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  1. daredj

    Thread [GENERAL][CM10/CM9] Bieltv3 & Daredj DISCUSSION THREAD

    Kind of Introduction to this new project: First of all, we want to say thank you to all Jellaxy team (CM10) and MaclawStudios & Wayland Ace (CM9). In this thread, we will provide you versions (betas) based on those sources but with our work on it (kind of what I was making with nims11)...
  2. daredj

    Thread [DEV][ROM][ICS] CM9 Lite 0.3 (RELEASED!) [nims11/ Wayland's cm9 based] [09/10/12]

    Hi everybody!, I'm here to release finally my build of cm9 with nims11 kernel and based on Wayland's release (big thanks to they! and maclaw for early releases of cm9 on our aces) CM9-LITE Features: Same of Wayland's rc2 release and: -Usb mass storage working by default -Apex launcher...