song after a restart the volume drops I would say to 60-70% and so is the max volume only 70% .... Restart fixes the problem for the first half of a song...
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    Thread Notification LED App

    Hey guys, now that the S10 / 10+ doesnt include any kind of Notification LED, i hope some Dev can create an App, where (in case of notfications) 1 or 2 Pixel around the Front Cam are lighten up.
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    Thread navbar height

    hey can somebody mod the navbar of the note 8 to 24dpi ? saw a couple of them for my s8+ but they didnt work on the note
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    Thread Volume Boost A2016, Axon Elite

    Tested on the B06 Firmware. If it works on other Versions too, tell me and ill add it Hey Guys, im new to the Axon Elite and was a little upset after a few hours because the volume, the Phone is getting me through my Sennheiser Momentum, is way too low. So i decided to take a look at the...
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    Thread LED wrong color

    Hi somebody recognized that if you get a WhatsApp Message (group message) and the stock color white is chosen, the first 1,2,3 times the LED blinks Red till it changes its color to white? is there a fix for it?
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    Thread Signal Dropping after Bootloader/Modem Downgrade

    heyho! the last week i nstalled the MM version for the LG G4 and flashed the required bootloader/modem/boot. After having tested the rom and being unconfident with it, i downgraded to a 5.1.1 Version and flashed again bootloader/modem/boot. Now i got lots of Signal Dropping during the usage...
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    Thread [PORT] TweakBox Themes ported to the LG G4

    Hey Guys as some of u wanted, here my Thread for the ported Tweakbox. Most of the Themes have not been created by myself, i just ported them over. If u have a Theme and want me to port it, request it ;) PS: As i already mentioned, some of the older Navbar themes are missing the Qslide and the...
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    Thread Install Minuum

    Has somebody managed to install Minuum on the SmartWatch? I tried it via ADB bluetooth because the normal ADB doesn recognized my Watch, drivers missing and i dont know where i can get them. Best Regards
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    Thread Vibration more than Once?

    Hey guys just recieved my Smartwatch and there is one fact i didnt like and i hope you can help me... If someone sends me a WA message the watch vibrates... if he sends another message right after or 5 minutes after, the watch doesnt vibrate again... is there any solution that it vibrates...
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    Thread International D855 Firmware "L" released :)
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    Thread [Q] Smart Charging

    Hey, can somebody tell me what the Smart Charging mode on the G3 stands for? i activated it but cant see any difference to the normal mode...
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    Thread Android IRC

    did anybody used that app and can tell me why its gone in the appstore and relaunched under a new name and a new price? im freaking out, i paid 4 euro for this app and now its not even downloadble again -.-
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    Thread GTA San Andreas

    Hey guys is it just me or is the game just a really Bad Port. ..... the Note 3 seems to be underpowered on Maximum settings ... i mean wtf that is the Most powerful Device on the market ...