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    Thread Weird Issue with My Device's Touchscreen/LCD Panel (Mido)

    So, i bought a new mido few days ago. It is very good device. I just have one issue, the dt2w is not working on mine even in stock miui. So i am waiting for three days for unlocking my device officially. Then i installed the latest Lineageos 15.1 on latest global stable firmware. Its really...
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    Thread [MOD][SPLASH] LineageOS Splash Screen For WT88047

    Hi there, Just wanna share to you what i made here. Wish you love it. How to install? Install it via fastboot nor by terminal by type " dd if=/sdcard/splash.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/splash ". Credit: GokulNC for his tool. Don't forget to hit "thanks" button if you like it.
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    Thread A Simple Way to Unlock Your Redmi 3/Pro's BootLoader Without Waiting SMS Verification

    For you who want to unlock the beast Redmi 3/pro's without any verification from Xiaomi. You just have need to follow this guide. Here we go: 1. Firstly, you need to make a MI account on your Redmi 3/Pro/Prime. 2. Then you need too download China developer rom. Get it in...