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  1. Scann69

    Thread Mate 10 Series - Telegram Group Chat

    I searched but could not find any created group chat so i figured i'll start one. Anybody interested to join please join via the link below. Anything Mate 10 can be discussed in the group chat. Telegram Chat: MOD EDIT: LINK REMOVED Per the forum rules promoting social media is noo longer...
  2. Scann69

    Thread Huawei P10 Plus User Group (Whatsapp)

    I'm not sure if this is allowed in this forum but since i have gotten the P10 Plus, I've created a whatsapp group chat for easier discussion and sharing. Those interested to join, please use the link below. Link:
  3. Scann69

    Thread Missing notification icons?

    Found it.....user problem [emoji30]
  4. Scann69

    Thread Locked Bootloader.....totally locked

    I finally managed to flash a working version of the COS version 1.2 to my OPO 64GB (China set) and it works fine except now i notice my bootloader is totally locked and i've tried 2 other tookits from XDA and manually tried to unlock the bootloader using command but still unsuccessful. Has...
  5. Scann69

    Thread Connecting Gear & Bluetooth on non Samsung device?

    Anybody managed to connect the Gear & bluetooth handsfree on a non samsung device at the same time? Currently only one is allowed to be connected and if i receive a call while gear is connected, automatically the call is routed to the gear speaker phone and not on the phone.
  6. Scann69

    Thread [Q] Selecting LTE Band

    Are we able to select the LTE Band we want to use? I assume my N3 is working on Band 3 (1800) & Band 7 (2600). Is there a way i can just select the phone to use only Band 7?
  7. Scann69

    Thread LINE Notification - LED

    I notice that when i receive messages from LINE, there is not LED notification. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, disable and enable the LED notification in LINE and even tried 3rd party apps to control it but am still not getting any LED notification. Other apps like FB chat...
  8. Scann69

    Thread FotaConsumer

    Any idea what is this and how it effects my gear? I get this at random and always after a reboot. sEnt via gALaXy nOte 3
  9. Scann69

    Thread Ringtone and notification tone sync

    I know this has been asked in the S3 forum before but seems like there are not solution for it so I'm hoping maybe note 2 users might have a solution. How to we force the ringtone and notification tone to sync? Anybody had any luck with this so far with 3rd party apps? sEnt via nOte 2
  10. Scann69

    Thread [Q] POP3 email sending issue

    Tried searching but could not find anything useful. I've set up my POP3 email many times on all of my HTC phones. Today i got myself the Note 2 and did my usual email set up but am having issues trying to send emails out. It just keep failing. Anybody else came across this issue? What other...
  11. Scann69

    Thread [Q] Unable to start Locations

    Is anybody else getting this error when starting Locations? I'm on Coredroid 3.5 with Faux 003b10
  12. Scann69

    Thread Repacked Faux Kernels for Coredroid V3.5?

    Faux just released a new kernel....anybody knows how to repack it to suit Coredroid 3.5?
  13. Scann69

    Thread [Q] Low Internal Memory - 3 Days

    Has anybody come across a problem with low memory after 3 days of use. This is with stock rom and unrooted. Barely 20 apps installed. What in the world could be eating up on the memory i wonder :confused: This is definitely the first for me and this is my 4th Android device. Any apps or way to...
  14. Scann69

    Thread Front Facing Camera

    Can i get the front facing camera to work with GTalk without flashing a custom rom? Is there like an app i can just install to make it work with GTalk :confused:
  15. Scann69

    Thread [Q] Contacts and Facebook

    I'm about to run down to the shop to get myself a new device. Now i'm considering between the Sensation and the S2. Just one question before i decide and i hope somebody can help me out. 1. In the S2, by default, can i link my contacts to Facebook? This will allow the contact picture to change...
  16. Scann69

    Thread Device auto off

    Is anybody having the problem where the device just turns off on it's own. It has happen a couple of times while it was in my pocket and today while i was talking on the phone. The device just shut down. No warning, nothing:confused:
  17. Scann69

    Thread [Q] Keyboard light always on

    Is there a way i can have the keyboard light always on the minute i access the keyboard? currently it's running on the light sensor which turn the keyboard light on and off depending on the brightness of the area. I would like to keep it on...anyway to do that?
  18. Scann69

    Thread Sending back for warranty... do i remove the Clockwork Recovery unroot it so i can send it back for warranty?? Could not find what i was looking for :confused:
  19. Scann69

    Thread Vibration...not so stable

    I've seen a couple of people post on this issue but not many is facing it so i'm wondering if it's cause by a certain software? Or is this just another bug in the 2.1 and hopefully it gets fixed in 2.2 I've got the sound manager app installed to activate the vibration again once it stops...
  20. Scann69

    Thread SMS Sync

    Is there a software i can use to sync my sms with my outlook 2007? Or is there a different PIM that i can install on Win7 to sync with my Desire for contacts, calendar & SMS?
  21. Scann69

    Thread Notes

    After using WM for 5 years, i realize that i do use Notes very much for all sorts of reasons. Now that i'm using the Desire, what do you guys use to replace Notes from WM? I've searched the Market and found several types. Any recommendations? Just to ask....any way to sync this "Notes" from...
  22. Scann69

    Thread Clear Protector

    Has anybody purchased from I recall seeing somebody post about it's product and a code where one could get 50% off the original price. Don't seem to be able to find it anymore. Anybody?
  23. Scann69

    Thread HSDPA Signal

    After about a week plus of having my TP2, i realize that where i normally am surfing the net, i don't have HSDPA anymore. All i get is 3G. It's strange cos when i put the sim card into my TP, it gets HSDPA right away. I've taken my TP2 out and in town, it gets HSDPA so that pretty much...
  24. Scann69

    Thread HTC Phone Pad

    Is there a version of the HTC Phone Pad that would work on the Diamond? I would love to be able to use back the version as attached.
  25. Scann69

    Thread Default SPL in TyTN II

    I want to send my TyTN II back to HTC for warranty & so i've flashed back to the official HTC ROM but realise that the SPL is still stuck with the Olif SPL. How do i flash back the SPL to the original one that came with the TyTN II?
  26. Scann69

    Thread Live Messenger Problem

    I've been using Dutty's DualTouch Version 2 ROM for the pass month and have been very happy with it. Lately i'm facing a connection problem with the Live Messenger. After i click on sign in, it just remains busy and eventually after about 2 minutes, it says "There is a connectivity problem...."...
  27. Scann69

    Thread Start Menu Pop Up

    The Start menu pops up as and when it feels like it. It normally happens when writing sms. While writing, the start menu just pops up and it's bloody irritating. I've tried hard reseting without any additional softwares on at least 4 different ROMs from here & the problem still persists. I'm...
  28. Scann69

    Thread Windows Live for Windows Mobile

    Just a couple of questions as i notice when i was using the MSN 1. Does you PDA slow down to a craw when you launch the Messenger & also while it's running in the background? 2. When setting up Messenger, do you merge Messenger contacts with outlook or not? 3. When you launch Messenger be it...
  29. Scann69

    Thread Bluetooth Headset & Audio

    I just got myself a new bluetooth headset (Jabra 8040). This model allow stereo music streaming as well. The problem i face is that once i pair the bluetooth, the ring tone and sms tones goes direct to my headset and does not ring on the pda as it normally would. My there a...
  30. Scann69

    Thread Portable Charger

    I've been looking around for a portable charger. Something like the APC below but are there any other which could be better in terms of mAh? Appreciate if those who has links could post it here. APC: P/s: Any...
  31. Scann69

    Thread Missing Icons

    Guys.....would any of you know what is "blocking" the icons on the top right? Not sure if it was from KaiserTweak since the last thing i did was mess with it. Tried looking around and setting things back to default but it's just not happening. Anybody had similar exprience? Advice would be...
  32. Scann69

    Thread Assisted GPS

    Is this function in our Kaiser? I've enable it from the Kaiser Tweak but today i tested it when i was in a did not work at all and the tunnel was 4 KM should have had enough time to get a fix if it was working. Is the Assisted GPS what i think it is?
  33. Scann69

    Thread Active Sync & Mapking R12

    Wondering if they are related in anyway. Reason i ask is the Active Sync programs keeps launching itself when i run Mapking. It does not pop up and disturb my Mapking program but it's always running in the background. Anybody else facing this problem? Anyway to stop Active Sync being so active?
  34. Scann69

    Thread Launcher Tabs

    Can the 6 tabs be customized to 3 tabs assuming i don't want the Profile, Weather & one more i cannot remember the name. I know that if i installed the Kaiser theme on my Hermes, i can get into the registry to customize the number of tabs. Can this be done on the Kaiser? How? Just need to know...
  35. Scann69

    Thread Best ROM Recommendation

    I've notice a couple of custom ROM for the Trinity. Would those of you who have tried these ROM give me a recommendation on which i should try. I'm currently using Schap's ROM for Hermes but am now looking to flash my Trinity as well. Might sound weird but has anybody tried flashing Schap's ROM...
  36. Scann69

    Thread Skype with bluetooth headset

    Does anyone know how to configure WM6 so i can use Skype with my iTech Arrow X bluetooth earpiece? Do i need a 3rd party software so i can use Skype on my bluetooth earpiece? I just can't seem to transfer the call to my earpiece. Appreciate any advice i can get.