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    Thread [ROM][XXELKC][8.12] HyperLight v1.4.1 - stripped & tweaked [238MB]

    HyperLight ROM Series Details on the latest 1.4.1 version, check here Combining the work of two highly recommended XDA members/developers, wanam and kristofpetho, my intention is to provide you with a clean, fast Samsung based ROM. As HyperGalaxy development stopped, I needed a follow up as...
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    Thread [APPS] Note II APK files (Sprint and AT&T)

    As several System dumps of the Note II software and several people requesting apps, I thought sharing all the APK's as seperate files would be usefull. With big thanks to oka1, sextape and sxtp-forum you can download both the Sprint ans AT&T (both US) Note II (L900) apk's from this link: Sprint...