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  1. Shadicbypass

    Thread Could use a little help with building a kernel for the g5

    Note: I am not sure where I should have put this thread but I was going to put it in the development section but I don't have a high enough post count. If this thread should be in another section please feel free to move it mods. ok so i am trying to build my own kernel for the g5 and i have...
  2. Shadicbypass

    Thread Root Nvidia Shield Android TV on Android Marshmallow

    I am not currently available i am in bootcamp for the navy. Note: Ok for anybody browsing this thread right now the 500gb version shield tv seems to be having issues mounting partition now. The 16gb should work correctly though this is thread on how to root the Nvidia shield android TV on...
  3. Shadicbypass

    Thread [Q] help rooting Craig Cmp756 tablet

    Here is a pic of andriod system info.