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    Thread [GUIDE] [XT16XX] [BOOTLOGO] [How to create your very own Custom Bootlogo]

    As we know, when we unlock our bootloader (to install TWRP, etc) on our Moto device, our regular Moto bootlogo is replaced with an annoying and unavoidable screen which says that “This device has been unlocked and cannot be trusted”. Now, this screen can be replaced but sometimes, the “Device...
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    Thread [WALLPAPERS / CUSTOM] Custom designed wallpapers for custom ROMs!

    Hey guys, Ever since I've bought my Moto G⁴ Plus, I've wanted to get into the crazy world of XDA, learn from the experienced folks and contribute in whatever way I can. And I've been pretty happy and impressed with the custom ROM/Kernel/Mod development that has been happening in the community...
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    Thread So guys, in your opinion, which is the best Nougat ROM with the best battery life?

    Been very excited about the awesome work the devs are pulling off. Just thinking which one to flash! Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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    Thread Pictures taken with camera seem to be out of focus

    Guys, I've flashed Resurrection Remix 4 days back on my XT1643 (Indian variant). I've observed that my camera picture quality in general is not as good as stock and most of the time seem out-of-focus. I've tried multiple camera apps with various settings but no luck. I'm beginning to think it's...