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    Thread [Q] Unlock S5

    Hey Guys, I got my S5 today on Vodafone (UK). I thought it'd be unlocked but that isn't true. They said they'd take 7 to 10 days to unlock which is far too long a wait for me. Anyone know of any sites (decent sites) that can do it for me a lot quicker?
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    Thread Nexus 10 Ubuntu

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, if I were to install ubuntu (or any other form of linux for that matter) to a flash drive and connect it via the OTG usb, could I use some kind of app to open it and boot into Ubuntu?
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    Thread [Q] Phone won't boot up properly

    Hi guys, I had Omega FIles 4.1.1 (Version 23) on my phone and everything was perfect. I wanted to get the CRT effect. When I flashed it, the phone wouldnt boot up properly and I flashed stock rom via odin but even with that I still can't get past the Samsung bit. Can anyone help?
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    Thread Phone doesn't go past galaxy s3 start up screen!

    Hi guys, On my phone I went to CWM and clicked reboot into recovery. However the phone can't go past the 'Samsung galaxy s3' start up bit. When I do volume down, home and power button it just goes into download mode and stays there. ANything I can do?