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  1. AyDee

    Thread SM-G530AUC (?) Secure fail

    My son got an att Grand Prime from Walmart with the model SM-G530AUC. Firstly, i can find no record of that model anywhere. He rooted with Kingroot and upon powering off and back on, he gets the message SECURE FAIL: KERNEL and the yellow triangle along with a message saying to take it to an att...
  2. AyDee

    Thread [APP] LG Health from G3

    Here is the LGMyWellness.apk (LG Health) from the G3 system dump and a launcher for the app provided by RocketSauce83. As far as I can tell, it only works on LG Roms (based on Stock,Flex,Gpro2, etc.) but feel free to share your experiences. Download: LG Health / mirror Health Launcher /...
  3. AyDee

    Thread [Navbar Themes, Wallpapers] My Collection

    Here I'll post some of the stuff I make or mod for my phone. It will be just softkeys and wallpapers for now but I will most likely try my hand at some other things and I will add whatever I make as I make it. Wallpapers are in post 2 <--Link...
  4. AyDee

    Thread [Q] Using Xposed for immersive mode

    Has anyone on a stock-based KitKat rom + xposed tried using Immerse Me or App Settings(not sure if it supports it yet) to force immersive mode? I haven't updated yet, I was just wondering if it works for when I do.. ;)
  5. AyDee

    Thread [G3/G2/Flex/Pro2/all LG] Simple Black Keyboard Themes for LGE IME

    I modded the black keyboard theme out of AeonFlex for a more simple look, and did a second version with softer corners by request.They should work with any rom using the LG Keyboard (including G3 keyboard!) but please let me know if they don't. Just download & install like a normal apk...
  6. AyDee

    Thread [THEMES] Biz Bunny Cozy Flex Isai LTE Monster S5 M8 Z2 AOSP G3 P6 K900 MX3 [3/7/14]

    Time to share some themes. Made by LG and remade by RocketSauce83 for G2. Themes, live wallpaper and navigation bar can be installed without root. Samsung Galaxy S5 HTC One M8 + Sony Xperia Z2 + AOSP Huawei Ascend P6 + Lenovo K900 + Meizu MX3 OG Remix LG Weather...
  7. AyDee

    Thread set time by location

    Is there a way to get the TF101 to change the time by location/time zone? Searched the webs n Xda but nothing turned up...
  8. AyDee

    Thread [Q] Site graphical glitches

    As the title suggests, I've been seeing some random glitches when viewing XDA, mostly random icons from the site in wrong places, but recently it got really bad: PICTURE Anyone know what's up w/that? I have rebooted, cleared internet caches, etc. but it still randomly happens.
  9. AyDee

    Thread 2.2 fw

    Hi guys, I don't have a Vibrant myself but a friend asked if I could update him to 2.2. So, a) Where can I download stock firmwares. *edit- found this, is it latest? b) What are some good FULLY FUNCTIONAL roms? I have downloaded AIO Vibrant Toolbox, will that be enough to flash from stock 2.1 or...
  10. AyDee

    Thread [Theme] "Envy" for WB v6 (w/% battery & animated notification background)

    [Theme] "Envy" for WB v6 (w/% battery & animated notification background) I revamped my Suave Green theme from 2.1 and added some new stuff for 2.3! Since there is a line of themes & icons named "Suave" already I changed the name to "Envy" to avoid confusion but now I see some themes in the...
  11. AyDee

    Thread [Q] X10i to X10a on 2.3.3

    Ok, so the X10a kits are finally starting to roll out. I am running an X10i rom (Wolfbreak) on my Att X10a and I was thinking of flashing X10a AM-US GENERIC 1233-8200 but then I thought of something... If kernel and baseband are the same what is the difference between kits? Just some lines in...
  12. AyDee

    Thread [Q] Timescape not updating phone calls - "No events"

    So yeah, Timescape is not updating my phone calls. At all. It just always says "No events". My messages all show fine. I haven't connected to FB or twitter & disabled them in Timescape since I don't really care about all that stuff, is that the problem? That would be ridiculous but I don't see...
  13. AyDee

    Thread Grey 100-step batteries for WB-XPERIA TW Gingerbread V6

    Ok, Since people have had some problems with losing reboot options, xloud, etc. from flashing older packages I am going to remove them & make this thread exclusively for Wolfbreak's 2.3.3 rom v6 (or latest). As of now it is the rom I use and the only one I can test properly and guarantee...
  14. AyDee

    Thread At&t Takeover

    Not sure if anyone's been following At&t's planned takeover of T-Mobile, but I wanted to share this thread from the general section: The AT&T / T-mobile Senate Hearing And also my post (#11)
  15. AyDee

    Thread [Q] CM 6 Theming

    Hope posting this here is OK- I never get answers in Q&A...:rolleyes: I have made & modified themes for the SE stock 'rom' and as you know the framework-res and system apks do not need to be recompiled or signed when just exchanging images. Is it the same for CM 6 'roms'? I am looking into...
  16. AyDee

    Thread [Q] Problem w/theming a widget

    Ok, so I have themed and modified many apks including widgets in the past but I can't figure where I'm going wrong here... I am trying to theme the Arc digital clock PlayGunsta posted >Here< It installs fine normally but whenever I change any of the images it won't install properly. (I'm on 2.1...
  17. AyDee

    Thread [Theme] -2.1.A.0.435- 'Suave Green' (Beta)

    Ok, I'm finally posting a beta of my 1st theme. I have lots of time constraints so release/updates may be slower than others, but hopefully worth it. Also won't be doing any other version than 2.1.A.0.435 for now for the same reason, but I may if this goes over pretty well. Bootscreen &...
  18. AyDee

    Thread [Q] Changing game/app graphics

    Ok I'm sure this has been covered before but some of the stickies have been down & I didn't find anything with a search. Can I change images in a game or app apk just by switching out the png or jpg files with winrar and resigning or is there more to it? Like maybe a toc or something I have to...
  19. AyDee

    Thread Change game/app images

    *oops sorry, wrong forum* feel free to delete, Mods... Sent from my X10a using XDA App
  20. AyDee

    Thread X10 MicroSD Card Icons (2.1 only)

    I made one of these for my MicroSD card 'cause I'm nerdy like that:p Thought some of you might like them too. Only working with Android 2.1 and below. Install Instructions: *flashable zip in post 6 You can change the name you want displayed under your icon by opening autorun.inf in any...