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    Thread Notification Bar Problem

    I have installed last beta 5 , beta 6 and now the new version that was released April 28th. I have problem in all the version. I swipse down the screen and notification bar doesn't come down. It works some times and doesn't work sometime. Hit and miss. Then when I am typing messages it will...
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    Thread Oneplus 2 Variants

    How many different variants for op2, I heard somewhere there is Chinese version , I have one that I bought from Craigslist. Using it with t-mobile. How to know which variant I have? Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
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    Thread Network Problem after factory reset

    My wife has this unlock g2 . she is traveling and was working fine. But after a month play store was acting up and she did factory reset. Now even the WiFi is on and she can connect to internet use browser everything but when she wants to sign in google account and it gives this error. I did...
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    Thread Waze GPS app force close

    I have tried in all the rom just about. Is the application fc for all ? How yo fix ? Thanks
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    Thread Flashable zip twrp firmware official

    I have installed the twrp after rooting, and without thinking i wipe the system, now it says no OS installed i am on mac, and try using the sh using the factory image but didn't work anyone have the flash zip file
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    Thread Post your home screens, battery life shots etc. Only thread for this stuff!

    Here is the place for all those home screenshots, speed and battery stats etc...all others will be closed...this is it! Have fun, be respectful.... Share The - Launcher You're Using - Wallpaper You're Using - Widgets You're Using - Themes Your're Using HD WIDGETS APEX LANCHER VIBE...
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    Thread Samsung Note 3 " Post Your Screen Setup Here "

    Share Your Samsung Note 3's Home Screen Here With Everyone Share The - Launcher You're Using - Wallpaper You're Using - Widgets You're Using - Themes Your're Using And Others Hit "Thanks" For That Post If You Think That Home Screen Is Beautiful Or Helpful For You :)
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    Thread Samsung Note 3 " Post Your Home Screen Setup Here "

    Share Your Samsung Note 3's Home Screen Here With Everyone Share The - Launcher You're Using - Wallpaper You're Using - Widgets You're Using - Themes Your're Using And Others Hit "Thanks" For That Post If You Think That Home Screen Is Beautiful Or Helpful For You :) Using Apex Launcher...
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    Thread Samsung Note 3 " Post Your Home Screen Setup Here "

    Share Your Samsung Note 3's Home Screen Here With Everyone Share The - Launcher You're Using - Wallpaper You're Using - Widgets You're Using - Themes Your're Using And Others Hit "Thanks" For That Post If You Think That Home Screen Is Beautiful Or Helpful For You :)
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    Thread AT&T s4 on Tmobile

    I am looking to buy s4 but can't find Tmobile variant at cheaper price than compare to att version. I live in Chicago where I guess Tmobile has switched on the 1900 band. I think? If I were to purchase the att version would I get the same data speed as I would with Tmobile version. 4g or lte ...
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    Thread Bad Imei Nexus 4

    I bought a phone from craigalist. The seller mentioned that it was Tmobile nexus 4 but now bad imei. I bought it knowing it was bad on tmobile. But it doesn't even work with att sim as well. Are they now sharing black listed phone among each other. Anyway I bought it for international use but...
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    Thread (Request) Carrier Name Change on PA

    Does anyone know if there is an apps can change the carrier name in PA 4.2.2. I know aokp has it built in but nor cm or pa has that option. Or anywhere in the file I could change. Please Thanks Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread (Official) Show Your Samsung S4 Screen

    Once you get it Show your screen setup 1. Wallpaper 2. Widgets And other apps you used Please be respectful and appropriate. Thanks for your contribution to this community. Sent from my Samsung S3 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread CM10.1 APN Config File Setting

    I have question about APN setting or APN config File. I dont use T-MOBILE, But have Straight T-mobile, and Simple Mobile T-mobile Services in Chicago US. when I install the cm10.1 or any other rom, there are always 3 apn available to pick from, T-mobile US, and Simple Mobile, and Straight Talk...
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    Thread Navigation Ring

    What is this small circle thing at the bottom of navigation lock ring. Is it suppose to be there. It seems weird. How to disable that Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread [Info]CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightly Builds for LG Nexus 4

    CyanogenMod 10 is a free, community built distribution of Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone. #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you...
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    Thread DropBox 2GB plus 500 Mgs of Data

    Help me, i am student and need more space in my drop box, if you use my student link account, i will get 500 megs everyone who signs up using the link in my signature, and you will also earn the same. signup to dropbox cloud using the link in my signature if this thread is not allowed, please...
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    Thread Darkside Wipe Tools can this above darkside tool be used with galaxy s3 tmobile before flashing roms?
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    Thread Hotmail or exchange

    I am using the galaxy sII tmobile. with that said, I always have used the social hub way to set my hotmail account. it used to work flawlessly. I would go in add account and select hotmail and agree to social hub setting and there is my push email, now all of the sudden it quit working and now I...
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    Thread HELP| Odin wont detect, nor computer

    This is probably my 6th galaxy s2, and all the prior phone have worked just fine, but this new one. so drivers are installed properly. I even plugged the galaxy s2 in other computer where drivers are installed too, but no luck. my device manager says unknown device, and even the sdcard is not...
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    Thread Restore

    I think i messed my sensation, it wont mount the usb, it does boot loop, i need the pg85img file, to restore. ruu doesnt even detect my phone, because i cant boot the darn thing. anyone can point me to pg85img restore file. Thanks
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    Thread Galalxy S2 wont go in recovery

    It used to be just fine, I could just press vol down and power and would go in recovery, but recently it just wont go in recovery, i always have to use rom manager, or adb to go in there, what do you guys think?
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    Thread Help Requested: Gingerbread ODin Rom

    I have a friend that has given me the samsung vibrant tmobile for upgrade. i dont want to root the phone, but want to use odin to upgrade to the latest out there can someone point to the best latest gingerbread or whatever rom that is flashble with odin Thanks
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    Thread looking for radio

    I am looking for thread with all the modem radio associated with tmobile galaxy s2 there is no thread with just radio file i can download. any advise
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    Thread Launch Maps not Locations

    I have lot of address saved I. My gmail address book and when I try to search them in order to use the GPS, it always launch locations, I would rather launch maps. Please let me k.ow how to fix it. Thanks ☞ Sent using my HTC Sensation ツ
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    Thread Mytough 4g with weired problem

    I have used plently of mytouch 4g, and have rooted many, but last one I had, it was stock, I rooted via sh with visionary, put the panache 1.3 rom from team royal, then I upgraded the radio to latest ginberbread, and problem started, when i dial the number, the ring is super fast, not...
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    Thread Which Method is mostly used to root

    I have rooted about 5 different mytouch 4g with gfree, but last one bricked on me and couldnt be recovered. all kind of recovery mounting errors, and some people might think it is something to do with gfree method. I just got a new mytouch 4g, and like to ask which is prefered method amound you...
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    Thread bricked?

    I am stock at tmobile screen, it doesnt go any further i went in recovery it returns as E:Can't Mount /cache/recovery all the way down the "fastboot erase recovery" returns with "FAILED (remote: not allowed)" and the "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" returns the same thing. Any other...
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    Thread Sense Rom Gingerbread

    I have the CM7 Nighly, I like to try something new, I like Sense but I dont want all the crap that comes with it, is there any rom out there gingerbread with sense?
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    Thread CyanogenMod 7 and call waiting

    i have nightly, i am having problem with call waiting, if i m on call, and someone else calls, my phone doesnt show, i even tried to use the cyanogenmod 7 alpha version with the same thing. any advise
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    Thread Nexus s battery cover

    I bought nexus s without battery cover. I checked eBay but no luck. Any ideas? Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk
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    Thread Wrong service provider

    I am using simple mobile prepaid service. I am coming from nexus one to nexus s. My provider on nexus s reads T-Mobile. I don't know why. I never had this happened with nexus one. Please advise. Thanks Sent from my Nexus S using XDA App
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    Thread Mail application and hotmail activesync

    I finally was able to use the hotmail in android mail client using active sync. but i have one problem, than even the junk mail comes, i get mail notification. i am sure this question has been answered on here, but cant find it. i like to use the builtin client and dont want to download as i...
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    Thread low memory noticication

    I am coming from Vibrant in which when i mount the sd card, in my computer it would show 2 disks, one was internal and one was external, but in nexus one, even though i have external 16gb, but it only shows on which looks like it combines them anyway in any custom roms, i have about 15 to 20...
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    Thread Confused about vibrant

    I have bough 2 vibrant, and both have gps problems and compass problem i think. I am at stocked rom t959uvjfd baseband 2.6.29 kernel eclair firmware 2.1-update 1 i am so confused about different rom and different kernel, i have no idea what kernel is, i have read so many stickies, and...
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    Thread HTC EVO and QPST driver

    I am trying to connect the evo to qpst, but i have not yet found the window 7 drivers for it yet, where to download drivers, if anyone know i only see serial option to add port in qpst, i have no idea how to detect the phone using qpst? any help
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    Thread Verizon Imagio Dusk Theme

    I am really in the need of the Dusk theme with dial, but there are so many version of that theme out there, i dont know which one to use. please kindly help me choose Verizon Wireless Stock Rom Imagio OS. 6.5