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    Post USA Pre-order thread

    I ordered mine on Feb 21, 512 gig black ultra. Mine still hasn't shipped:crying:
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    Post What Case is everyone going with for their S20 Ultra?

    I'm gonna start with the Caseology Parallax and Spigen Neo Hybrid for now. Got them both on the way!
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    Post Free Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus / S20 Ultra Case

    Cases look good. I'm not sure I'd have the time to give them a proper review, so I'm going to wait and buy them. But it's nice that they are doing this
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    Post Android 10 Being Released!

    What exactly would this break if I flashed it on the US Verizon model?
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    Thread Longer cable?

    I really enjoy using the 25w charger, but the cable that came with the S10 is just so short. What's the best option for a longer cable, that would still allow for the 25w fast charging?
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    Post [OMS][ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.010][OFFICIAL][07/16/2019]

    I finally got it to download from afh after several hours lol. Dirty flashed, everything works just fine. ---------- Post added at 02:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:49 AM ---------- That theme looks awesome! What is it?
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    Post [OMS][ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.010][OFFICIAL][07/16/2019]

    I hope this isn't a dumb question, but when I flash the update do I lose evrything or can I dirty flash and keep everything? Also, do I need to flash TWRP again if I'm just dirty flashing?
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    Post [OMS][ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.010][OFFICIAL][07/16/2019]

    Couple bugs I've found running the ROM. The Facebook notifications don't go away when you open the app. They turn black and stay there until you clear them away. No big issue, but a bug nonetheless. Also, I can't seem to find the squeeze feature anywhere in settings
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    Post [OMS][ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.010][OFFICIAL][07/16/2019]

    Thanks for all your help. Rooting has changed quite a bit on the Pixel 2 Xl. Gonna leave substratum alone, the black theme built in looks great. Thanks again! And thanks to the dev for an awesome ROM!
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    Post [OMS][ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.010][OFFICIAL][07/16/2019]

    Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, that didn't fix it. I managed to get it back into TWRP, but when I wipe/flash Liquid Remix, it's saying no OS installed:confused: Well I don't know what changed. I rebooted recovery, wiped and flashed again, and it worked this time. So glad to be back up and...
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    Post [OMS][ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.010][OFFICIAL][07/16/2019]

    I didn't see it in settings. But now I ran into another issue. I'm assuming it's substratum, but I applied a theme and got a message "Your device is corrupt and cannot be trusted" and it won't boot past the Google splash screen :confused::confused::confused:
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    Post [OMS][ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.010][OFFICIAL][07/16/2019]

    I haven't flashed anything since my Galaxy S3 years ago, so I might still be new to all this. But I finally rooted and took the plunge on this ROM. I still don't understand the Slot A, Slot B nonsense, but I got this one to flash. I tried some of the others, but TWRP said no OS was installed and...
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    Post If your not getting the Pixel 3 XL, what is your next phone

    I ordered another Pixel 2 XL. Had switched back to Samsung, but decided to go with Google again. So rather than pay 1000+ for a Pixel 3, I just got another Pixel 2 XL instead. I'll get the 4 next year, if it either a) has more RAM or b) has no notch
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    Post What have you found that's "missing" from S9/S9+ from previous Galaxies?

    Came in to post about this. I even spoke with a Samsung rep about it, and they said
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    Post Best Skins?

    I've thought about skins before, I'm just afraid they would start to peel off around the edges, so I just always use cases.
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    Post Google 'cloth' cases

    You've probably found a case by now, but I bought one of these at Best Buy. They only had the black case, but that was the color I wanted anyway. Might give that a shot
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    Thread No USB Cable?

    I was a bit surprised to find out that the Pixel 2 doesn't come with a transfer cable, and the only adapter is USB-C to USB-A. Luckily I still had mine from the original Pixel XL, but it was odd that Google didn't include one. Just a heads up for those who haven't received there's yet
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    Thread Galaxy Note 8 or Pixel 2 XL?

    I've got the note 8 now, thinking about getting the pixel 2 XL. Wanted to come on here and get your opinions. I've watched tons of videos, I loved the original pixel, but I also love my note. I miss vanilla Android though, so I'm thinking about switching back too the Google phone.
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    Thread Proximity Sensor?

    I was on a call earlier, and I noticed yob ending the call that my face had opened up Facebook messenger. Anyone else having issues with the proximity sensor? Maybe a fluke, I don't talk on the phone much. Gonna treat it more in case I have to exchange it
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    Post Samsung Note 8 Promotion?

    Well apparently they rejected my information. I called customer service, and they escalated it to make an exception, since it's only 2 days past the end of the promotion. Now I just wait on the email telling me whether it's been accepted or not
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    Post Samsung Note 8 Promotion?

    Looking at my receipt now, I don't even see a date on it. Maybe they'll send my free gift, after all
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    Post Samsung Note 8 Promotion?

    I bought it today at Verizon
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    Thread Samsung Note 8 Promotion?

    Bought my Note 8 today, finally. It appears the cut off date for the promo was the 24th. Any way they'll let me get the free 360 or am I just SOL? Already submitted the necessary info, but just wondered if you guys had any luck after the cut off date
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    Post Notification Sounds Reset

    Well I transferred everything through USB to my computer from my old phone. Then I transferred everything to my pixel using the same method. They are just mp3 files I made and have used for ages. It could be that I merged the folders as I copied them, maybe
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    Thread Notification Sounds Reset

    So I copied the contents of my old phone to my new pixel XL. I had custom tones for my contacts, emails, etc, and they all defaulted to silent tones. Any idea why? How to prevent it from happening next time?
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    Post Long term Pixel opinion?

    I bought the phone after I had to send my Note 7 back. I liked it, but didn't keep it long. I've been through a few different phones in the meantime, but finally came back. It's faster than any phone I've used, and still feels really solid, and good in the hand
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    Thread Notification Sounds Randomly Quit Working

    So periodically, the notification sounds just stop working. I can play music just fine, but if I go to select a notification/ringtone sound, it's just silence. Same thing when a notification comes through. The only fix is a reboot. It was happening once every few days, but today it's happened...
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    Post Has anyone gotten a check from Samsung after returning your Note 7?

    I got my check in the mail yesterday! I forgot about it, actually, so it was a nice surprise lol
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    Post Daydream VR

    I got mine a couple days ago, as well.
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    Post TWRP is almost here. Are You Ready?

    Well maybe now I'll have a reason to figure out how to root my Verizon version.
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    Post Post your Home Screen setup

    Battery widget reborn 2016, and timely for the clock
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    Post Headphone Jack Problem?

    I gave it quite a bit of pressure. I didn't wanna break it, lol. I shouldn't have to push it in that hard though, just wondering if this was a universal issue or is it an isolated incident
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    Post Daydream VR

    I got an email from Verizon yesterday. Sounds to me like they're sending a gift card, and I then have to order the Daydream VR
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    Thread Headphone Jack Problem?

    I tried plugging in an aux cable last night, and I couldn't get it to go all the way in. If I pushed it hard enough, the sound would come through the speakers but as soon as I let go, it disconnected. I tried a few different pairs, and it seems there's something preventing the 3.5 mm jack from...
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    Post Official Google case review and warning

    I ordered this case, but I am sending it back when it arrives. I've got the Spigen Rugged armor on the way, should be here tomorrow. Only paid $16 for it
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    Post What other phone did you consider before choosing the Pixel XL?

    Honestly I didn't consider anything else once the second recall came around. I was more than happy with my Note 7, though
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    Post Anyone else returning it or thinking about it?

    I read somewhere they are adding double tap to wake in the future. I agree, it needs it BADLY lol. I am satisfied with my purchase. I don't mind the waterproffing, as the Note 7 didn't hold up under 6 inches of water for me anyway. And as for the price? I've paid 800+ for every phone I had the...
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    Post Daydream View promo code?

    Ok so I'm not crazy then lol. I hope I don't need that email, though Edit: I found the email. It was at the bottom of my tracking and shipping information
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    Post Daydream View promo code?

    I could've sworn I had already received the code and submitted my receipt to Verizon. But now I can't find the email to save my life
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    Post Check the top right of your XL

    Verizon model here, no issues. Screen meets the frame just fine
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    Post Water looks it to me

    I don't trust any claim for water resistance. Took a couple underwater pics with my first Note 7 (just below the surface in the Bahamas) and it was not water resistant. The earpiece never worked after that, had to always talk on speaker. It took about 4 full days before I could charge it (kept...
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    Post Google Assistant tips

    Already posted elsewhere, but if you say good morning, it will tell you the weather, your agenda for the day, and play news and sports podcasts, that you can customize. Also works with good evening, good afternoon, etc
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    Post Pixel/Nougat Question

    If you hit the menu button in the top left corner of google photos, you can change the view to show device folders and get the same setup
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    Post video playback issues

    Not seeing this on my xl
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    Post Can you pair Pixel XL with car?

    Paired just fine with my 2011 Hyundai sonata
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    Post Keyboard

    I miss the number row on Swiftkey, but I like the gif menu on the Google keyboard too much lol
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    Post Silver or Black

    The good thing is, that's really the only issue I have with the phone. And once someone told me it was for the Daydream VR, I was cool with it. I had a 6P, but you don't notice the bezels there because you're too happy to have the dual front facing speakers lol
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    Post Silver or Black

    I think the black does a better job hiding the large bezels, though.
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    Post Heat

    Hottest mine has gotten was 104 F
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    Post Post your Home Screen setup

    Still pretty stock and basic, but here's what I got so far