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    Thread Screenshots of a 4K video?

    Hi, I tried to take a screenshot from a 4K video to use it as a 4K wallpaper and in every 4K video the screenshots only shows a black screen There's any software limitation that limits taking 4K screenshots? Any solution?
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    Thread Any easy way to fix Cinema Amoled colors?

    Hi, in my opinion Cinema Amoled mode makes red/orange look weird Like intense red turns into somethink like grey/red and orange turns into yellow I was trying to watch The Martian and everithing looks yellow, like the red sand of mars is the prrcise tone of red that changes into yellow (so i...
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    Thread New with the tablet, random shut downs

    Hi, i have a Tab S 8.4 and I was using it and suddenly the tablet turns off, I tryed to tun on but nothing, it was totally dead, with 63% of de battery remaining and with no apps installed, just made a factory reset 1h ago, i tried every key combination to turn on but nothing, totally dead, when...
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    Thread [Q] Use XV as bluetooth audio transmitter?

    Yesterday I bought a SBH20, and I want to know if its possible to use the jack connection to send audio through the phone to the bluetooth headset... Basically this: Http:// Tried SoundAbout app...
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    Thread [Q] Anyway to remove lockscreen's "Swipe to unlock"

    Hi, on 4.1 the swipe to unlock text only was shown a few times after turning on the device, now in 4.3 is permanent, there is anyway to remove it? Without root on Xperia V, if only can be removed with root tell me anyway, thanks :good:
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    Thread Sony has released Timeshift .apk on Google Play

    Hi, I read about this on Xataka: It seems to be only for Xperia with 4.2+, and by the moment its confirmed for Z's family at least, someone with the 4.3 leaked can confirm if its available for T and V...