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    Post Poco f2 pro upgrade advise

    From what I've seen, the f2 pro is pretty much unmatched when it comes to price/performance/features. For me no notch and headphone jack are important, so there are very few phones that deliver that.
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    Post MIUI 12.5

    Does anyone know when 12.5 is supposed to be released in Europe? Cheers
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    Post Statusbar black font / gesture indicator white background

    Thx for the suggestion! But I don't use dark mode at all. It also turns dark when I'm on light mode and I get that ugly bar behind the gesture indicator at the bottom. I think it has something to do with display size setting in accessibility (or DPI). When I use display size S or XS, I don't...
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    Thread Statusbar black font / gesture indicator white background

    I actually love the 12.2.4 update (I knew what I was getting into and was fine using the poco launcher). But I have this issue where the status bar is black sometimes and the gesture indicator has this annoying white bar behind it that really looks ugly... (see screenshot) Do I have to uninstall...
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    Post 80+ hz mod petition to developers

    No, but it will have a significant impact on battery life. That's why most phones have high refresh rates disabled by default.
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Filtering https, could you maybe share how to do that? :)
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    Post Oppo reno 2 root

    Jep exactly the same for me :D I would buy the phone, but knowing I won't be able to use root makes me hesitant.
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    Post Phone won't connect to work wifi (and others) "disabled"

    Just wanted to report back, since Pie update all my WiFi connecting issues went away. It was clearly an issue with the firmware I used back then and something they fixed with Android 9.
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    Post Is LG done with the V30?

    Just some small thing with the notification area for exaqmple. Sometimes I can't swipe away notifications, they stay until i close the notification area... Clock color sometimes is grey instead of white. And LG apps are weirdly slow since Pie, the audio recording app for example takes 1-2 secs...
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    Thread Is LG done with the V30?

    So... we have Pie. Is LG done with this phone now? Would be great if there was at least another update fixing and polishing some bugs in Pie...
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    Post [H930][STOCK][PIE]LG V30 European open market H93031a_00_OPEN_EU_OP_1105.KDZ

    No issues with GPS on my end. Sorry that I can't offer any help beyond that :angel:
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    Post [H930][STOCK][PIE]LG V30 European open market H93031a_00_OPEN_EU_OP_1105.KDZ

    What launcher do you use? I found out that in Nova launcher the system default App animation (nova settings/look & feel/app animation) produces lag when going home by the back button. Thats new since Pie. But if I switch to any of the custom animations (for example: Slide up Lollipop) it's...
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Ok I got it. Found this thread ( and it seems that some android roms don't have an option to open those microG settings. If that is the case on your phone there is a workaround: - Download an app...
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Thx for your efforts mate much appreciated. Same as the others it's not working yet :) What do you mean by Google cloud messaging section of microG? Also, there aren't any instructions in the vanced settings of the app. It's just a list of settings like codec override, video settings, ad...
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Any other ideas on how to get notifications working? Tried all three versions, did all the power saving exclusions etc. I'm on an LG v30 I never have issues with other apps not showing notifications (I had a huawei once I know how it is when they get blocked, that's not what's happening here).
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    I use root version. I don't get any notifications from the vanced app. Everything notification related is enabled in the vanced and android app settings. Any idea how to fix? Reinstall? (I'm on a LG v30 with android Pie 9.0)
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    Post Weird delay doing trivial tasks on Android 9

    I read somewhere that manually closing all open apps (not with the clear all button, but manually swiping) can help too.
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    Post Weird delay doing trivial tasks on Android 9

    I had exactly the same issues when I updated to Pie without wiping data a few weeks ago. Did a factory reset and reflashed Pie again, which mostly solved my issues. On occasion there is a choppy animation here or there, but I think that's just because LG hasn't perfected Pie on the V30...
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    Thread Clock in top right greyed out in Pie?

    See attached screenshot. If I swipe down notification bar it's full white again, but it's happening quite often... Is this just a bug in Android Pie? (EUR-XX v30q) [e] After trying to reproduce the issue I found that it's related to zooming in on a picture in Whatsapp. It hides the status bar...
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    Post Choppy homescreen transisions with Scrolling Wallpaper

    Just wanted to report back, I decided to do a factory reset after all... (upgraded without wiping from Oreo) and now after setting everything up from scratch things are notably smoother and I don't have the choppy transitions anymore. So I guess there is no way around wiping when going from Oreo...
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    Post Choppy homescreen transisions with Scrolling Wallpaper

    Well let's hope they keep updating then...
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    Post Choppy homescreen transisions with Scrolling Wallpaper

    Hm I don't agree. Apart from that issue everything is at least as snappy as oreo for me.
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    Post Choppy homescreen transisions with Scrolling Wallpaper

    I made a screenshot of the wallpaper, I think the issue is the huge resolution of the picture when you select it directly from the Google wallpaper app. I found the same picture in lower resolution an it's definitely much better, but a bit blurry.
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    Thread Choppy homescreen transisions with Scrolling Wallpaper

    Hi guys, I wanted to change my wallpaper today and was browsing through the google wallpaper app (I normally use the Pixel live wallpapers without any issues or lag whatsoever). And I found a beautiful painted wallpaper in the "Art" category. I selected it but soon realized that scrolling...
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    Post [H930][STOCK][PIE]LG V30 European open market H93031a_00_OPEN_EU_OP_1105.KDZ

    I recently had the same issue after a fresh setup of my V30. I did all the things in Magisk I could but my banking app wouldn't let me use it. Finally I realized that I forgot to install Busybox and that did the trick for me (I'm still on Oreo though)! [e] anyone else have lag when accessing...
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Root version here. Ads are coming back since this week. Has been perfect since the last release in May but now suddenly they are there. Hope an update is on the way :cool:
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    Post Most efficient way to update to pie?

    Thx, but can I really just flash the Pie zip in TWRP without wiping, over Oreo?
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    Thread Most efficient way to update to pie?

    Hi guys, My v30 H930 (europe) is still on Android Oreo V22j. Now with the upcoming release of the less buggy version of Android Pie (v30q), I probably want to upgrade :cool: I have TWRP installed and I have Magisk root (19.3). What's the easiest way to upgrade to Pie (keep root ofc) and can I...
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    Post Update on LG Official Pie Development

    Good thing my phone is perfect with Oreo :D It's Android so you're less dependant on OS upgrades when it comes to features. There's an app for everything especially if you're rooted...
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Great new app logo! That's a keeper. Btw thank you so much for all your work on vanced. It's one of the best things on my phone.
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    Thread Phone won't connect to work wifi (and others) "disabled"

    Hi guys, so this is kind of a last resort... I asked and looked everywhere trying to figure this out. There are certain WIFIs that my v30 (H930, v21o, stock rom with magisk) just won't connect to. For example at my work wifi. Or recently I got it with a wifi at a McDonalds. -->When I try to...
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    Post V30 Screen Colors and Achieving D65 white. A Guide.

    For my v30 display the setting "best for photos" gives the best result. I'm comparing it to my calibrated Surface Pro 4.
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    Post [ROM/FW][STOCK]LG V30 (Joan) H930 OPEN EU 22j TWRP flashable firmware (incl. ROM)

    Big thanks! Works great. 21o feels smoother than 21h right off the bat. But that could also just be the effect of a restart and cache/dalvik clean up :cool: They really don't realease any changelog with these updates right?
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    Post Overall love

    Absolutely love it. Best phone I ever had and in my opinion and in 2018 still one of the best phones on the market. Bought it for 450Fr.- (=450$ more or less) this summer. What an amazing deal. Symmetrical design with small bezels, good screen, good performance, amazing audio quality, VR...
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    Post [ROM][H930][Stock][OREO] OPEN EU LG-H930 21A ROM

    Any chance we get a 21h flashable TWRP zip? cheers
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    Post Rooted V30 or V40??? Which would U choose?

    For my needs I'd stick with the v30 for sure. As a musician headphone jack is a must. - The galaxy phones are ok too, but I don't like how tall and slim they are and the curved screen borders are annoying. - I really don't care about vanilla android/updates either because I have root and use...
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    Post Rooted V30 or V40??? Which would U choose?

    V30 all the way. I personally can't live without root :D but seriously, why would you ever want a phone with a notch? It's bad design and a compromise done by apple and blindly copied by everyone else. Also the v30 is almost too big for me and the v40 is even bigger...
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    Post Should I get a V30 with the V40 on the horizon?

    If we've learned anything from the past 1-2 years, LG phone prices will fall pretty hard after 4-6 months. I mean the LG G7 came out in May. That's 4 months ago and the price already dropped by 300$ where I live. That's insane. But, knowing that LG will do that, it also means that it wouldn't...
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    Post Improvements You Want for V40

    I really hope they remove the headphone jack and give it a notch. Best new features of modern phones. :eek:
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    Post Magisk 17.1

    Thx, I'll stick with 16.0 for the moment. No issues with it and I'm not missing anything so...
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    Thread Magisk 17.1

    Hi guys, Just got notified that new magisk is available for install. Is it stable and working with the v30 (running Oreo v21a)? I had a magisk update soft brick some phones before that's why I'm asking... Cheers
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    Post [APP][4/5/6/7+] GMD GestureControl ★ root

    Any plans on implementing swipe & hold functionality?
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    Post LG V40 notched display

    It's just sad that Android manufacturers copy the bad stuff of the iPhone X. People don't buy iPhones because they have notches and missing headphone jacks... It's so obvious - what are they thinking? Well I'm very happy with v30 so I don't care and the notch trend will eventually stop. [e] on...
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    Post [H930][STOCK][OREO]LG V30 European open market H93022j_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0403.kdz

    Quick question: H930 21a is the newest firmware for europe right now, yes? (as of 21.8.2018) Since OTAs won't work with TWRP can I do the following (goal is to upgrade without loosing anything): -flash KDZ with LG UP choosing "upgrade" -flash twrp -flash other stuff like...
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    Post advice needed for swapping Pixel 2 XL with LG V30

    I have never had any bootloop. Rooted my phone day one with the bootloader unlock exploit, very easy to do. Amazing phone all around for my needs. No weird stuff like notches or missing ports... Great design: 6" but still one-hand usable, outstanding battery life... :good:
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    Post When do you think LG will roll out Android Pie?

    It's probably not a priority to update older phones for LG but it will come eventually I'm sure of it. It probably won't be any better than Oreo (which is amazing, I have zero complaints, battery life and performance compatibility it's all very solid) I personally don't care about security at...
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    Post Whiskeyomega's V30 Sound Mods

    Just to make sure... If I understand this correctly if I use option 2 for example I get: - Hi-Fi DAC (SABRE 9218P) is enabled even when using low-impedance headphones like the cheap-o ones that come with other phones or the included B&O headphones. - Volume Boost when using Hi-Fi DAC mode...
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    Post [OFFICIAL XDA] Navigation Gestures - Get iPhone X/OnePlus style gesture control

    Is it possible that I can show navbar whenever the keyboard is open? When i select "gboard" in the apps the navbar will appear when i go into the gboard settings but I want it to appear when I'm actually using the keyboard. cheers