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    Thread Question [KERNEL] Source Released.

    We're in business; the kernel sources got released today. They should be accompanied by other opensource bits shortly.
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    Thread Question Bootloader Unlock

    Has anyone attempted to unlock the bootloader? If yes, can you share your experience? Especially confirmation of working order - I recall that unlocking the bootloader on the RM5 would brick the fingerprint scanner.
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    Thread Hairline scratches not-so-ceramic

    It seems the ceramic is not so unscratchable after all; I got hairline scratches in the vicinity of the lens on the back. Did anyone else experience this issue? I'll try to upload some pics, but the surface is reflective AF.
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    Thread [WIP][ROM] PureNexus 7.1 20170519

    Lineage & RR are great ROMs (MoKee is a misunderstanding), but I was looking for something lighter on resources. Since nothing else was on the market, I got to building PureNexus for lithium. Below is the 1st build; please test & report. I have not tried it yet as I'm going on a trip. OP will...
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    Thread [ROM] P8Max B212 EMUI 4.0 + TWRP

    Sharing a custom rom made by greatslon Please do not expect support & the usual disclaimer about installing this at your own risk is in place. FYI - I'm using it as my daily driver with no issues. 1: > TWRP < 2: > ROM v2017-03-01 <
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    Thread [REQUEST] ZS570KL (64G) partition dump / aboot

    I would appreciate if someone would do the following in a rooted adb shell session: 1: print the list of partitions tables via busybox parted applet (& paste it here) Do so in both sectors & bytes by selecting "unit s" & "unit B" in parted. 2: dump (via dd) & upload all partitions to google...
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    Thread [ZS550KL] Nougat 7.0 Update released 2017-03-01 Only available via OTA at the moment. Firmware zip should be available within a few days.
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    Thread [DEV][ZS570KL][ZS570KLPRO] HikaRi Kernel 3.20.18 v1698

    /* Disclaimer * You are choosing to test this software as-is & accept full responsibility in case * it will not work as expected. Or for WW3. Or dead kittens, whichever is worse. */ I started playing with the kernel sources & as expected, ASUS didn't disappoint in releasing a b0rked source...
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    Thread [DEV][ZS550KL][ZS570KL][ZS570KLPRO] Bootloader Unlock, Root & Busybox

    Ladies & Gents, please buckle up for liftoff. /* Disclaimer * You are choosing to test this software as-is & accept full responsibility in case * it will not work as expected. Or for WW3. Or dead kittens, whichever is worse. */ Instructions 1/2 = Bootloader Unlock: 1: DOWNLOAD the >...
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    Thread xda forcing to link google accounts upon change password

    Why is xda forcing the linking of google accounts on changing the password?
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    Thread [sgp512] TWRP Recovery

    Download: Instructions: same as for any recovery. Either flash it to the FOTAKernel (/dev/block/mmcblk0p16) partition or load it via fastboot.
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    Thread [dev][kernel][sgp512] 17.1.1.a.0.402

    SGP512 Kernel, first attempt since I just got the device yesterday. - close to stock - disabled a few modules which are rather not going to be used - disabled debug - integrated wlan driver & configured so that it loads properly - integrated exFAT Instructions: - unzip contents, copy over the...
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    Thread [SGP512][SYS DUMP] 17.1.1.A.0.402 + kernel + partition list

    partition list: B2B -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p25 DDR -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p17 FOTAKernel -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p16 LTALabel -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p18 TA -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 aboot -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p5 alt -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p8 apps -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p22 boot -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p14 cache...
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    Thread [ROM] [AOSP] [4.4.2] [email protected] [BareBones]

    No nonsense near-pure aosp build with lowlevel optimizations. Note: the rom only has en_GB localizations built-in. Download ROM: It doesn't contain a kernel or gapps, so you need to download & flash these yourself. [email protected] will work with: aosp-based...
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    Thread [news] freedreno - opensourcing adreno drivers

    An opensource alternative for the adreno drivers is being worked on for the next release of MESA. You can find ongoing development here:
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    Thread [MOD] to be deleted

    /* 10 char rm */
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    Thread [Q] HTC One X (Int. Tegra version) & charging on 2Amps

    Has anyone encountered issues after charging their HOX with higher amp-rated chargers? For example tablet chargers, which are usually rated 2Amps.
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    Thread [KRN] [AOSP] [4.2] HikaRi

    Here's the link to the kernel I'm working on. This is NOT a flashable zip push the wlan module to /system/lib/modules/ & flash boot.blob in fastboot. You NEED TO FULL WIPE! Source is clemsyn + some additional patches; full source will be uploaded once...
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    Thread Dock keyboard with non-stock roms

    Did anybody manage to make the dock keyboard work with the current non-stock roms (AO*P)? It seems that at least 2 apks, some libs & permissions are needed: AsusInputDevices.apk Keyboard.apk Transformer.apk com.asus.hardware.0*.xml Didn't manage to make it...
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    Thread [ROM][AOSP][BAREBONES] Sakura no [email protected]

    >>> 1a: Download (Kernel) <<< >>> 1b: Download (System) <<<
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    Thread [mod] delete

    < 10 chars/> to be deleted
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    Thread [DISCONTINUED][APP] Live Wallpaper Picker

    Here's a Live Wallpapers Picker which will work in Sense roms after debloating. >edit< we have no need for mods since custom roms are a given nowadays.
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    Thread [dev][krn] 2.6.35 - from saga src

    Is anyone working on a 2.6.35 port? If yes, what's your experience so far? I started with the vivo (incredible s) source, but ended up using the saga (desire s) version, which was more suited for our GSM handset. I ported over the spade specific board files, ported and fixed some drivers...
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    Thread [DEV] Kernel SRC

    HTC has a habit of releasing the kernel source in the following manner: link-codename-kernel_major_version-patch Since the release patch version of most, if not all handsets sold till now, is g5ed1769, the kernel link will be...
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    Thread Can anyone come forward with an engineering ROM?

    As stated in the subject field. Looking for an engineering ROM (optimally, a dump of the misc / recovery partition, as well as SPL/HBoot) ;]
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    props to scotty & tmzt BE CAREFUL WHAT PARTITION YOU'RE DD'ING INTO OTHERWISE YOU'LL END WITH A BRICK. Instructions 1: Get VISIONary from the market and do a temp root 2: download and extract. Place these files in /sdcard/ on your DHD (you...
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    Thread [R0M][AOSP][D3V] Look Ma, it's [email protected]! (barebones version) [20120414]

    ################################## ########## S E R I O U S W I P ############ ################################## I have reported this project for the Evo 3D (or another at least dual core/1GB RAM device). The DHD is not capable of handling the pre and post boot routines for phones...
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    Thread [DEV] cram that nand - gain space on your partitions

    Modifying your nand adress space is okay, but that means that you have to modify your recovery along with the new rom each time you want to flash a new one. What I propose is a new, flexibile approach (mainly for devs). This is just a placeholder atm, but once I get some free time, I'll write...
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    Thread [DEV] Toolchains

    This is the placeholder for the different toolchains used for compiling ARM targets (read - aosp, other projects/binaries) I'll be updating this post tomorrow with download links. First and most important will be the standard binutils/gcc combo. Some time ago, I was really fed up with having...
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    Thread [DEV] [ROM][2.2] Froyo - XDA Community

    This is a temp. post till we get things sorted out and post the primary info about dev efforts. If you're interested in helping out, msg nprussel or me. 1: As I mentioned in a previous thread, we gotta sort libhardware_legacy related bangs. The base build is a hybrid of SDK, Nexus, Hero, Eris...
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    Thread Milan / Rome

    Hey all. I'd like a PM from anybody living in Milan/Rome.
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    Thread [DEV] [FAQ] NKC - Native Kernel Compile

    This is ONLY a sketch. This method (and others based on it) will be further developed in due time. You DON'T need to setup YET another environment on your PC just to compile an Android kernel, or whatever utility/program you want to use. The downside? A slow CPU and limited RAM (to circumvent...
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    Thread [ROM][26.07.10] >> [email protected]_2.2.0_5_os << [AOSP/NO SenseUI] [codename: Be My Hero]

    [ROM][26.07.10] >> [email protected]_2.2.0_5_os << [AOSP/NO SenseUI] [codename: Be My Hero] As mentioned in my sig., I don't mind appreciation. Just mention your xda handle while filling in the donation form. Thanks to everybody who contributed. Specific/Unique Features: - Available localisations...
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    Thread Network settings provisioning

    This query has yielded no response in the net forum, so, a quick c&p: Hey guys. I've searched and couldn't find any entities to input for selecting/disabling - Use software compression - Use IP header compression in a provxml/xml Any ideas?
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    Thread Network settings provisioning

    Hey guys. I've searched and couldn't find any entities to input for selecting/disabling - Use software compression - Use IP header compression in a provxml/xml Any ideas?
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    Thread HTC Camera 6.22 VGA OEM

    I see most ppl are still using the deprecated 6.01 versions. There you go:
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    Thread xip problem - rom bootable with buildos but not with platform rebuilder /

    As the title says, I usually port my XIPs/build my payload containers with platform rebuilder, and build my ROM with buildos. I use THE EXACT same payload with both buildos and platformrebuilder. 1: The ROM built with BuildOS boots just fine and goes through customization 2: Built with Platform...
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    Thread Network Sharing (RNDIS - USB), MTU & other settings

    Could somebody post their RNDIS-specific (USB) network sharing settings? Browsing on the handset itself poses no problem, but if I'm using the network through ICS, then I can't even get on (though I can connect to simple services like jabber) I tried fiddling with MaxSend and the...
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    Thread [SIP] Omnia Keyboard

    Here's the Omnia Keyboard. DON'T install this without porting first, otherwise you'll have to hard-reset.
  40. adwinp

    Thread OEMs to port - Cameras 6.8, 6.13, 6.15 + Phonecanvas 3.50.33988
  41. adwinp

    Thread provisioning

    Here's a list of options available during provisioning: LOCK:Enabled lock the device so no user action is possible CAB: \Extended_ROM\... install a CAB file use EXEC:\Extended_ROM\... execute a file CPY1:\Extended_ROM\sourcefile specify source for copy command...
  42. adwinp

    Thread Windows Mobile 6.1.4 w IE6 / emu image There are links to the emu images. [source htcgeeks]
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    Thread [Optimized XiP] 21195, 21198, 21202, 21500, 21210, 21215, 21222, 21232, 21234, 21806

    XiP [21009] SYS [21009] This is the Chinese VGA version, so you might want to port it to WWE. XiP 21014 [Hermes] XiP 21014 [Diamond] SYS 21014 [Hermes] The 21014 SYS is from a chinese Hermes. You need to port it to Diamond (wwe, if you want to). Thanks goes to monkeybape. MSXIPKERNEL...
  44. adwinp

    Thread [PRJ] - [mu]_tools_pub_rc0 - ALL the ROM dev. apps/utils you'll ever need

    All the tools are the intellectual property of their respective authors. In this package, the average user will find most, if not all tools needed for ROM cooking. The advanced user will already have the (missing) packages I guess. I won't be making a windows installer since: 1: I don't use...
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    Thread [XMAS] The wishes thread - Just one, don't spam.

    Ho ho ho Merry Christmas chefs and fans alike. A.
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    Thread [2k9.10.29] >> HikaRi v2.90 CE 23081 << [~50Mb MEM] [NATIVE WM 6.5] -->> KITCHEN <<--

    [2k9.10.29] >> HikaRi v2.90 CE 23081 << [~50Mb MEM] [NATIVE WM 6.5] -->> KITCHEN <<-- It's built to be as minimalist as possible, without sacrificing functionality (where applicable); some things might not work out of the box for you, so take that into consideration should you opt testing it...
  47. adwinp

    Thread [rom][CHS] 20721 Aku 1.4

    You can find most of the info as well as a download link in here (registration needed): You can also port from other ROMs (use google to look for those). Here's the XIP from an i908 Happy...
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    Thread [core] 20296
  49. adwinp

    Thread [ROM] [CHT] 1.94 20275 1.3.3 [OS only] [fixed]

    Here you go. Should I find the time, I might upload a WWE version. It's the one from imobile guys.
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    Thread ROMs 1.94, 1.95, new radios []

    Ever wondered where the guys get the new ROMs? Nethertheless, it's in chinese. If you're having trouble, just use google translate. It should help. Now you no longer have to wait to get your hands on new cooking material.