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    Thread Device tree?

    Any chance someone has or can share a device tree for the N100?
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    Post Oneplus nord N100 Root-10.5.4

    10.5.7.BE81AA magisk patched boot_*.img
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    Thread Magisk rooted boot.img for OPWS27.1.2/XT1900-01

    Created with MagiskManager 5.6.3 fastboot flash boot boot.img Tested on My Project FI X4 /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, fires, rigged elections, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarms failed and you could...
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    Post Nexus 5X Bricked after Andriod 7 Update

    Whatever the issue is, it keeps people from getting into recovery too. The only thing that works is the bootloader and by extension fastboot. Which makes me think the hardware is physically OK, and maybe some of the new security features changed the running environment (popped a fuse bit...
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    Post Nexus 5X Bricked after Andriod 7 Update

    You're not alone
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    Post How to root : Android 4.4.2 (OFFICIAL OTA / Temporal Method) / No longer necessary

    Worked for me too. Thanks! mfastboot flash motoboot motoboot.img mfastboot reboot-bootloader mfastboot flash recovery recovery.img [select recovery on phone]
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    Post 4.4.2 OTA: Moto G KitKat OTA .zip - U.S UMTS Retail AWS version

    OTA I just pulled File: MD5: 4fb64906c54f5b5e60dc842eeda19fe6
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    Post [RECOVERY][ClockWorkMod][BETA]

    Cant say 100% as I only used the recovery-thunderc-v-1.2.0-GNM.img recovery (Amon_RA based) once since I've had the OptV. This is based on CWM source and the stock recovery kernel (for now) which allows advanced restores etc. The only other Recovery I see is CWMA which looks like a Xionia...
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    Post [RECOVERY][ClockWorkMod][BETA]

    I'll update more after work. [hold]
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    Thread [RECOVERY][ClockWorkMod][BETA]

    Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk. I am not responsible if your device gets bricked or damaged during the process. Port to Optimus V This version is using a beta kernel I am working on. (driver updates from new Optimus-S source, NOOP set default)...
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    Post HOW TO: Root Optimus V (Virgin Mobile) That one worked for me.
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    Post [REQ] New AOSP or HTC style camera app

    when the camera hack for the N1 came out, it required mod's to both the driver and app.
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    Post [ROM] IncDoes FRG33 - 100%Vanilla - (No sense at all)

    build.prop needs a fix Orig: Fix:
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    Post Easy 'sysrw' and 'sysro' scripts for remounting system in Android! (S-OFF only!)

    remember that "adb remount" only works if the default.prop has the "" in the boot.img(ramdisk), most most kernels are using the anykernel method, which uses the existing ramdisk. so unless you or the ROM cook change the ramdisk it will be set to "" CW recovery uses its...
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    Thread Flash 10.1 OP: not showing in the market(N1 sig).. found in the N1 forum. d/l now to test.. **EDIT** Works fine for me. MODS: please move this.
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    Post Observation - Open UDP Port on Froyo ROM

    That was not directed at you, but meant to get others to think about what they do before they start screaming that android sucks, ROM Dev's are evil hackers out to punch babies, etc p.s I'll play with my balls right here thanks! =)
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    Post Observation - Open UDP Port on Froyo ROM

    It IS a valid concern. I dont think many users put much if any thought into the security of the apps and ROMs they use until it is to late. I dont think any of the well known users on XDA would do anything to damage the community. But oblivious users will be an issue the AndroidOS will need to...
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    Post Observation - Open UDP Port on Froyo ROM maybe..
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    Post Busybox for incredible? that is a busybox install I ripped out of a N1 froyo root Cyanogen did, modded for the D-Inc. Seems to work well for me.
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    Post Full NAND Unlock

    sorry. Edited for your protection :)
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    Post How to use the RUU leaks we have after OTA

    Thank for confirming the fix. Sweet, didnt know if it did or not.
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    Post How to use the RUU leaks we have after OTA

    720p OTA Leak: CID:VZW__001 ROM:1.36.605.0
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    Post [Q] OTA Update Prompting

    Thanks! we can flash the boot.img and system.img w/o anything else but ddms shows a lot of errors. dont think its worth it to try and hack it since the unrevoked root works
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    Post [Q] OTA Update Prompting

    Can anyone confirm a diff baseband please
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    Post [thinktank]720P Camera

    It's a linux (OS under the Android UI/VM) thing. support for hardware is done at the kernel level for the most part.
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    Thread [thinktank]720P Camera

    Mods: Please move if needed. Hello everybody! I hear the next OTA will have it.. but..... Had a few min before bed and figured id start poking around the EVO kernel.. look what i find... EVO: arch/arm/mach-msm/include/mach/camera.h struct axidata { uint32_t bufnum1; uint32_t bufnum2; #ifdef...
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    Post [How To] Fix md5 mismatch nandroid restore

    This also works for anyone that wants a to make a 100% stock image but keep recovery. just replace the boot.img and system.img with the ones from the RUU and recalc.
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    Post SetCPU 2.0.0c on a rooted Incredible

    This app has always been very useful. slightly off topic, but as a community[not just here on XDA] we need to be more supportive of the Dev's/hackers.... just saying.... ;)
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    Post SetCPU for Root Users [2.2.4] Undervolting and more 07/07/2011

    Again, one of if not the best apps for android phones (both rooted and not) Keep up the good work!!
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    Post droid x rom?

    nope. Droid X Not Running MOTOBLUR, NinjaBlur, AnyBlur
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    Thread Hydra-kernels

    Please go to for all your Hydra Kernel needs.
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    Connect to a Wireless-N AP/Router Updated first post
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    Hey guys, I have no issues running 1152 on my DInc. Have you tired restoring the stock NAND (you DID backup... right ;) ) and then flashing the new kernel?
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    Post adfree android

    good work! Ads FTL
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    Updated the first post!
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    Yes, i backed off the overclock until i could do more testing. Maybe tomorrow if i get a chance ill bump it up. ------------------------------------- Sent via the XDA Tapatalk App
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    got it all fixed guys and built w/ the newest AOSP toolchain (froyo?)
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    making a few tweaks and switching toolchains
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    again sorry guys. rebuilding as soon as AOSP d/l is done, had to rebuild my build VM
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    thats a my bad, fixing it now:eek:
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    yeah, im a dumbass. i forget i reset my .config:mad::mad::mad:
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    SetCPU and the overclockwidget are not setting the Freq for some reason. any ideas?
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    mkbootimg --cmdline 'no_console_suspend=1' --kernel zImage --ramdisk newramdisk.cpio.gz --base 0x20000000 -o boot.img
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    Post Froyo hit aosp!!!

    NICE!!!! Now i just need to get the kernel working....
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20** (nexus) Complete the build You need to merge this file with a working cyanogen ramdisk in order to create a boot image suitable for flashing. Follow these instructions here in order to do so. If all goes well, you should now be...
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    looks like the Inc. does not have the "console=null" Stock Custom
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    Post [Kernel] Hydra-kernel **UPDATE 8/20**

    can you please post you default.prop file? and/or try to connect to a wireless-n AP