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  1. Cryss

    Thread GoodBye SGA Users

    Hard to leave S5830 forum but today is the day i do it ! I just sold my Ace because i'm tired of low space, lags etc. Tomorrow i will buy an S2 Plus, and that's it. I miss you guys allready, i will stay around for a while to help people. Good luck and peace !
  2. Cryss

    Thread [Q] Light stock rom flashable zip !

    Can someone help me with that ? I need last stock rom available on samfirmware as a CWM flashable zip. without ANY mods, all stock. I tryed today but got bootloop ...
  3. Cryss

    Thread [FIX] CM7 End Call with Power Button

    I'm sure i'm not the only one who hate that ... Actually it's a bug in my point of view, can't take screenshots in call screen, when u press Power Button, it ends call (nasty thing) Well, now we have a fix for those who want ... Here is what you gonna do ! 1. Open Root Explorer, navigate in...
  4. Cryss

    Thread [Q] Big photo in call screen

    Can someone please help me with this big call screen? I tryed to make it for stock like this ... is 320x280px but i just can't succeed ... I ask for apk from the one who make the screen but doesn't have ace anymore. Tutorial from here ->...
  5. Cryss

    Thread [How To]View Wireless password saved on Android

    The first condition to find the WiFi password stored on an Android device is that the device must be rooted. Then you need a file explorer that you can access the system files like Root Explorer or Root Browser, your choise ! Now let's start : 1. Open root explorer, go in "data" folder 2...
  6. Cryss

    Thread [Q] Instant notifications in stock lockscreen

    Hy all, i want to make a custom stock rom for S5830, Hugo Boss to be exactly ... and i have one problem ... it doesn't have instant notifications (sms and lost calls) in lockscreen ... What file is responsable for that ? Maybe something in framework folder, but i need some help with that ...
  7. Cryss

    Thread [Q] Integrate SU in rom

    Hy people, i need someone help with superuser. I want to integrate last version in my next rom but i fail to do that. I know that kitchen is what i need to use, but i need help with that, i tryed and after i finish, rom failed to flash.
  8. Cryss

    Thread [Bug]Back Button End Call

    How to fix this in CyanogenMod ? Does anybody know and want to help ? It's annoing ...
  9. Cryss

    Thread [Q] CM7 Bugs

    How can i solve this cm7 bugs : 1 -> Flashlight statusbar widget 2 -> Brightness statusbar widget (stay at auto, icon doesn't change) Someone please :(. Big Thanx !
  10. Cryss

    Thread [Q] MIUI Mms app port to CM7 ?

    Can we make it happen' ? What we need to do, a little help will be appreciated :P
  11. Cryss

    Thread [Q] Add kernel into VO-1 cm7 Rom

    I want to add firekernel into VO-1 CM7 rom but i wanna ask if it's ok to just DRAG and DROP kernel files into It's safe or not ?
  12. Cryss

    Thread [Rom][Updated][Vo-1][CyanogenMod 7.2][13.11.2012] | [MIUI]

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vo-1 Based CM 7.2 Cooper Android 2.3.7 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29...
  13. Cryss

    Thread [Q] CM7 Call Log on stock

    I wanna know if it is possible to make stock roms call log like CM7, if there are more than 2 calls from a person a arrow appears and ... show a small list instead of long one ... Can someone make it happen ? CCGH ? Please?
  14. Cryss

    Thread Koogly's-Mokee V5 needs your help !

    Allright, Koogly need help from us to download the latest version of MokeOs ... but we have problems ... we cannot do it. Here is the site and needs account but we cannot register due to wrong phone number ... anyway all u need to do for us (if u have account or can download latest version) is...
  15. Cryss

    Thread [Apps][Stock GB Apps for CM7, Lewa] Updated !

    This is official GB Apps ported to CM7 ! Should work on ALL CM7, LEWA Roms ! ..................................................................................................................................................... 1. Memo Screens : - MDPI version - Multi languages...
  16. Cryss

    Thread [Q]Mod Gingerbread Call Log

    I have a small question for devs. Can someone mod the call log in gingerbread to look like the one in cyanogen ... i really love it. In cyanogen if we have 3-4 calls from a person a arrow appear and hide those calls ... 2 pictures to show what i want to say ... if you don't understand ...
  17. Cryss

    Thread [Q] Stock Roms Video Playback Lag

    I have spanish stock rom, and when i try to play an mp4 file... 15Mb, 480x270 ... it lags and the sound it's decalated alot !!! Can i do something about it ? I have mobo player. in cyanogen roms i don't have this problem at all...
  18. Cryss

    Thread [Boot Animation] Ubuntu

    Here is the Ubuntu bootanimation for Ace users made by me ! ( 320x480 ) Install: -> Copy to sdcard -> Using Root Explorer copy to system/media -> Give rw-r-r permission -> Reboot Only 300KB :P DOWNLOAD ->
  19. Cryss

    Thread [Rom][Stock] S5830XWKT7 HYNGARY Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 2.3.6 New Firmware Update

    Updates are here from new stock rom ! PDA: S5830XWKT7 CSC: S5830TMHKP1 Version: 2.3.6 Date: 2012-06-12 Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom Source : -> Review : NO note lockscreen...
  20. Cryss

    Thread [App] ThinkDroid on CM7

    This is the original Gingerbread Office that work's in CM7 Install it as system app. -> Copy thinkdroid in system/app -> Give it rw-r-r permissions -> Restart Screens :
  21. Cryss

    Thread CM9 ICS Interface Change [SGS III]

    I wanna make a proposal with our devs and themers ... As i see in this SGS III hands on video -> The interface look's like CM9 but it's much more colorize, i like it and i'm sure more people agree with me. The old school CM9 ICS for my point of view...
  22. Cryss

    Thread [Q] DDKQ8 Call screen in KT7 ?

    I wanna know if it's possible to mod this -> in KT7 stock rom ... As i know it's different framework but i'm not sure ... can i try ? If yes only phone.apk needs to be paste in my KT7 system/app ... ?
  23. Cryss

    Thread CM7 SMS/MMS App

    Update 1 : White Background changed :P Update 2 : Multi languages added thanx to cyberfred62 :P Update 3 : No MMS converting [only after 100 SMS] This is a new SMS/MMS app modded by me. Black Theme : White Theme: Multi languages available now :) Have fun, i will update it with new skins...
  24. Cryss

    Thread [APP] Modified MMS.apk (no MMS auto-convert) S5830XWKT7

    This is an modified version of stock app with no MMS auto-convert for S5830XWKT7 stock rom only ! Tested and working ! Make a backup of original MMS.apk first ... just in case !!! Install : -> replace MMS.apk from system/app with Root explorer or something else -> give it rw-r--r--...
  25. Cryss

    Thread [Q] Multi Language Samsung Keyboard to CM7

    I've search on the forum but nothing work ... I try to put my Romanian language but it wont show up when i want to select it ... I select the RO files from T9DB folder ... still doesn't work ! What should i do because it drive me crazy !!!
  26. Cryss

    Thread [Q] CM7 Font Help !

    I have a problem with font in cyanogen ... my romanian language doesn't show all letters corectly, i've try to change font but the problem it's the same ... here i post screenshot -> And i want to have this beautiful font to my ace, can...
  27. Cryss

    Thread [Q] Themes Help !

    I want to make a theme for our sweet Ace but i'm stock at "zip" file because i don't know to make it flashable ... I have PNG pictures but i don't know how to replace the original files, the trick is in the "zip" file, how can i make it ? spacecaker make some of this zip's, maybe he can help...
  28. Cryss

    Thread CM7 Issue !

    I have this small bug and i know that it can be fixed but i don't know where is the problem ... Here is the screenshot : I want to have "ț" not that sign ... can someone give me a little help ? Thanx
  29. Cryss

    Thread Manually Deodex Any S5830 Rom !!!

    After i succesfull deodex my stock rom i've decided to share my experience with ya'll people ... Here we go : 1. You must be rooted !!! 2. Download -> xUltimate 3. Unzip xUltimate v2.2, and launch "Main.exe" 4. Now xUltimate should recognize the phone and make a connection. You now should see...
  30. Cryss

    Thread [Q] Manually Deodex ?

    I tryed to deodex my galaxy ace stock rom and i'm stuck here ... Tryed with this -> Got this eroor -> C:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools>adb shell $ su su # stop stop # mount -o rw,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system mount...
  31. Cryss

    Thread [Q] Smiley Replace !

    I'm workin' on a project, i try to replace some system & apps icons but i'm stock at smileys ... I replaced smileys from framework-res and mms but not all smileys are replaces just some of them ... All pictures are replaced with photoshop, at 20x20 pixels, PNG (just like stock) ...
  32. Cryss

    Thread [Q] CRT & Extended Power Menu in BLACKHAWK !

    I recently instaled XWKT7.BLACKHAWK and i cannot make CRT & EXT PM in this sweet rom ... I modified Framework and build.prop as it says in CRT tutorial mod but without effect ... Can someone help me because i really need this and i'm out of solutions ... And one more simple question ... how...
  33. Cryss

    Thread [Q] Deodex S5830XWKT7

    Can someone help me to deodex this stock rom ? I searched for tutorials but i didn't find something concrete ! Maybe somebody can link me or explain how to deodex this ! Thanx :)
  34. Cryss

    Thread [Q] CM7 Samsung KeyBoard

    I succesfull install Samsung Keyboard on CM7 but i don't know how to add languages on it ! I copy my RO language files in T9DB folder but it aint workin' ... when i try to change language, Romanian is not there :| What should i do ? Samsung Keyboard ->...
  35. Cryss

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Nandroid

    Hy ! I have a Galaxy Ace and i wanna have the obtion to perform a nandroid backup ... I don't know how to do that because my phone is S5830XXKA6 and i did't found a specific tutorial to do that. Can someone help me and recommend a tutorial to install the software and make a nandroid backup ...