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  1. NabhanKhan100

    Thread Nexus 7: Ubuntu Style

    Do you want the new Ubuntu OS? Would you like to try a "demo" of it? Well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is... For the first part I'm going to be following a video ( then for the second part, I'm gonna add in my own little things. First, a couple of...
  2. NabhanKhan100

    Thread [Guide] Dual-Booting Windows 8 and Windows 7

    I was searching on this site for a way to dualboot and found nothing. I know many of you are looking for a way to dualboot these two awesome OS(es?). Well look no further. I found a way to successfully dualboot on a website but it's directions are partially inaccurate and incomplete so I decided...
  3. NabhanKhan100

    Thread [Q] How to Unbrick Kindle Fire? Please Help

    Stuck in recovery mode can't get out. Thank You