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  1. paratox

    Thread [REQUEST] inverted EMUI 4.1 theme (all black)

    could anyone make a theme with dialer and settings inverted (white font on black / dark background)? i`ve searched for hours and could not find a single one (emui 3.1 or 4.0 themes) which work as they should. would love to see a working inverted theme for EMUI 4.1! :good::fingers-crossed::D
  2. paratox

    Thread kernel source available
  3. paratox

    Thread P9 updates - please post new versions here

    EVA-L09C432B135 (update from EVA-L09C432B130): download: EVA-L09C432B135 - 370MB source: ___________________________________________________________ EVA-L09C432B136 (update from EVA-L09C432B135): download...
  4. paratox

    Thread P9 EMUI4.1 - is there a working dark theme?

    i tried several dark themes with also dark dialer and settings mods mostly build for EMUI3.1 but did not get these apps dark. some themes make the background in settings dark but the font is staying black so it is not readable. did anyone have success with dark theme where the fonts and dialer...
  5. paratox

    Thread root?

    anyone tried to root with kingroot? or has anyone tried to get bootloader unlock code from huawei? i would prefer DC unlocker method for relocking bootloader without a sign to see for huawei (for warranty). i hope they will support the p9 soon.
  6. paratox

    Thread [H815 MM V20D] deodexed system apps for xposed compatibility

    i have deodexed some of the troublesome LG system apps of H815 V20B for xposed compatibility and it is working fine. i`m no dev, first time i did something like this, so be afraid flashing this and i`m not responsible when your phone begins to burn! ;) this are only flashable deodexed system...
  7. paratox

    Thread [Q] Raise headphone volume - help needed

    anyone tried to make headphone out louder with mixer_paths.xml editing like in G2 days? i tried to edit in mixer_paths.xml the following values but it did nothing: ... <ctl name="HPHL Volume" value="20" /> <ctl name="HPHR Volume" value="20" /> <ctl name="RX1 Digital Volume" value="60" /> <ctl...
  8. paratox

    Thread [Q] freezes on 4.4.2 custom roms / kernels

    on the latest d802 4.4.2 custom roms and kernels i get a lot of freezes. it will freeze in the middle of an animation and will take some seconds up to some minutes and then working normal again. sometimes i have to hard-reboot to get out of freeze / lag. on older 4.4.2 slimroms i never had this...
  9. paratox

    Thread found mako vanir nightly builds in the internets ...

    ... if anyone is interested: because there is no thread about the nightlies in the n10 dev forums i thought i post it here to let you know about this awsome rom! working nice here! has all the goodies like transparent nav- and...
  10. paratox

    Thread [Q] flash p7510 roms on p7500

    is it possible to flash p7510 roms on the p7500 device? losing 3g would not be a problem for me.
  11. paratox

    Thread [REQUEST] hacking MVNO support into framework.jar

    hello! i hope this is the right forum for my request. i`ve tried to hack some files from JS2, which supports national roaming without data roaming enabled, into the deodexed JVK framework.jar. the result was crashing and no working phone function. here are the outputs of jd-gui...
  12. paratox

    Thread [Q] MVNO support on XWJS3

    anyone has stock or a JS3 based rom installed and is able to use MVNOs (bob, yesss, 3, ....) without enabling data roaming? now i have installed Darky 9.2 and it does not work with data roaming disabled on mobile virtual network operator "bob" in austria. i would like to know, if it will work on...
  13. paratox

    Thread [REQUEST] a working "toggle 2g" app for galaxy s

    would be nice, if someone will get this app working: or code a similar app, which will work with tasker to switch between 2g and 3g without user interaction. if there is a hack or an app alternative which works already on galaxy s, please let...
  14. paratox

    Thread [THEME] SimpleBlackBar and wysie mods for CM5.0.7.1

    i`ve made a simple black bar with default icons in combination with wysie`s [MOD][CM5.0.7] Spare Parts + Framework Mods Part 2. use spare parts to change status bar clock, date, carrier and notification color. instructions: installation: flash the...
  15. paratox

    Thread [THEME] GrayBarFroYo - gray status bar for froyo

    zipaligned and signed wanted to do a black bar mod but actual backsmali can`t deodex the services.jar, so no white clock font possible until deodexed ROM or new backsmali version with froyo support.
  16. paratox

    Thread [request] froyo - deodex framework files

    who wants to be first and get all the fame?^^ we need deodexed framework files to mod the staus bar! could an expert have a look on this? pleae please!^^
  17. paratox

    Thread simple black bar for CM-5.0.7-T2-N1

    i`ve ported a simple black bar from other theme sources (thx for let me steal the images :D) for CM-5.0.7-T2-N1. use it only with CM-5.0.7-T2-N1! will not work with "15 recent apps mod"! i`ve also done a default white bar if you want to revert. install: flash from recovery black...
  18. paratox

    Thread browser force close

    CM5.0.6 kmob xtra kernel helix launcher browser fc when loading this site: (try it please, maybe your browser also fc) logcat: 04/21/2010 14:18:01 [INFORMATION] ActivityThread(770) Publishing provider browser: 04/21/2010 14:18:01...