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  1. SnZ

    Thread [Q] Find and hook obfuscated onStop method

    Hi, App I was modding started to use proguard/obfuscate it's methods. Currently methods like: onCreate onResume onDestroy onStop looks as follows: d r f g Problem lies in dynamic hooking. I don't want to search for x/y/z method every release of new version. I can pretty easily loop...
  2. SnZ

    Thread [Q] Hook X function use single instance of function Y for them

    Hello, i've spent few days experimenting and i'm totally lost. I will write some example scenario: I have function_1 in which give different results on every run (if last call >30s new results, <30s will give old one) (the time is checked using another "Utils class") I'm hooking 3 processes...
  3. SnZ

    Thread [Q] Kernel build failed

    Does anybody here compile something for pollux_windy / SGP311? I need your help here: :rolleyes: //solved :good:
  4. SnZ

    Thread [Q] Kernel building with ath9k support

    I'm trying to build kernel for pollux_windy with ath9k support, but my build fails with the following errors: drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath9k/init.c: In function ‘ath9k_init_txpower_limits’: drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath9k/init.c:627:26: error: ‘struct ath_common’ has no member named...
  5. SnZ

    Thread [Q] Fresh device complete backup?

    Hi, i will receive n5 in few days and want to know is there any good practices to start with. I've read stickies and i don't mean that type of stuff, i mean something like backing up: - all partitions ( - backing other things like /efs...
  6. SnZ

    Thread [Q] Official ROM updates?

    Hi, is there chance to check for updates form official Google ROM when i will change it to another? I don't mean update, just check like some site or changelog what has been officially fixed/added etc. Thanks
  7. SnZ

    Thread [1day] Thinking about buying Z1... need fast advice!

    Hello, I was i 3 shops today and found 1 where Z1 wasn't yellow or anything like that. Screen was good, white was white, but i'm a bit scared about: 1) 2)...
  8. SnZ

    Thread SGP311 Mac change?

    Hello, is there any method to permanent MAC change (WIFI) ? I can do this by editing some .bin file but after reboot i'm back to stock. Methods like hw addr... doesn't work. In HTC phones there was easy method to do this via fastboot. Thanks in advance
  9. SnZ

    Thread Bootloader unlock

    Hi, can i normally unlock bootloader/relock later if i'm s-off and customized my hboot? Or should i do some steps before it? Thanks!
  10. SnZ

    Thread [Changing HBOOT 1.27 to Engineering SPL] how?

    Hello, I have S-OFF sensation with 1.27 Revolutionary HBOOT. I wanted to change it to Engineering SPL HBOOT but I can't find anything related to 1.27, only this: I is ok to flash it over 1.27? Or there is better method? Thanks...
  11. SnZ

    Thread [Q] How to set Proxy for connections?

    Hello, I need to setup proxy for my Sensation, but nothing is working. I've tryed many apps like ProxyDroid, Auto Proxy, etc. When I'm setting proxy and trying to open browser (for ex. it's says 'site is unavailable' = no one app is working when proxy is set Also tryed proxy...