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  1. dominicstg2

    Thread magisk hide for bank apps

    so im on crdroid, it passes safety net and i have hidden magisk by changing it to manager. but i still get a error saying about security. what can i do if i remove magisk bank app works fine
  2. dominicstg2

    Thread Metal case with glass back

    Hi I have this metal case that is held on with magnets and 2 pieces of glass, I took front off so I can type better but I found out my GPS is horrible any way to improve it? I just wanted a thin metal bumper but no one's sells it so I made one
  3. dominicstg2

    Thread Oneplus 8 pro optus 5g

    hi guys, Anyone from Australia using the pro on optus 5g does it work? Second im coming from a smasung galaxy note 10 plus 5g, I want to know if there an alternative for selecting text in documents and signing them, samsung pass and samsung pay. Thanks
  4. dominicstg2

    Thread Android auto not working

    Hi guys, So I have tried the 4 different cables, factory reset and does not work any ideas for samsung galaxy note 10 plus 5g Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
  5. dominicstg2

    Thread Android auto and note 10 plus 5g

    Hi guys, So I have tried the 4 different cables, factory reset and does work Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
  6. dominicstg2

    Thread Bokeh effect

    Hi guys is there a way to bokeh say the whole front of a car or the whole car at a distance I find the one in yhe camera not a good if it had a human face would be perfect as I find if your doing self portrait its perfect but yeah cant get a nice bokeh effect with objects any ideas Sent from my...
  7. dominicstg2

    Thread How to turn volte off on a 5g Telstra model

    Hi guys cant seem to find where to turn it off any ideas? Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
  8. dominicstg2

    Thread Alternitive to adhell3

    Looking for an alternitive that system wide blocks ads also the ability to debloat aswell Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
  9. dominicstg2

    Thread Fluid nav

    Hi guys so I followed the guide on the s10 forums to get fluid nav to work. Like I did on my s10+ anyway i get this freezing where i Cant use it on reboot or when I hit the power button to turn the screen off and back on any ideas Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
  10. dominicstg2

    Thread Anyone got adhell3 or sabs

    Hi guys anyone got these working? Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
  11. dominicstg2

    Thread Debloated using mate 20 X list for mate 20 pro

    So I wanted to debloat my phone and found a list for the mate 20 X and now I have this weird device is managed by your company. I bought this phone outright and don't have any company email. 4 and 5 photo are if clicked the message and 6 and 7 is showing I only have Google and WhatsApp...
  12. dominicstg2

    Thread Phone becoming hot while charging

    Hi guys so the note 9 is becoming hot while charging it has started happening the last couple of days. When I first got the phone on release it would never get hot. Any ideas? Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  13. dominicstg2

    Thread looking for this kind of watch face

    HI GUYS, im looking for a watch face with these things, heart rate, digital, steps , short cuts any ideas? im new to smartwatches :(
  14. dominicstg2

    Thread cant call or send text messages on 3g or 4g

    so it started 3 days ago im on aosp, i have formated flashed stock switched sims and i dont know what to do because they are turning off 2g soon and im trying to wait it out till the note 8 comes out any ideas :(
  15. dominicstg2

    Thread On decent debloated rom v4

    So im on this rom but also happens in revolution 3.4 when i set my phone to silent there is a beep noise when receiving a noticication and idk why on decent debloated i have done no further debloating.
  16. dominicstg2

    Thread xposed wont install

    Hi guys im on e6853 and im trying to install xposed on romaur v3 its pre installed and works fine but have issues with rebooting and freezing rom issue and want to just install xposed on stoxk but it lags when going into the framework setting and it isnt installed help please
  17. dominicstg2

    Thread charging time it takes a long time :(

    hi i have a near new z5 premium on the romaur rom i have had other phones with fast charging. whats your charge time i mines like 1hr and 20 mins
  18. dominicstg2

    Thread your experience with the m9

    hi ive got the g4 and it was the worse decision i made its horrible, i have the m8 and then went to the note 4 and then back to sony i can get the m9 for 329 from a guy selling it second hand. but im wondering about the battery life and experience
  19. dominicstg2

    Thread xposed without unlocking bootload on 815t

    Hi i have posted in the guide but no luck i have tried 4 time tp get it to work help please
  20. dominicstg2

    Thread root for h815t australian varient on android m

    Hi guys, i want to know if there is root without unlocking the bootloader on android m for h815t australia model only think ive found is a root zip for the h815 but you need a unlockedbootloader i dont want this because i want to keep warranty
  21. dominicstg2

    Thread Australian firmware help

    Can someone help me get the stock firmware for a h815t from optus Australia also help me root the phone
  22. dominicstg2

    Thread cm12 sd card issue

    Hi all I have tried everything from formating both storages to trying a new sd card. This is my issue I got a Sony xperia z3 and took my sd card out of my note 4 which was on cm12 and put it into my z3. I went to put my sd card back into the note 4 and it shows up in storage but there is no...
  23. dominicstg2

    Thread sd card won't show anything up on cm roms but shows up in storage

    First I have done a full wipe I did it yesterday didn't work I did try it it works in my z3 what happened was I unmounted it to put it in my z3 to show it works to see it and when I put it back in it shows up in storage but won't show any music or photos I can go into a file manager and...
  24. dominicstg2

    Thread hp omen laptop wont connect with note 4

    hi all i recently got a Hp Omen laptop and my samsung galaxy note 4 n910g wont connect it connect but keeps doing that sound when you disconnect the device, things ive tried is wyped everything and installing a fresh rom nothing, second unrooting going back to stock nothing, third awhile ago i...
  25. dominicstg2

    Thread Lg g3

    Hi I have a note 4 and I am thinking of selling it to get the g3. I will be rooting it when I get it as well so how would the battery life be on lollipop I am also thinking of getting the circle case us it any good what screen protector do you guys recommend tempered glass also does wireless...
  26. dominicstg2

    Thread wireless charging back

    Hi I'm wondering if the wireless charging back or the qi thing I put on the battery will work with a tech22 case
  27. dominicstg2

    Thread what do you think i really like it but im wondering about signal another xdaer posted about this...
  28. dominicstg2

    Thread 1013 battery drain

    hi i have this massive battery drain, i listened to one song, my phone was at 100 and in 3 mins was at 97. i when to sleep and woke up in 3 hrs and it was at 87. i am using xnote rom , the black theme, and debloated using debload guard. i have a n910g black also the 1013 in the pic is after i...
  29. dominicstg2

    Thread leather cases for our note 4

    hi everyone just wondering who uses leather flip cases im looking for a flip case that does have a button press something like this but want something nicer
  30. dominicstg2

    Thread note 4 910g help

    hi all i have a note 4 910g from australia. the past 2 notes i have had were 910g's and when i root it works fine but when i install a recovery half my screen does not work like the calibration is all off. i got a new one today but i am afraid it will happen again. 1 thing that has happen in the...
  31. dominicstg2

    Thread all cm based rom developers please help

    hi everyone im having trouble with cm based roms. i have tried everyones rom and root doesnt work for example i install pac rom and root works for a bit then its doesnt like it wont let me click grant. i have tried updating the su wyping everything and nothing is working the most success would...
  32. dominicstg2

    Thread all cm based rom developers please help

    hi everyone im having trouble with cm based roms. i have tried everyones rom and root doesnt work for example i install pac rom and root works for a bit then its doesnt like it wont let me click grant. i have tried updating the su wyping everything and nothing is working the most success would...
  33. dominicstg2

    Thread Battery drain

    Hi all I'm on viper one 1.6.0 with elemental x kernel underclocked I had 39% battery and then turned it off while I was out and didn't have a charge so when I charged it it had 19% I had the phone off and when I went to charge it the phone was still off and showed 19% but last time it was 39%...
  34. dominicstg2

    Thread No apns on gpe roms

    Hi all I really like gpe rims and I have found out I don't have the apns I have tried entering them in manually but it doesn't work I want to convert to gpe but I can't because I am scared that if I convert I won't be able to use my internet because there are no apns thanks a lot people Sent...
  35. dominicstg2

    Thread Gpe updates

    Hi all just wondering if I get download the gpe rru and get updates straight from Google I don't want to install it untill I know this and untill there is a sense rru available so incase I need to ship for warranty I can install back to stock unrooted s on sense thanks if this isn't allowed...
  36. dominicstg2

    Thread Help me please with hashcheck rom for n7105

    I have hashcheck 1.5 n want to upgrade I have installed it correctly and it comes to bootscreen n it makes the samsung sound but no bootlogo I have download the rom 10 times. Please help thank you:):):):):):) Sent from my GT-N7105 using xda premium