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    Thread Android lollipop headset and mic bug

    After updating to lollipop I cant use microphone while plugging headsets in .. I tried in default call app,skype,viber and tango having same result . I dig internet to see if it's common bug i found that nexus 7 users have same bug in KitKat .. Some one advice to enable tty from setting call and...
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    Thread Best i9003 rom ever

    I dont know if anyone think about it but since we upgraded to jellybean 4.2.2 with kernel 3 the device become slower and more unresponsible and cant be ready for minimal day use.. the stablest rom till now based on 4.1.2 so maybe some guys can contribute to port kernel 3 for 4.1.2 jellybean...
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    Thread arabic on DDLF2

    i need arabic support for DDLF2 .. i tried fuss way but it always end with bootloop and im sure that i do all steps exactly anyone have an idea ?
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    Thread arabic for DDLF2

    i need a flashable zip to arabize DDLF2 .. i tried fuss way but it always end with bootloop and im sure that i do all steps exactly anyone have an idea ?
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    Thread jelly bean white themere request

    i was looking for white theme for jelly bean and i found this topic maybe someone can check if we an flash it on our device or devs can port this theme to our SL please its for samsung galaxy nexus
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    Thread 4.2 keyboard

    Here is the leaked keyboard from 4.2 tested and worked om ics and jelly bean install it as normal app then go to input language and chose the keyboard without any edite
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    Thread IMPORTANT ^_^ whats next ??

    So .. after mods closed every topic that have talked about hilbeast phone ... when will you stop defending on him .. all community didnt like what happen but its a fact that all of us will buy his phone before getting kernel 3 from the deleivery of ics we are hearing news about kernel 3 and...
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    Thread Question

    So after the news of hilbeast device lost what will be happen if he didnt get back his device ? Any syggestion Sent from my GT-I9003 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Question

    I just was seeing i9000 development thread and notice that they have a lot custom ics roms is there anyway to port these roms to our i9003 and if someone have links or stuff to help me maybe i can port rom or 2 for our section
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    Thread ram hack

    i just found this thread on galaxy 3 phone is it possible to use ram hack ... in performance he write that we can exceed ram usage to the limits ?? is it right or what
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    Thread crazy galaxy

    any one have an idea more than take it to samsung service ?? trying flashing thousands of roms and kernels wiping caches , formatting everything without response sometimes work perfectly but the most time goes crazy ( two buttons)...
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    Thread Problem

    sometimes touch screen not respond and the touch button too its wired ,, i should plug the cable and maybe it will respond or sometimes i should restart the mobile and leave it a while .. i faced this problem in stock roms .. custom roms and in CM 7 , 9 roms never had this problem before...
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    Thread [Q] Question :D

    Can i use cm7/miui kernels on stock rom to fix sleep after ending call ?? the phone goes sleep after end calls on stock or customized rom ( xxpq +ddkp3)
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    Thread [Q] blacklight in custom gingerbread roms :( help please

    does anyone faced a problem of black screen "blacklight" on fresh ginger bread or custom roms that build from xxpq except miui and cm version ?? i have this problem when i end the call .. if i end the call by power button sometimes it acts normally but if the other person end the call the...
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    Thread Error during install rom through CWM

    sometimes if i want to instal new rom to my device this message appear on cwm mode and the installation cannot procces :S , i tried to change the kernel from 7 to 8 but it still the error some custom rom installed normally but i face problem when installing cyangomed , miui and vurrunt as...
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    Thread [Q] error on cmw :(

    every time i am trying to flash miui or cyangomed roms there is error appear during install says assert error"internal memory or what ever is there a special cmw version to flash these roms ?