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    Thread Tap to Wake

    Upgrading from a Pixel 3a that was running Android 10, I have found that the Double-Tap to wake feature is now just tap to wake. I am constantly waking my phone when removing it from my pocket or even just handling it. Is there any method (including root/xposed) to bring back double-tap to wake?
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    Thread Magisk with custom kernel

    It's been a long time since I've used a custom kernel on any of my devices. What is the correct installation order: Custom kernel Magisk Or Magisk Custom kernel
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    Thread Google Search Font

    A few days ago the font for Google search results in Chrome changed. It is very thin and little making it difficult to read. Has anyone else experienced this? How do I revert this change?
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    Thread AOD Slow to Come On

    Since upgrading to Android 10 I've noticed a delay when the AOD shows after I remove my phone from my pocket. With Android 9, the AOD would show almost instantly when I pulled my phone from my pocket. With Android 10 there is a 1-2 second delay. Does anyone else notice this?
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    Thread Unofficial DU Build

    Can I post unofficial builds of Dirty Unicorns on XDA? If yes, is anyone interested? I have been building for myself and thought that I would share.
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    Thread Extracting Stock OOS payload.bin

    I have installed everything needed for the payload dumper, but I am getting the following error when trying to extract a OOS payload.bin: Processing LOGO partitionTraceback (most recent call last): File "", line 157, in <module> dump_part(part) File ""...
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    Thread Development

    I'm just curious why ROM development for this device is so limited. Most other OP devices have a very large and active amount of developers. What is different about the 7T? This is not a bash, just curious.
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    Thread Cannot Mount system/app rw

    I am rooted with magisk and using the follow command to mount /system rw adb shell "su -c 'mount -o rw,remount /system'" I can copy to system/priv-app using: adb shell "su -c 'cp sdcard/name.apk system/priv-app/name/name.apk'" But using this same command I cannot copy to system/app adb shell...
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    Thread Boot Logo Location

    Does anyone know where the boot logo (not boot animation) is stored?
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    Thread Silent Notifications

    I upgraded to Android 10 yesterday (from Pie via OTA). Today all of my app notifications are now being grouped as Silent. When I check the notification settings for the various apps, all are set to Alerting. Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas to fix?
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    Thread Hide "Extend Calls With WiFi" in Settings

    I have turned WiFi calling off, but now I have this persistent notification at the top of Settings. How do I disable it?
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    Thread SM-T510 HEVC Hardware Support

    Can the SM-T510 play HEVC video with hardware decoding?
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    Thread AOD Brightness

    AOD is much brighter in dim lighting since I installed the August OTA. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Thread gsi ROMs

    Has anyone tried any of the gsi custom ROMs on their phone? What has your experience been?
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    Thread [Magisk Module] Face Unlock

    This is not my work, just sharing what I found.
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    Thread Keep Unlocked When Connected to Authorized USB

    I'm looking for a method to keep my phone unlocked (similar to SmartLock) when it is connected to an authorized USB. Or even to disable the keyboard. When developing it is tedious to have to continually unlock my phone after making a code change and installing the app
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    Thread Gesture Navigation without Pixel Launcher

    I like the new gesture navigation, but I do not use the Pixel launcher. I understand that gesture navigation is part of the pixel launcher (at least access to horizontal recents). Is there anyway to use gesture navigation (including the new horizontal recents) without the Pixel launcher...
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    Thread [Magisk Module] Disable camera and screenshot sound

    Attached is a simple magisk module to disable the camera shutter and screenshot sound. It replaces camera_click.ogg with a blank file. Camera shutter and screenshot both use the same sound file; this disables both the camera shutter and screenshot sound.
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    Thread Incorrect Time for Next Alarm in QS Header

    I've noticed that the next alarm time in the QS header is acting very strange. On the lockscreen it always shows the wrong time. A few seconds after I unlock my phone the time is correct. I only have the Google Clock app installed. If I disable all alarms, there is still a next alarm time shown...
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    Thread DND Icon on AOD

    Is the DND Icon supposed to show next to the weather on AOD? I thought that I saw the icon on my friends Pixel, but it does not show on mine when DND is enabled.
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    Thread Device not certified

    I rooted my device with magisk and it passes safety net, but the Play Store says that it is not certified. I used magisk hide for the Play Store and that did not work. How can I fix this?
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    Thread Edge Sense Plus vs Button Mapper

    What are your opinions and experiences using these two apps for customizing the squeeze gesture? In what ways do you find one better/worse than the other?
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    Thread AOD Auto Brightness

    Are there any ROMs that have Pixel-like auto-brightness for AOD? AOD brightness adjusting dynamically to light levels (not just using the last screen brightness). For example: when I pull my phone out of my pocket on a bright sunny day, the AOD screen brightness will increase so that I can see it.
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    Thread AOD auto brightness

    Does the brightness of AOD automatically adjust in dark or bright environments (i.e does it adjust without waking the screen)?
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    Thread Lift-to-wake sensitivity

    Is there any way to increase the sensitivity of the lift-to-wake ambient display? Often I have to move my phone a fairly large amount to activate ambient display.
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    Thread Decrypt and Prevent Forced Encryption on Pie

    Is there a method for decrypting and preventing forced encryption on pie? I plan to run a custom ROM.
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    Thread New Pixel Came With Pie

    I purchased a new (box was still shrink-wrapped) 1st Gen Pixel from an ebay seller. IMEI checks out. Battery was pretty much dead when I turned it on. I skipped through setup and found in Settings that it is running Pie. The mfg date is October 2016 based on the serial number. How could a new...
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    Thread Downgrade Pie to Oreo

    Is there anything special that I need to do to downgrade from Pie back to Oreo? I want to try a few Pie ROMs and if I don't find anything better than my current Oreo setup I would like to be able to rollback.
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    Thread Fingerprint with Swipe screen lock

    Is there a mod or method to enable the fingerprint scanner with the Swipe screen lock? I want to use my fingerprint to wake and unlock my phone while still using the Swipe style lock screen (no pin or pattern).
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    Thread Tasks Not Running When Screen is Locked

    I am running an AOSP 8.1 based ROM (Validus) on my rooted OnePlus 5 (no xposed). Tasker has "Modify system settings", "Display over other apps", "Background activity" on, "Battery optimization" set to "Not optimized", and is a Device admin. I made a simple task to test this problem. I added...
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    Thread Was I Blocked?

    I installed and used WhatsApp for the first time last night to contact a friend who I suspect may be upset with me. I am trying to decide if they blocked and then unblocked me in WhatsApp. Here is what happened: 1. I started a chat with them (I could see their profile, but they had no profile...
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    Thread Understanding WhatsApp - Was i Blocked?

    I installed and used WhatsApp for the first time last night to contact a friend who I suspect may be upset with me. I am trying to decide if they blocked and then unblocked me in WhatsApp. Here is what happened: I started a chat with them (I could see their profile, but they had no profile...
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    Thread Pixel 3 screen manufacturer

    Samsung or LG?
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    Thread Custom 8.1/9 ROM with Good GPS

    Is there any custom Oreo/Pie ROM that has GPS working as well as OOS? Every one that I have tried works well for a week and then GPS locks become painfully slow (1 - 3 minutes).
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    Thread AGPS data location

    Does anyone know where (which partition and folder location) AGPS data is stored on the OP5?
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    Thread Wallpaper-based Tint

    Does anyone know where the wallpaper-based tint (that is applied on the lockscreen and when the notification shade is pulled down) is defined in AOSP code? I really dislike the light tint and would like to get rid of it, but I cannot find where it is coming from.
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    Thread Backup WiFi passwords

    I've noticed when switching between various nougat ROMs that my wifi passwords are not getting backed up and/or restored. When using ROMs I always use the latest Beans GAPPs. I have Backup & reset enabled in Settings. Is there anyway to force my WiFi passwords to sync?
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    Thread Swipe Distance

    Maybe it's just me and getting used to the larger screen - this is my first device with a screen larger than 5". I find that when swiping away notifications, when swiping up to unlock the lockscreen, and when swiping down to expand the statusbar/quick settings, I often have to swipe multiple...
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    Thread AOSP Calendar Notification Sound

    I've noticed that when using the AOSP calendar that is included with many ROMs, sometimes the notifications for an event will not play any sound or the sound is partially cut off. Has anyone else noticed this? Any idea how to fix this?
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    Thread TPU Case

    I'm looking for a high quality, plain (no designs or funky textures), black TPU case. I bought this: on Amazon, it is very nice, but it is a little too thin. It seems like there are very few cases for the OP5 from the name...
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    Thread Disable Immersive Mode in OOS Cam

    When using the OOS camera with custom ROMs (and maybe OOS, I haven't tried) immersive mode is always on even if it is turned off in the camera settings. Any idea how to disable immersive mode?
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    Thread Building ROM, Replaced drawable used

    I am having the strangest issue when compiling a ROM, I need some advice to solve this problem. I am compiling DU. I have replaced their Calendar with mine using a local manifest: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <manifest> <remote name="mygit"...
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    Thread Battery Drain - Awake (Screen Off)

    I'm wondering if this is typical. I'm running DU with EX kernel. Cell reception was spotty for most of the day - would this cause such high Awake (Screen Off) time? Is there anyway to break down Android OS and Android System battery usage to determine what exactly is causing the drain?
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    Thread Ambient Display Pulse

    Is ambient display supposed to pulse on and off every few seconds/minutes when there is a notification? It seems like on other/older phones it behaved this way.
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    Thread Screen On With Fingerprint

    I don't use a pin, pattern, or fingerprint on my Pixel, but it would be nice to be able to use the fingerprint scanner to wake my phone. Is anyone aware of an app/mod/ROM that allows the fingerprint scanner to wake the screen (not unlock) when Screen lock is set to Slide (fingerprint scanner...
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    Thread TWRP Flashable Zip

    Does anyone have a flashable zip (non-aroma) that works for the Pixel? I cannot seem to find/create one that works for flashing to /system.
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    Thread Repartitioning

    Are any devs working on a method to repartition the Pixel? It seems that most flashing issues are due to the A/B partition scheme. Also, in the case of custom ROMs, the duplicate partitions are a waste of space (unless you want to dual boot, which doesn't work well either since the data...
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    Thread Search In-thread by Username

    Using the 2015 forum theme: I would like to search within a specific thread for all posts made, in that thread only, by a specific user, is this possible?
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    Thread Enable On Screen Navigation Buttons

    I've searched and searched... Is there anyway to enable the onscreen navigation keys (Navbar) on rooted nougat TW ROMs? edit: Adding the following to build.prop does work (despite the many who have stated that it does not). qemu.hw.mainkeys=0
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    Thread OmniJAWS Icon Sets

    Does anyone know of additional Condition Icon Sets that have been made for OmniJAWS?