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  1. 7Zero3

    Thread [Xperia X demo unit] possible to flash retail firmware? [solved]

    Is it possible to just flash a retail firmware on my Xperia X demo unit without bricking it? Or is the demo unit not capable of running the retail firmware? Bootloader is unlockable on my unit. Retail demo software is not running because I didn't configured them (but asks me to configure/start...
  2. 7Zero3

    Thread [CWM] Philz Touch Recovery for Xperia E1 with locked bootloader

    This Custom Recovery doesn't need a unlocked bootloader, but you must have: - a rooted Xperia E1 - a computer - a brain How to Install: 1. Extract the downloaded zip 2. Enable ADB at Settings> Developer Options> USB debugging. 3. Connect your phone to PC using USB 4. Run install.bat...
  3. 7Zero3

    Thread [Xperia E1] Bootloader unlock no longer possible after relock

    i can't unlock my bootloader after i relocked it i get the error: 10/007/2015 15:07:01 - INFO - Unlocking phone using key 0C1CECE4E8F746B0 10/007/2015 15:07:02 - INFO - ... 10/007/2015 15:07:02 - INFO - FAILED (remote: Command did not succeed) how can i fix this?