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  1. ItBankRock

    Thread How to get kdz file?

    Hello G5 community, I got the V20A Nougat notification on both my H860N and PC using LG bridge. Now I ask how to get the kdz file of the update? Might want to share it with everyone :) Thanks!
  2. ItBankRock

    Thread YouTube app 480p quality max?

    Why is my YouTube app SUDDENLY only showing 480p quality as the maximum option? This did not happen before as I can stream in 1440p maybe last week. I have the H860N on v10d firmware. Is there any way I can report this to Google?
  3. ItBankRock

    Thread [SOLVED] HELP! Internal System error, GApps Crash

    UDPATE June 17, 2016 - SOLVED! Flashed stock KitKat ROM using the TOT method. Phone working fine again. Thanks to all Main story Ok guys so I tried to flash Beanstalk ROM and on the first start I got an error saying my phone has internal problems and will become unstable until I do a factory...
  4. ItBankRock

    Thread A question about modules

    Do the modules work for all variants or are they also region dependent? I have the Hong Kong variant (H860N) but I live in the Philippines, they sell the H860 here. Sent from my LG-H860 using XDA-Developers mobile app
  5. ItBankRock

    Thread Hidden Menu dial number?

    Hi does anyone know how to access the secret menu on the LG G5? My phone is specifically the H860N. Edit: Nevermind, find out how already
  6. ItBankRock

    Thread Missing mobile data status in the statusbar

    Can someone help me? When I try to turn on data I CAN receive data from mobile network but the status bar doesn't show if I'm getting 4G/3G/H+, just a plain signal bar without those symbols. My device is the D855 international variant running Android Marshmallow v30b Rooted with v21A modem.
  7. ItBankRock

    Thread TWRP External Storage mounting problem

    Hey guys I'm having a problem with my TWRP recovery because it cannot mount my external storage for some reason. It only happened now as it was working fine before. My external sdcard is fine as Android still recognizes it when I boot to the main OS. P.S. I'm using a Sandisk 64GB SDXC card...
  8. ItBankRock

    Thread [Q] A few questions about Custom ROMs

    Hello everyone! I'm not really new to this Android rooting and unlocking bootloader stuff (I did this to my previous Xperia phones) but I'm "new" with it now because I'm now an LG user. I currently own the D855 Global variant. So here are my questions: 1.) Is it necessary to unlock the...
  9. ItBankRock

    Thread [HELP!] Xperia acro S soft-bricked

    Guys, please help me with my Acro S! Please keep in mind that my phone's bootloader is unlocked This happened last Saturday (July 20, 2013) SATURDAY EVENT: While I was trying to flash a ROM... the internal sd card got corrupted (this was normal for the ROM because the developer left a MISTAKE...
  10. ItBankRock

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Xperia Stock combined boot animation

    Hey guys! Today I made this combined stock bootanimation. It is the combination of Xperia S (first sequence) boot animation and Xperia Z boot animation (2nd sequence, infinity loop). Enjoy! Supported resolutions: 720x1280 (Xperia S, Xperia Acro S, Xperia Ion, Xperia T/TX/TL, Xperia V, Xperia...
  11. ItBankRock

    Thread [Q] Use Sony earphones as PC Mic?

    Hey guys! I want to ask a silly question, yeah, can I use the Sony earphones (the one that came with my Acro S, should be the same with S) as a microphone for my pc? I want to ask it because when I used it as a mic for my phone to record my voice, the quality is amazing! It's like a studio mic...
  12. ItBankRock

    Thread [Q] Google Chrome browser for Android lag

    Anyone here experiencing lags with Google's Chrome browser for android? I did not experience this before, but with the new update yes. The scrolling is stuttering so bad :/ P.S. I'm on XZXperience 2 ROM for Acro S
  13. ItBankRock

    Thread Disable Startup apps

    Hi guys need help, is there any way to disable apps that are auto-starting when the phone is booting? It's annoying to see lots of apps running when my phone starts up... I tried a lot of third party apps but none seemed to detect any startup items on my phone BUT THERE IS ACTUALLY MANY! Help :(
  14. ItBankRock

    Thread [HELP] - Class 4 32GB microSD Card broken!

    Hey guys I need help with my microSD card 32GB Class 4... It got broken yesterday while I was using it in our car. I recieved a notification from my Acro S saying something like "SD Card unexpectedly removed... please unmont it first bla bla bla" So I was like... "Huh? Wtf... okay let me restart...
  15. ItBankRock

    Thread Acro S Dock accessory question

    Hey guys can I use my dock to connect my phone to my pc? So it's much easier to connect rather than opening the flap covers. I tried it before but failed... any suggestions? Or it will not really work?
  16. ItBankRock

    Thread REDUCE LAGS with Seeder entropy generator!

    Alright guys I just found a thread that is becoming viral right now and I just want to post it here AS IT WORKED LIKE A F*CKING BOSS ON MY ACRO S (Stock ICS 4.0.4 firmware .55, Stock modded kernel with init.d support by cobrato) It just reduced almost all the lags on my phone! Everything is...
  17. ItBankRock

    Thread [GUIDE] Making Xperia S Themes(or ROMs maybe) work on Acro S w/ EXT SD CARD support

    Hello guys so recently I've been wondering why Xperia S mods don't work on our Acro S, some guys said that there's a file inside framework-res.apk that makes it not to work or to be detected by the phone even in your pc when you connect it. So I tried to look for files inside the .apk, after...
  18. ItBankRock

    Thread [Q] Xperia S ROMs/Framework mods working on Acro S but no external SD card?

    Hey guys I tried flashing framework mods for Xperia S on my Acro S before and I noticed that apps cannot detect my external sd card even my pc! And I heard that the file framework-res.apk inside /system/framework is what causes this problem... Is this true? If it is, what specific file inside...
  19. ItBankRock

    Thread [Q] Help with my Acro S

    So my Xperia Acro S is currently on firmware 6.1.A.2.50 stock rooted with CWM recovery Some say my device will still be rooted if I update it Over The Air or OTA to 6.1.A.2.55, but it seems like it's not available yet in my country... The question is... Can I update it through PC Companion...
  20. ItBankRock

    Thread Sounds missing with Wolfbreak's v7 rom(stock)

    Hello everyone, im new to this site, and previously installed Wolfbreak's v7 rom for my Xperia X10i. And had problems like Missing camera sounds(shutter and that video recording start sound) Missing Lock and Unlock sounds Missing SD card mounted sound So far those are the only probs I can...