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    Post [ROM][11.0][OnePlus 3/3T] Pixel Experience [Plus Edition][16/05/2021]

    @Gaurav24 can you please tell me exactly how can i activate sync to solve the notification problem? Thanks!
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    Post [ROM][11.0][OnePlus 3/3T] Pixel Experience [Plus Edition][16/05/2021]

    I suffered the same with the update posted yesterday by Guarav. I solved from operating system update settings. A new update appeared today 21.04 that solved that problem.
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    Post [INDEX] [OnePlus 3/3T] ROMs | Kernels | Gapps | Recovery | Mods (2021-05-27)

    Hi! Of those who have used several variants of custom rom based on android 11, can you recommend a custom-rom friendly with phone resources? I am currently using the standard Pixel experience 11 on a OnePlus 3. The phone's battery is very demanding with this rom and most of the time it doesn't...
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    Post [ROM][11.0][OnePlus 3/3T] Pixel Experience [Plus Edition][16/05/2021]

    I noticed a rather annoying problem since I use PE.11. The phone's battery lasts much less than before. Using the phone in the same conditions as when I had the previous version (PE.10) I charge it twice more. I used to charge it once a day, now I charge it twice. The personal conclusion is that...
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    Post MAGISK MODULE ❯ Universal SafetyNet Fix 1.1.0

    how did you update it? did you receive a push notification? that it still doesn't work for me
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    Post MAGISK MODULE ❯ Universal SafetyNet Fix 1.1.0

    yeah... dead also on my op3 with magisk 22.1...waiting updates
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    Post [ROM][11.0][OnePlus 3/3T] Pixel Experience [Plus Edition][16/05/2021]

    My problem is with notifications. I only receive them if I enter the application that sent them to me. For example, I use the phone for some activity. Internet browsing let's say. If I receive an email at that time, the Gmail application does not notify me. I only get the notification when I...
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    Post [ROM][11.0][OnePlus 3/3T] Pixel Experience [Plus Edition][16/05/2021]

    Hello! I have a oneplus 3. Which rom is recommended? PE 11 standard or 11 plus edition? Thx!
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    Thread Custom Rom with disable 2th sim card from software?

    Hello! Can you recommend a custom rom for Oneplus 3 that allows me to disable the second sim directly from the software? I tried Lineage OS and Pixel experience but they do not allow disabling the sim card. It must be completely removed from the phone if I want to deactivate it. Thanks!
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    Post [ROM][Official][Nightly] LineageOS 17.1 for OnePlus 3/3T

    I have this problem: I installed Lineage os 17.1 after the phone original os (oxygen os 9.0.6). The telephone network is very unstable. The signal is more dropped. I really don't know what to do. Do you have a recommendation? Thanks! Later edit: I got it. I snapped nervously after so many...
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    Thread Network signal drop in Oneplus 3 with Lineage os 17.1

    Hello! I ask for your help in a problem: On Oneplus 3 I installed Lineage os (17.1). The problem is that the telephone network signal is unstable and often non-existent. I searched the internet for solutions to solve the problem, but I understand that it is not possible. So I have to give up...