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  1. CROrION

    Thread Custom AOD update

    So on 09.12.2019 we got news that Huawei will release separate EMUI 10 update that will alow users to customise always ond display (mate 30 pro has it). No word since then. Any ETA-s, news, anything?
  2. CROrION

    Thread Android 10 and Realmi UI in Europe

    Hi guys so is there any info when can we expect to get android 10 in Europe? I've tried googling, but all i get are results for beta versions of Indian phones. I've bought phone yesterday, am impressed so far, but notification bar is a mess and Always on display is so useless and basic that i...
  3. CROrION

    Thread Performance problem

    So I have two devices: Xiaomi mi 8 - latest eu weekly rom Xiaomi poco f1 - latest eu stable rom I have almost same set of apps on these two devices, however i have some performance drops with mi8. When i play game 8 pool billiard, poco runs smooth, mi8 stutters a lot. Same thing happens in...
  4. CROrION

    Thread Can't wait to get MI8 back

    Man was this bumpy ride. So i've sold my mi8 a few weeks ago and tried few other phones: First, i bought Samsung Note 9 - 430eur - great phone, but a rubbish front camera, bad back camera portrait mode, no gcam support. Then mate 20 pro - 450eur - great camera but slow fingerprint reader...
  5. CROrION

    Thread If you plan to upgarade to MI 9T PRO...

    Don't! I've swapped my mi8 for mi9tpro two weeks ago, and man did I made a mistake: - mi8 is much comfortable to hold in hand - mi8 has unmistakable and fast as hell fingerprint reader (fpr), mi9tp has hit/miss and slow fpr. - face unlock is unusable and slow on mi9tp, on mi 8 works i every...
  6. CROrION

    Thread Overclocking screen to 75mhz or 84mhz

    So mi9/9se/9t got some nice mods for screen overclocking, anyone done anything similar for mi8?
  7. CROrION

    Thread Poco F1 vs Xiaomi MI9T camera

    So i have poco f1 and just bought mi9t, so decided to make a little comparison. Portrait mode back camera:[email protected]/48167425656/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/48167439396/in/dateposted-public/ MI9T has much more details...
  8. CROrION

    Thread Camera PRO mode on XIAOMI EU weekly ROM

    Hi guys, i had focus peaking option on pocophone, eu weekly rom, in pro mode of stock camera. Can someone check if that option is available for mix 3 on same rom, maybe post screenshot of pro mode.
  9. CROrION

    Thread [MOD] [email protected] and [email protected] video recording

    This is not my mod, all credits go to original developer . Just enable this module in magisk and you will have 60fps in stock camera Edit: After getting more info here are few notes: - pocos camera sensor comes from two...
  10. CROrION

    Thread [THEME] IOS theme

    Can someone recommend good ios theme for miui 10? Found few online, but all have some bugs.
  11. CROrION

    Thread 60 fps video recording

    Hi guys i have xiaomi note 5, xiaomi mi max 3 and pocophone f1. They all have about the same camera setup, however, on note 5 and max 3 (in miui 10) i have 1080p video recording at 60fps. And on most expensive phone with strongest chipset, pocophone, i only have 1080p @ 30fps. That is kind of...
  12. CROrION

    Thread 1080p Full HD @ 60fps video recording in MIUI 10

    So i tried miui 10 stable and dev, however [email protected] is weird. One video is recorded in 20fps, second in 60fps, then third in 30fps. All recorded under same light conditions. Can anyone test this and post results?
  13. CROrION

    Thread 9.6.18 update

    So i see news all around web that 9.6.18 update is available, yet me and few of my friends all have 9.6.14 and no update available. What happened to .18 update? And yes, i know i can flash it manually, but shouldn't OTA update be available?
  14. CROrION

    Thread PixelExperience Android 8.1.0 review

    Hi guys, so here is fast review of PixelExperience ROM from this thread - You get gapps allready integrated in rom - Flashed magisk 16, works fine - Aranovas google camera port included - 50% faster HDR+...
  15. CROrION

    Thread MIUI10 8.7.5 review

    So I've made quick review of miui10 8.7.5 for xiaomi max 2 - still on android 7.1.1 - still no new camera app with portrait mode and 60fps video - faceunlock option missing - change region option missing - only eglish and chinese language - ambient display option there but not working - better...
  16. CROrION

    Thread Lagging and slow camera experiance

    Hi guys so usualy ma camera works good except in these cases: 1) when i use portrait mode - OMG it takes up to 10 sec pause between shots, sometimes less, but always too long. When I disable automatic lowlight enhancement and watermark it works bit faster, but way to slow. 2) when I take shot in...
  17. CROrION

    Thread Scrolable screenshot

    Me and friend got honors 8 When i take screenshot it just saves it and that is it. And my friend gets option to take scrolable (extended) screenshot. How to get it?
  18. CROrION

    Thread Photo thread - show us your photos

    Xiaomi redmi note 3 (pro) doesn't have the greatest sensor out there, but it is capable of making good shots, so let's share them. Here are few of mine: IMG_20160718_133908_HDR by Ivan Horvat, on Flickr IMG_20160718_120920_HDR by Ivan Horvat, on Flickr IMG_20160721_094203_HDR by Ivan Horvat...
  19. CROrION

    Thread Vendor image

    Hi guys, so i'll receive my nexus 5x 32gb today. As I allways do i found rom that will be flashed asap - purenexus. However there is one thing i don't understand, and i haven't encountered yet - vendor image. In rom installation guide it says that i should flash custom rom, then vendor image...
  20. CROrION

    Thread Dual boot

    Hi all so I've tried to find answer to my question but all i got was ded end. I would like to boot 2 touchwizz roms, primary would be Deathlord N5 port and secondary would be some slim stock rom (fully working camera). Is this possible and how?
  21. CROrION

    Thread LG V10 - upgraded version of G4?

    5.7” QHD 2.1” additional screen 4GB RAM dual 5MP front-facing cameras 316L stainless steel frame 16MP unit with f/1.8 lens and laser autofocus, with manual controls for video recording So this phone was just anounced by lg. What do you think? Will...
  22. CROrION

    Thread Diferent screens on G4?

    Hi guys So me and my friend both got international G4. My is from 06.2015 and his from 08.2015 Take look at screens! Same brightness same settings. Mine is one on the left.
  23. CROrION

    Thread This phone's future...

    Hi there, I would like to talk about this phones future. Three aspects should be considered: - This version of Android provided by LG - Future updates of Android (5+) provided by LG - Modified stock ROMs provided by developers - built custom ROMs provided by developers (CM, MIUI, AOSP...)...
  24. CROrION

    Thread [REQ][MOD]BB10 lockscreen

    So guys on GNexus have it, is there any way to get ti on s3? Video: Thread with resources:
  25. CROrION

    Thread Planet and the moon live wallpaper from Xperia S

    Hi guys, so here it is, works great on my LG 2X with CM9 DROPBOX LINK
  26. CROrION

    Thread [Q] How to disable phone features on rom (sms/mms/calls/data)

    Hi guys, so I use wp7 as main system, would like to have dooal bot with android. Android build would be used only for 3 things: games, wifi surfing, camera. So what I need: - very fast booting SD ROM - no phone features (sms/mms/phone/calls/etc.) - smooth interface - no widgets - no advanced...
  27. CROrION

    Thread [Q] Disabling light/proximity sensors

    Hi guys, so I'm one of lucky guys who's HD2 sensors don't work (black screen after calls) Is there any way to disable light/proximity sensors on phone (android builds ofc)
  28. CROrION

    Thread GPS - Poor indoor performance?

    Hi guys, I'm using HD2o mango build, and I've dual booted it with MIUI Android and whole system works great. There is only one thing indoors locating in WP7! It is horrible, I have 3G, Wifi and location on, and my phone can't find me (tried bing maps, fouesquare, facebook) waited for 15...
  29. CROrION

    Thread Question about SD card

    Hi guys, can someone give me few answers and guidelines? So this is my situation: Flashed Yuki V2, my phone was on 7004 then. Tried to update it to 7008, but in process of 8/9 (restarting phone) it failed and I got myself dead SD card, phone can't read it, PC can read it (Yeah, I'm going to...
  30. CROrION

    Thread [Q] Just got my Galaxy Tab where to start?

    Hi guys, just got my Galaxy Tab, I was wondering where to start? This is my sw info: GT-P1000 fw: 2.2 P100XXJIE FROYO.XWJJ3 What would I like to do is to unlock it (it is locked to VIP provider in Croatia) and flash some custom rom. Where to start? What rom? How to unlock? Where is Waldo?
  31. CROrION

    Thread Please help me get back on WM6.5

    Hi guys, so this is my situation: I have dual boot WP7 (nand) and Android (sd). My SD card is partitoned, half for wp7, half for android. I would like to try some custom WM roms now, and I don't know how to get back from wp7. So: 1) How to go from WP7 to some custom WM6.5 rom? 2) Will I...
  32. CROrION

    Thread I think it is time for big dady Microsoft to give something back.

    HD2 is the best phone in the World at the moment. No it does not have the best 15154 billion collor screen. No it does not have 6 cores CPU. No it does not have 1080p recording or 12MP camera. No it does not have al sorts of prety much "paper only" functions. What it does have is a soul...
  33. CROrION

    Thread [NOOB]Getting from WP7 to Android?

    Hi guys, just bought this phone with wp7 on it, it is good OS but Andorid is better. Can someone please explain to me how to go to android from here? it is 512 version of phone, and I'm from Croatia (if that means anything in this proces)
  34. CROrION

    Thread Sony Ericsson Live View

    Hi all, bought this one yesterday, updated it, connected to phone and it works like charm. In 12h of using it id didn't drain battery much more then without bt (perhaps 5-7% more. I can recommend this cool device to all SGS users.
  35. CROrION

    Thread Please recommend me good rom

    Hi guys, so I'm having hard time finding good battery life rom, these are my daily using: * 30min calls * 70 sms * Foursquare/facebook - 35min * Games - 10 min * XDA - 15min * 10 pictures I've tried few roms, but all of theme drain my battery in 12h, can you please recommend me good, fast rom...
  36. CROrION

    Thread i9000 - best single core gaming phone!!!

    Ok guys, so I'm freaking amazed with this phones gaming capabilities. I've managed to play TEGRA 2 ONLY game: Samurai II: Vengeance, and it plays smoothly as angry birds :D All you need is an app called Chainfire 3D + nvidia plug in. Ok, so that made me happy, but not asm this: Some of...
  37. CROrION

    Thread Need help with something...

    Hi all, so I'm big HTC Sense fan, and since Sense port for galaxy S is not finished yet (keep going guys, just need data), I've tryed to replicate sense ui as much as i can. So I've combined GoaTrip 1.7 + crysis sensation + bought Launcher Pro Plus Sense So only thing missing is nice...
  38. CROrION

    Thread Something similar to BLN for 2.3.3?

    Hi guys, ok so I was SPOILED with cool BLN functionality on cooked 2.2.1, now I've installed 2.3.3 and there is no KERNEL (as far as I know) that supports BLN. This function is very important to me, so can you please tell me is there any 2.3.3 KERNEL that supports BLN. If no, can you recomend...
  39. CROrION

    Thread Post you 2.3.3 reviews HERE (and nothing else)

    It is very irritating to see every single 2.3.3 theme spammed with: *where is the link? how to install it? you stink give us ROM now! Why is my screen al red? Why is my mother making me pay for my COOKED diner...* So I've imagined this thread REVIEW ONLY. So post your reviews, no questions, no...
  40. CROrION

    Thread How to get SGSII stuff on SGS

    Hi all Is there any way to extract TW4, live wallpapers, widgets from SGSII so that we cann install them on SGS?
  41. CROrION

    Thread Bricked GT540 by donwngrading from 2.2 to 2.1

    So guys I've managed to brick my optimus (tried to flash 2.1 via kdz over 2.2) It broke half way doing flashing. Now that same thing happens evry time I try flashing it (something about missing dlls) Any help? here is kdz log:
  42. CROrION

    Thread [Q] After update with SEUS i got some weird rom

    Hi guys, so I've update my rom, but I got some weird rom with some SlideMe market and no standard google market, what to do? I have x10i, generic and I live in Croatia.
  43. CROrION

    Thread [Q] How to completly remove al signs of any modification from phone

    Hi guys can someone tel me how to remove these things from phone so it is entirely back to stock rom: *xrecovery *mt for all apps *root *2.2
  44. CROrION

    Thread x10 - enhanced mt?

    Hi guys, so mi friend has SAMSUNG GALAXY S, and his phone "can do" something that my xperia can't: use MT to rotate map in google maps. When I try doing that on X10 it only zooms in/out. So my question is: Is there any way to get rotate option in google maps or are we stuck with pinch to zoom?
  45. CROrION

    Thread [Q] How to enable smart keyboard pro on x10

    Hi, I have used SKP on my GT 540, now I've bought X10. I've installed SKP, went to settings, keyboard, and there activated SKP. But then when I enter SMS it displays standard android keyboart, not SKP. How to fix that?
  46. CROrION

    Thread 2.2 available!

    So 2 days ago guys from ported android 2.2 on GT540, it is installed on sd card and you can choose between 2.1 and 2.2. Here is youtube video: XUXi7XvHosc And here is link on thread on 4pda: PDA
  47. CROrION

    Thread Would you recommend me to buy x8?

    Hi guys, so I'm buying a phone, would you recommend me x8. If yes why, if not why not?
  48. CROrION

    Thread Should I buy this phone?

    Hi guys, so I think time is just right to get myselfe my first android phone, and lg gt540 seams just right. It is most important for me that it is not laggy, I have smsung s8300 now and it is like the slowest phone ever! Also, i like to try many, many apps and games. So can you guys give me...