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    Thread [ROM][8.1.0_r43][UNOFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V5.8 [DUI][Popcorn]

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
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    Thread [8.1/9.0] Popcorn Kernel [v1.9.3] [21st November 2018]

    Hello everyone, With the permission of neobuddy89, I have started to incorporate patches from his Sigma Kernel into the LineageOS 15.1 kernel. As far as I know, the kernel is working on LineageOS based ROMs and camcory tree based ROMs. However, the kernel is based on the LineageOS kernel so if...
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    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][RRO2.1][5.1.1_r29] Team Razor (22 Nov 2015)

    Razor ROM is after market firmware based on latest Android Lolliop 5.1.1. This firmware is designed Razor Developers ( vibhu0009 , eoghan2t9 and Razor Team) . This custom firmware has a lot of Inbuilt options and settings to make customization of your Device the way you like. This firmware is...
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    Thread [BOOTLOGO] Lollipop Bootlogo for Unlocked Bootloaders

    Hey guys, I saw that there wasn't any Stock Lollipop logo to remove the unlocked warning so I made one using this tool. To flash :- 1. Connect Phone in fastboot to your computer. 2. Download the logo over here. 3. Place the downloaded logo.bin in your downloaded folder 4. Use "fastboot flash...
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    Thread [HELP] libisl-dev & libcloog-isl-dev error

    I synced the XenonHD ROM source today planning to build it. I've all the tools installed[including libisl and libcloog-isl] but i'm still getting this error. [email protected]:/media/atharvalele/Photos/ROM/xenon$ source build/ including...
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    Thread Make Internal Storage Default

    I have a Canvas A1 4GB (sprout4). The SD card slot on my phone is dead and service center people told me that it would take about a month to fix it. Since i don't really have much data on external sd, i'm thinking whether we can make internal storage as default (I've about 1.5GB free). I have...
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    Thread Stock 4.4.4 Recovery Image Needed [XT1052 - Asia.Retail]

    Can someone provide me the stock recovery image for 4.4.4 xt1052 asia retail unit? I have the factory image of UK Retail downloaded and wonder whether it's recovery would work on my Asia Retail phone for Future OTAs. Someone kindly answer that. :)
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    Thread Butterfly Stock ROM and Recovery

    Hi guys, Can you give me a nandroid for 1.29.707 as I forgot to do it.... Can you give me The stock recovery too? thank you in advance...
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    Thread XDA Offlicial Case

    Has anyone tried the new case for the One X? Does the phone get hot while using it? Sent from my HTC One X using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Flashing ROMs through fastboot

    As we can flash recoveries and kernels through fastboot, can we flash ROMs by some command?
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    Thread Going back from 4.2.2 to 4.1.1

    Hi, i am using slimbean rom. But the speaker sound is too low and it doesn't have features like burst shot etc. So can someone give me the steps to move data from sdcard0 to sdcard? Sent from my HTC One X using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Boot.img from TWRP backup

    In clockworkmod kernel and recovery are backed up as IMGs. But in TWRP it is Anybody know how to convert jt to boot.img? Help will be really appereciated. Sent from my HTC One X using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Best CM 10.1 ROM

    Hi, I want a CM 10.1 ROM. I mainly want things like Gps, WiFi, cellular, camera, music, photo sphere, hd video playback. I have very low download speed, so it takes about an hour to complete the download. Can anyone recommend me the best rom out there?? AOSP, AOKP, CM or Paranoid android would...
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    Thread Project Butter

    Can anyone explain me the advantages of Project Butter? What does Google achieve by limiting the frame rate at 60fps?? If a device can go beyond that, won't it be smoother?? Sent from my HTC One X using xda app-developers app
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    Thread De-Odex Stock rom

    How can I de-odex a stock rom without having to flash a deoedexed rom?? is there any script or something like that??
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    Thread [HELP] Weird touchscreen bug

    I was on GDX v28b.The touch was working fine then. Then i installed Xperience Walkman Mod but i was getting status bar fc's. So i again installed gdx and i started getting touch bugs. Then i deleted ax8mt.ko and touch started working fine but occasionally work weird. So i restored from SEUS and...
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    Thread Where is VivoPrime thread??

    The title says it all. Yesterday i saw vivoprime thread.i downloaded the rom and flashed it. but today i want to post antutu scores so i searched for the thread. but it is gone!! I looked in every section. Can anyone tell me where it is?
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    Thread Help with LEWA Rom for Stock kernel

    Yesterday i was installing this rom - that is Lewa for stock kernel. i followed the guide and while it was installing,the progress bar in CWM stuck at 3/4 th. i waited for 10 mins and then pulled out the battery and restored from SEUS. So...
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    Thread Cannot Mount USB storage.

    I cant mount usb storage on my computer.i am using gdx v28b and stock kernel. It mounts on my friends comp. dunno how?? i hav installed all the drivers for the x8. :crying: :confused: Please help
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    Thread Porting Sense to Non-HTC Devices :D

    Can someone try this out as I'm not much of a developer. It is an guide to port Sense. :eek: :D :)
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    Thread Capacitive Touchscreen Stylus.100 % Working!!

    I have seen that many people around here wanted a stylus that works with capacitive touchscreens like ours. This guide :- It just works like a charm. :D:D:):);):D To ensure that the phone does't get any scratches,tie a...
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    Thread [Q] About UOT Kitchen...........

    Does UOT Kitchen work with our X8? Can we make apk from it for theme chooser?? Plz answer.....
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    Thread FroyoPro Bug

    Get fc on changing themes in theme chooser.this was not present v2.4. The application FroyoPro(process,systemui) has stopped working unexpectedly.Please try again then after rebooting,the theme works fine. Stock Kernel.
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    Thread Disabling bootanimation

    does the setting of disabling bootanimation in cyanogenmod settings>performance work??
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    Thread SD card not mounting.Please help. :-(

    I am on PrimeHD 6.0 with stock kernel.I am unable to mount the SD card but it bets mounted on my dad's E63.I also had the same problem with GDX v22&24. please help.
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    Thread GingerDX or PrimeHD (Stock Kernel)

    Hi! I am on GingerDX v24.I would like to whether I should use GDX or PrimeHD 6.0. plz tell me. P.S - I am on Stock kernel & locked bootloader
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    Thread SD Card mounting problem

    I have the sd card which came with the phone. There was a virus in there. I removed the virus and formatted the card. Now the phone recognizes the card.I can transfer files via bluetooth. But i am not able to connect it to the computer.when i tap mount,it says sd card mounted but it doesn't show...
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    Thread HELP with PES 2012!!!

    I'm on stock 2.1 cause its the best rom tried yet... I've a cypress digitizer with module installed. :D I installed Pes 2012...downloaded the data n it works....but it cant recognize my 2nd finger!!!1 :confused: :( Plz help....the same happened wid pes 11!!
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    Thread Working Live Wallpapers

    100% working live wallpapers!!! Tested on GingerDX v017 Include:- 1)Grass live wallpaper 2)polar clock 3)Water 4)Galaxy 5)Nexus Took it from the xperia play dump from my friend :D:):):)